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Complete Guide to Make Your WordPress Themes Retina Display Ready, Free Plugins & Themes

Apple’s Retina Display or HiDPI is a topic of discussion among web designers and developers. WordPress developers and designers have already started responding to this technology by providing Retina Display ready themes and plugins to do that. 45 more words


If I were to Start a Blog about WordPress Today ...

When I first started WPLift, initially I was going to offer my services related to WordPress from the site. The “Lift” part was related to giving your site a “facelift” and the actual blog was an add-on which I was going to use to drive traffic to the services part of the business. 34 more words


Lessons Learned from Manually Assessing 8000 Blog Comments & Deleting Half of Them

You may have noticed that the comments had been removed from WPLift for the last week, the reason is I have been doing a clean-up of the site because of Panda 4.0. 34 more words


Free bbPress Plugins

bbPress is an amazing free plugin which uses the power of WordPress to run a discussion forum. Activating the plugin uses built-in WordPress functionality like custom post types and taxonomies to allow you to create discussion forums and uses the existing member system so people can register and start interacting. 34 more words


Interview with Sarah Gooding, Editorial Ninja at WPTavern

Today we have an interview with one of the most prolific WordPress bloggers, Sarah Gooding. I first became aware of Sarah’s writing when she blogged at the WPMU site and always found her articles to be the most interesting. 34 more words


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