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I Can't Explain All These Sounds That I Hear*

If you’re owned by a dog, then you’ve no doubt seen that dogs will prick their ears up and attend to the faintest of sounds. Dogs get a lot of information from what they hear, actually. 940 more words

Agatha Christie

Time To Go Home

I’ve been away for a long time, and now I’m going home. 

My whole life is in this bag except for the clothes I stand up in. 1,421 more words


A Call

This is the fourth chapter from the “September” section of my nearly-finished (!!) novel PUSHING THE RIVER.  Watch for the fifth chapter next Friday, and catch up on  previous chapters in my blog entries over the past month. 533 more words


Aren't People Helpful?

We just moved onto this block a week ago, so I haven’t finished opening the moving boxes. The furniture’s been delivered, at least, so we can sit down, and our bed’s put together. 959 more words


So Similar and Estranged*

Estrangement in families can happen for any number of reasons, really. Sometimes they happen for specific reasons, and sometimes it’s more a matter of drifting apart. 1,336 more words

Agatha Christie

Opera Hour

It was and perhaps is unusual for a sixteen year old to spend Saturday mornings deliberately listening to opera. Even in the context of a life already crowded with classical music and musicians and composers. 2,631 more words

And Always You'll See That You Reflect on Me*

You know the feeling, I’ll bet. A child misbehaves in public, and one of your first thoughts might be, ‘What is that mother/father thinking?’ Or, you cringe when your child’s teacher asks to speak to you, and brings up something that may be going on at school. 1,173 more words

Agatha Christie