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Reined In

I wrote a blog post on Monday. But I didn’t post it. It’s similar to something I did a long time ago, maybe twenty years, when I wrote a letter to each of my parents and to my sister, sharing my heart, my hurts, and my questions. 1,171 more words

Spiritual Formation

TV Cop Show*

I’m sure you can give plenty of examples of crime fiction TV series or films that are influenced by (even based on) novels and stories – probably many more than I could. 977 more words


It's Pink, Get Over It!—Redux

Thank you for joining me for the summer redux series. I will be re-posting stories you may not have read, in the fashion of a summer re-run.

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Day’s Like This, No 24: Beinn Alligin – Horns and All

BEINN Alligin lifts itself out of Upper Loch Torridon with the casual assurance of a big beast among a clan of big beasts. With walls of bare striated sandstone and ridges that slice the wind, Alligin is a monument to brutal mountain architecture, eclipsed only by its immediate neighbour, Liathach. 970 more words


High School Reunions...Made for Other Folks

Every summer there are high school class reunions going on, or there are plans for one sooner or later. It’s clear many people like to attend them, enjoy catching up with friends from ten, twenty, thirty or more years back. 2,549 more words

But You Were Just Too Clever By Half*

If you read enough crime fiction, you learn a few lessons. One of them is that there is danger in being very clever and observant. Characters who notice things and put the proverbial two and two together tend to come upon truths that aren’t safe for them to know. 1,055 more words

Agatha Christie

Don't Panic: European Hitchhiking Trends of Our Days

The Heart of Gold’s Improbability Drive made it the most powerful and unpredictable ship in existence. There was nothing it couldn’t do, provided you knew exactly how improbable it was that the thing you wanted it to do would ever happen… 3,287 more words


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