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Seattle's Pioneers of Fremont: B.F. Day - Part Two

The Panic of 1893, a nationwide economic crash, had a chilling effect upon Seattle.  Historian Thomas Prosch wrote that Seattle businesses, banks manufacturers and even churches closed down and went out of business due to lack of money to operate. 4,202 more words


Disney's Loss of Innocence: language, race and gender in children's animated movies

Most of my peers grew up with Disney animated movies. They watched the classics — The Lion KingPocahontasBeauty and the Beast… … 1,165 more words


just another post about weaning on social networking sites

I take pride in cramming. Or at least I used to. I used to be the annoying classmate who studies the night (or 30 minutes) before exams and pass, mostly with flying colors. 1,557 more words


Playing at light speed - the music behind "Driven"

By Ande Jacobson

Have you ever watched an animated film and while watching the film thought, “This is great music!” Have you then wondered how that music came to be, and which came first, the animation, or the music? 1,596 more words


The First Time

I miss Philip. I miss talking to him. I miss his adoration, even though I feel his love. But I’m human and I miss the human things. 1,518 more words


A Wholeness of One Amid Others

Being more alone has become a curious experience; the more it occurs, the more its vagaries and useful qualities surface. And the longer I live within it, the more I find a home within its mutable parameters. 3,046 more words

The Male Body, new from the novel "Pushing the River"

When she thought of Dan, she thought of his shoulder. His right shoulder. The one she rested her head on when they lay in bed. Don’t ever get out of the pool Dan, she thought to herself; because that swimmer’s shoulder is worth dying for. 286 more words