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Randomness, It's more than Saturdays

Most of my posts are random, because that’s the way my mind is organized, or anti-organized, or something. I may have 532 posts jostling in the cranium for position to Get Written Already, when I’ll see something shiny, or weird, or it rhymes with rust, or… and my mind is off swinging in the trees, catching some air, howling with the monkeys and making about as much sense. 1,236 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Winchester 12 bell practice - Report

Jack Pease reports:

Had a very succesful 12/14 bell practice at Winchester Cathedral. Plain Courses of Stedman Cinques and Cambridge Surprise Maximus all came round. A half course of Yorkshire and two half courses of Bristol also came round. 17 more words

Special Practice

Determine if running on Windows Phone from a UAP application

There is new metadata query support in Windows 10 to allow your code to react at runtime based on which APIs are available. For example if running on a phone device you may want to start a call, and offer alternative actions on a desktop PC. 297 more words

Windows Phone

Background GPS in a Windows Phone 8.1 Windows Runtime App

In Silverlight 8.0 there was a capability to run an application for a period of time after the user switched away to perform continuous GPS tracking for up to a few hours. 259 more words

Windows Phone

Contact Form save in post meta and display in admin Dashboard

Add code in custom_post.php or function.php

function enqueue_dental_js()
wp_register_script( ‘dental_script’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/inc/theme.js’ );
$param = array( ‘siteajaxurl’ => get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/inc/send-mail.php’);
wp_localize_script( ‘dental_script’, ‘dentalparam’, $param ); 1,141 more words


How To Create Custom Post Type in WordPress

/**    Custom Post type Add **/

add_action( ‘init’, ‘create_post_type’ );
function create_post_type() {
register_post_type( ‘slider’,
‘labels’ => array(
‘name’ => __( ‘Slider’ ),
‘singular_name’ => __( ‘Slider’ ), 83 more words


Create a widget area in admin side under page

add this code in function.php

* Custom fields for theme.
require get_template_directory() . ‘/inc/extra-custom-fields.php';

this Page is  /inc/extra-custom-fields.php

// Fields For Pages Post Type… 1,809 more words