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The Convening, Part 2

It was foolish to expect the riverine deer to come after darkness blanketed both village and countryside, but Naliya looked for them amid a grove of great trees. 3,847 more words

The Long Obedience in the Fourth Dimension

Warning…this starts with a rant.

Okay. Here goes.

I’m in wait mode. I don’t like being in wait mode, but they say it’s good for me. 1,620 more words

Spiritual Formation

I Can't Do My Homework Anymore*

It’s Sunday as this is posted, a day when young people everywhere are scrambling to finish up those school assignments before they have to be turned in on Monday. 1,051 more words


Always Shouts Out Something Obscene*

An interesting pair of events happened on this day, only five years apart. In 1955, copies of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl were seized as being obscene. Only five years later, D.H. 1,063 more words

Agatha Christie

Quantum Leap

The bulk of my novel Pushing the River takes place within the confines of a house, over the course of four months.  As promised, I will be posting a chapter each Friday (oops) from the… 805 more words


It's Only an Illusion*

In Agatha Christie’s short story, The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb, a series of mysterious deaths is associated with the excavation of an important ancient tomb. 1,120 more words

Agatha Christie

How to make the most of your trip to the archive

Archival research is something of a rite of passage for many individuals in many disparate fields. Admittedly, it can be something of a daunting task. What follows is carefully curated advice for making the most of your trip to an archive based upon the experiences of the crew here at the Librarianshipwreck who have had the privilege of working on multiple sides of this research process (archivist, librarian, researcher). 1,873 more words