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.NET Application Encounters "Registry access not allowed." exception

If you have a .NET application that accesses the registry, and on Windows 10, you receive the exception “Registry access not allowed.”, then update your applications configuration file as follows: 81 more words


C# WPF - Custom Observable String Dictionary for Binding

Observable collection objects come handy when you dealing with Binding controls with values in WPF and C#.Net.

Dictionary object help you to build a collection values using a single dictionary with key, value pair. 1,368 more words


Nullable date with Linq and Model class in C#

In C# Model class you may have experienced a nullable Error while fetching the rows with nullable column from database to your Model objects.

To treat the nullable in proper way , you have to tell your Model class and… 147 more words


Introduction to MVVM Architecture

MVVM( Mode View View Model ) architecture is a design pattern that is best used to separate application business logic from the front end(UI/UX). In the usual design/development process, the UI will be closely related to the business logic so that one cannot exist without the other. 2,179 more words


Valutaváltó alkalmazás


Az alkalmazás web API-kból veszi a valuták listáját, a hozzájuk tartozó nevet, illetve az árfolyamot. A lista szűrhető rövid, illetve hosszú névre is. Drag and Drop módszerrel lehet a listából a jelölt területekre húzni a tételeket és ha mind a kettő ki van választva, akkor az egységenkénti árfolyam automatikusan frissül. 41 more words

How to find sum from obervablecollection list in C#

This example shows how you can simply find aggregate functions like sum, average etc from a Obervablecollection list.

ObservableCollection and Model-View-ViewModel is a ideal for a typical WPF application, these are programmers two of the best tools. 35 more words


Storyboard animation in WPF C#

WPF allows you to customize the look and feel using XAML and Styles, it allow capable of create some cool animation which is a way of interacting with user and UI. 336 more words