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I Can't Mind My Own Business*

Have you ever heard or told a story that starts like this: I was minding my own business when…? Strange things do happen sometimes, just when we’re going about our daily lives, so those stories aren’t as fantastic as they may seem. 982 more words

Agatha Christie

Changing Times, Changing Rules*

Social and other changes often mean different roles for just about everyone. In some ways, that can be very liberating. But it also means that the rules people had always lived by no longer apply in the same way as before. 1,227 more words

Agatha Christie

So Hoist Up the John B. Sails*

One of literature’s very interesting plots is what Christopher Booker has called the voyage and return. Booker’s work has its critics, but it is interesting to see how journeys (whether figurative or literal) can change people. 1,137 more words

Agatha Christie

Here's looking at you...

If at first an ill-advised piece of consumer technology doesn’t succeed in winning over a skeptical public, you can be certain that another tech company will be willing to try again. 1,506 more words


Letter to The Young Man

I’m sitting in a dermatological surgeon’s office waiting room trying to think of something uplifting to write about. It’s tough. A few minutes ago, before I left my husband in the capable hands of the surgical nurse, he told me a story about a young man who graduated from high school last year. 412 more words

Spiritual Formation

Finding Sugar Woman

I swear, I must be on a short leash. Really, it seems like there are unending opportunities for me to turn the gaze of my soul. 1,106 more words

Spiritual Formation

Visualize This: Creating and Creator, an Intimate Life (please hold the applause)

You know how it’s become pop psychology/spirituality to visualize something, hold it in your mind with surety and expectation of success? Maybe even draw a picture of it or write it down in bold letters to make it more concrete. 3,424 more words