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In The Spotlight: Michael Hogan's Burial of the Dead

Hello, All,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. Some crime novels are as much literary novels as they are the stories of crimes and investigations. 1,030 more words


In Memory of a Pet, and A Cat Clinic review

It has been a weekend of sadness in the LAB Louisiana Boy household up here in Maryland. Saturday morning, the time came to put our 17-year-old cat to sleep. 2,381 more words

Thoughts On Life And Society

Do Hi-Fi Amplifiers Sound Alike?

Note: This is a long read. Scroll down for a TL;DR at the end. Links to sources are also at the end. If you have time, please read it all. 3,680 more words


Jordan Highlights: Gerasa, the Dead Sea, and the Map of Madaba

4-5 October 2015. According to Rough Guides: “Jordan’s public transport is a hotchpotch. Bus routes cover what’s necessary for the locals, and there is little or no provision for independent travellers.” There was a train from Amman to Damascus in Syria, but Syria is sadly not a good destination choice these days, and the last time the train ran was in 2006. 1,663 more words


'Cause When It's All For One, It's One For All*

Crime fiction arguably says a lot about the culture from which it comes. This is a very large topic, so I’ll just focus on one aspect of culture. 1,067 more words


"Is It Possible to Fracture Your Penis?" NEW from the novel "Pushing the River"


a reminder to my family and friends with wild imaginations: this is FICTION

She didn’t think about Dick as often as she used to, which struck Madeline as remarkable. 597 more words


The Things We Do For The One We Love

On Wednesday, while cycling to work on wet paths, I took a 90° turn which ended with my bike going one way and me smashing my knees and hands on the ground. 1,730 more words