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Buried in the Family Well*

Have you ever researched your family? Some families don’t have a long history, but others have a very long history indeed. And those families that have been around for a hundred years or more collect all sorts of stories. 1,108 more words

Agatha Christie

Day 4: Water's Ways: A Short View of History, Hauntings and Happiness

So much to write, so little time to get it written! I do feel an increasing desire to move on to topics other than our four day coastal trip. 1,310 more words

The Spy Who Loved Me is Keepin' All My Secrets Safe Tonight*

The spy thriller doesn’t really fit neatly into the crime fiction genre. Certainly there are crimes committed in spy stories; but those novels generally aren’t ‘whodunits,’ or even ‘why/howdunits.’ Their suspense comes from the ‘cat-and-mouse’ plot, or sometimes from the question of which characters can be trusted and which can’t. 742 more words

Agatha Christie

She wrote about her life, then lit the words on fire and set them free.

I wrote this a few years ago.  I found it today and I just felt like it needed more light. I hope you enjoy some of my freewriting. 1,345 more words


A Crisis of Genre

It could be that I’m dragging things out finishing Rescuing Christina because I’m not sure what to do next and don’t want to spend my mornings sweeping our expansive hardwood floors and coddling our inconsolable Bichon Frise Sophie as the only way to silence her incessant whining. 808 more words

Spiritual Formation

Who moderates the moderators? On the Facebook Files

Speculative fiction is littered with fantastical tales warning of the dangers that arise when things get, to put it amusingly, too big. A researcher loses control of their experiment! 2,569 more words


The Shadows that Befall Us

He was back. Lee got word at the pharmacy as he picked up a prescription for his sister. He was whistling a Sinatra tune, “Summer Wind”, which made hunched over, pale Harriet smile as he approached the little window. 4,119 more words