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And I Got a Peaceful Easy Feeling*

Ever had one of those peaceful, calm times when life seems to be going along smoothly? It’s a fact of life that those times don’t last. 1,144 more words

Agatha Christie

What Heaven Will Be Like (If You Make It)

One of my favorite exchanges in the 1991 film Black Robe concerns the nature of the Roman Catholic understanding of heaven. Early in the film, the Jesuit missionary (i.e. 1,056 more words


Marriage and Conscience Act of Louisiana: Bobby’s Buffoonery

The impact and legacy of Bobby Jindal on the state of Louisiana can best be compared to that of the boll weevil following that little devil’s arrival to the South in 1893. 1,585 more words

General Commentaries Regarding The State Of Education And Government

On the Wind That Lifts Her Perfume Through the Air*

I was recently a witness at a crime scene. I can’t say much about it, because it’s an ongoing investigation, and because I don’t want to compromise any of the people involved. 983 more words

Agatha Christie

In The Spotlight: Seán Haldane’s The Devil's Making

Hello, All,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. British Columbia (BC) is not just a beautiful part of Canada; it also has a rich and interesting history. 1,200 more words


Chapter Sixteen: The River in the Dark

As the blonde girl walked closer, Vaughan could see something in her hand: a firm blob, like a stuffed animal or an irregularly shaped small purse.  1,382 more words


Missouri's Libraries are Important (A Call to Action)

Back in April, I hinted at how Missouri’s legislator was toying with pulling funding for its libraries for FY15. After much debate, the funding was restored. 1,256 more words