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Standing on My Own Two Feet*

One of the writing projects I’m working on right now is a standalone that features one of the characters from my second Joel Williams novel, … 957 more words


Life is One Long Storytime

Scenario 1: A parent settles against a pillow propped on a bedroom wall next to his young son, now curved about the warm bulk of his father. 3,292 more words


I have a love-hate relationship with epiphanies. I love epiphanies because they bring sudden clarity, like a light bulb hanging long dormant in a forgotten corner of my soul, unexpectedly illuminating an aspect of truth about myself I’d either missed altogether or had long ago purposefully put out of sight. 729 more words

Spiritual Formation

I Had to Go Down to the Post Office*

As this is posted, it’s the birthday of the United States Post Office. Of course, there’ve been postal services for hundreds of years; and, even with today’s easy access to email and texts, the postal service is still important. 1,029 more words

Agatha Christie

He Said, She Said, She Said, He Said*

One of the hardest things to do is sort out the truth when two people tell very different stories about something. The classic example of this can happen when there’s a possibility that sexual assault occurred. 1,142 more words

Agatha Christie

Late to Arrive are True Confessions

He didn’t like to take “no” for an answer if there was any hope, at all, so he went back again. He had passed the house once only and it struck him as a beacon in the dark. 4,110 more words

In The Spotlight: Carolina Garcia-Aguilera's Bloody Waters

Hello, All,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. You may not think about it, but Miami isn’t just a major US city. It’s also a very important Caribbean city, with a strong dose of Latin America in its culture. 994 more words