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Understanding Fascism - making sense of dark times

“No other method exists for acquiring knowledge about the human heart than the study of history coupled with experience of life, in such a way that the two throw light upon each other.

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You'll Feel Your Mind Slipping Away*

As this is posted, it would have been Edgar Allan Poe’s 208th birthday. Whether you’re a fan of Poe’s writing or not, it’s hard to deny his impact on literature and culture. 974 more words


My (Very Loose) Plan for Becoming an Old Woman

I was struck today by this thought: I may at times, with a sideways glance, look for a way around the inevitability of aging.

This lit up my thinking recently after trying to find a decent and authentic photo for my Facebook account. 2,860 more words

For My Good...I Guess

Day 10 of the sickly buhstinkumus. My youngest has a cold that won’t quit. I hear that most of the kids in her special needs class have been out. 905 more words

Spiritual Formation

Hit and Run

She lay on her back by the side of the road, her left leg bent under, and her arms thrown out. A curtain of long, brown hair covered her face. 1,185 more words


Last Chance Cottage

I answered the ad out of desperation. It had been over ten months since we’d had more income than outgo and our savings was seeping its final sludge. 3,582 more words

Beguiled by Valladolid

22 Jan – 3 Feb 2017. It is not an auspicious beginning in Valladolid. We’d looked repeatedly online for accommodation and all we came up with was a choice between a hotel for $1000 per night, or the guesthouse we ended up booking for $30 per night. 1,162 more words