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Fremont Drug Company in Seattle, Part Three: from Drugstore to Red Door

The Red Door restaurant is in the Fremont Drug Company building which was moved to its present site, 3401 Evanston Avenue, in the year 2001. This original Fremont Drug Company building was built in 1895 at 3401 Fremont Avenue. 1,611 more words


the World Wide Web & and Two Arks...

I wrapped up my last post ‘Hmmm…the World Wide ‘Web’ ??‘ with the following question: “What if, ages & eons back in time, with the most malevolent of intentions, the fallen Lucifer installed a monstrous Super Computer/AI somewhere in the universe, or on our planet?” 1,652 more words

The Unbidden Truth of the Forbidden City – Beijing’s palatial heart.

20 May 2018.
For a start it’s huge! Within the walls there are 980 separate buildings with over 8700 rooms. The entire complex covers over 180 acres, which is the size of about 136 football fields. 2,369 more words


The Question of Humanity

In light of the upcoming release of Helena, I thought I would dedicate a few posts on the story for those who aren’t familiar with it, and maybe include a few new tidbits for those who know the first book,  953 more words


The Hooded Order in the Pulpit: Klan Membership in 1920’s Indianapolis Churches

In January 1923 the Westview Baptist Church at Belmont and Jones Street heralded an evening “KKK sermon” dubbed “The Truth About the Ku Klux Klan: Is It An American Institution?” The lecture by its Pastor J. 2,745 more words

The Forty-Dollar Cup of Tea – and other tales from Beijing

16-18 May 2018. I don’t see her coming. I’m walking through Beijing’s Jingshan Park and suddenly there she is beside me saying hello. We begin chatting as we walk along the main pedestrian thoroughfare through the park. 2,470 more words


Wednesday's Words/Fiction: Shadows in the Light

They say sunlight is required to be happy, the more the healthier. I was not of that mind; I left the sun to its work, but lived beyond its searing touch when possible. 3,217 more words