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In That Country with Children

As I read about the Arctic weather that is descending upon the eastern portion of our country again, the images that slid into mind’s eye were of the ten months spent in the country outside of Clare, MI. 2,399 more words

My Mother's Closet

“Don’t blame it on me, blame Grandma Ginny,” she said as she let the luxe dress fall to the soft green bedroom carpet. “Your grandmother never could abide a lack of good taste or elegance and from the start it was impressed upon me that all girls need a good dash of both as well as civility.” 3,790 more words

Seattle's Pioneers of Fremont: John Ross

Fremont, a neighborhood in north Seattle, was named by a property investor from Fremont, Nebraska.  Prior to the development’s receiving its official name in 1888, there were other nearby neighborhood reference points.  7,234 more words


The Blue Aegean and its Ancient Wonders: Turkey's Ephesus and Bodrum

26-30 August 2015. We fly from Istanbul to Izmir, some four hundred and eighty kilometres (300m) to the south, where we pick up a rental car, and with the help of a GPS make our way to Selçuk, about an hour’s drive away. 2,371 more words


How Positive Thinking Works ... and Doesn't

Once you get past physics, reality is entirely negotiable. — Taylor Pearson

Positive thinking — or visualizations, or affirmations, or “imaging”, as they call it in sports — is an approach to problem-solving where the user imagines, or envisions, the successful outcome of a project.  1,735 more words

Business Tactics

Swan Lake - the Kalahari Tragedy.

“They’re doing Swan Lake in Cape Town – on ice, nogal!” Gertruida sighs as she puts down the newspaper and stares out of the window. Oh, how she longs for the days when she could waltz in to the State Theatre in her best evening gown, excited about another excellent performance of ballet or opera! 809 more words

How to Infuse Mopiness with Good Thoughts

It was not a morning for fanfare. My left eye opened to a dark cave beneath quilt’s edge, the other narrowed against blurred weak light beyond its edge. 2,144 more words