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And Though She's Not Really Ill, There's a Little Yellow Pill*

Most of us would probably agree that what have sometimes been called ‘street drugs’ (heroin, for instance) are dangerous and just as well illegal. Certainly, they’ve wreaked havoc on innumerable families. 970 more words

Agatha Christie

You Can Rely on the Old Man's Money*

If you’ve ever been concerned that you haven’t been able to give your children what you wish you could, you’re not alone. Most parents want the best for their children. 1,189 more words

Agatha Christie

The Enigma of Pain: a journey towards healing

Those of you who have been following the blog for a while know that I’ve been in pain for some time. It’s been a journey of several years to discover and treat the psychological, emotional, and physiological causes. 2,334 more words


Diamonds Never Lie to Me*

There’s something about jewels. In part, it’s their mystique, of course. But they are considered to have a lot of intrinsic value. What’s more, they’re often small, so they can be easily transported, traded, and so on. 907 more words

Agatha Christie

Our Trip Ends: North Country Roads to Fishtown

It turns out my head is still trying to be on vacation this shivery, rainy day in Oregon–one that will be repeated almost daily until spring’s reprise. 683 more words

We Were Ready For Adventures and We Wanted Them All*

As this is posted, it’s 134 years since Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island was published as a novel (it had previously been published in serial form in… 961 more words

Agatha Christie


Every morning they are already on the train and if I haven’t had my two cups of black coffee to wake me up, I find myself sitting across the aisle from them by default. 2,688 more words