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Stay By My Side, Guide Me*

As this is posted, it would have been Grigori Rasputin’s 149th birthday (by the Gregorian calendar). Whatever else he was, Rasputin was certainly an influential person at the Romanov court. 974 more words

Agatha Christie

You Don't Have to Go to a Private School Not to Pick Up a Penny Near a Stubborn Mule*

There are several different kinds of knowing and understanding. Some of that knowledge, of course, comes from what we learn formally. That’s why people with a lot of education are often thought of as especially ‘smart.’ 949 more words


Searching for the Origins of Seattle Street Names

There is no resource list of the meanings of Seattle’s street names or how the street names were derived.  Even the granddaughters of Seattle city founder Arthur Denny were left to speculate on his choices of the names for twelve downtown streets.  2,185 more words


Let Me Ride Through the Wide Open Country That I Love*

There’s something about frontiers. I’m not talking here of actual borders between countries. Some of those are urban areas with strong infrastructures. Rather, I’m talking of another meaning of the word: the limits of settlement beyond which is wilderness. 1,115 more words


Join Our Club*

Humans are social by our very nature. Of course, some of us are much more socially inclined than others, and some of us aren’t really ‘joiners’ at all. 874 more words

Agatha Christie

Why the Luddites Matter

Chant no more your old rhymes about bold Robin Hood,

His feats I but little admire

I will sing the achievements of General Ludd

Now the Hero of Nottinghamshire…

3,212 more words

Hiding in Plain Sight: a restaurant and radical art in Havana

26-28 February 2017. At the 1993 Havana Film Festival a film called Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate) won many prestigious awards including the audience award and the Grand Coral first prize. 1,742 more words