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Grateful for three words...

Today you opened up your heart wider than you ever have to me and I am grateful.

You took a leap of faith and placed your burdens on me and I felt your relief as the corners of your mouth turned up slightly when you tried to hide a little smile. 299 more words


Thank you (Protector)

Thank you for protecting my heart,Thank you for reminding me the past belongs in the past,

Thank you for stopping me from inviting people in that are not welcome. 160 more words


Food BankĀ 

There were people collecting donations for the local food bank today outside Asda. I almost cried when I read the leaflet explaining what they needed. The items were so basic. 248 more words


Healthy Lifestyle Change (Low-Carb Diet)

I am my greatest motivator! If I don’t push myself it is easy to sit back and let success run away from me.I feel this is my motto in life at the moment. 713 more words


Exclusive Snippet...

My first book, my first memoir was a hit amongst my peers and local community.The question on everyone’s lips is ‘where is the sequel?” Or “when is the next one coming out”. 227 more words


Building Bridges

I felt inspired to actually stop being so prideful and contact my Mother-in-Law to tell her I do not hate her despite everything that has happened and she responded with such a lovely message that left me feeling so lovely, warm and fuzzy inside that I just had to share it with you guys. 204 more words