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TWENTY FIVE years after he was first named as a sexual predator Gordon Anglesea has been brought to book.

On Friday a jury of five women and six men branded the retired police superintendent a child abuser. 8,126 more words

North Wales Child Abuse

At Every Occasion I'll be Ready For the Funeral*

An interesting comment exchange with crime and true crime writer Vicky Blake has gotten me thinking about funerals. Now, before I go on, do pay a visit to Vicky’s… 908 more words

Agatha Christie

Exploding Trump, Flying Feathers, and Holy Week: San Miguel de Allende celebrates!

7 Jan – 4 Apr 2016. I’m in the Jardin, San Miguel’s town square, sitting on the low stone wall facing the large space in front of… 1,787 more words


To a Land of Opportunity*

One of a country’s great strengths is arguably the talent, energy and intelligence of those who immigrate. Fresh ideas and other perspectives add richness to a country. 1,103 more words

Agatha Christie

What could go wrong? Another question to ask of new technology

Those who spend a lot of time traveling by airplane steadily grow accustomed to the standard spiel issued by members of the TSA and airline personnel. 1,722 more words


Weather Wins Out

A mighty crack seized then jolted me from my writing repose that early afternoon. I ran to the living room, peered out the rain-lashed, wind-whipped picture window as a second, fiercer explosion of sound erupted, this time with a near-blinding flash of light. 2,429 more words

We need to talk...

This will likely be long, and somewhat disjointed, and maybe by the time I’m done typing it all out I’ll decide to not even post it. 2,887 more words

Life As Me