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Pestilent error and 'The legitimacy of skies in photographs'

I am apparently in pestilent error. Worse yet, according to Henry Peach Robinson, I may be having “a detrimental effect on the unthinking.”  It appears I am a lingering member of a school of critics that for Robinson, was in 1869 “now, happily, nearly extinct.” While I would not say that I “teach that anything beyond mechanical copying or dull map-making is heresy in photography,” you all know that I believe we must distinguish between photographs (images that capture real people, places and events) and photoART (photographic images that have been enhanced or manipulated). 1,295 more words


Writer's Block

One of the things that I hoped would come out of this blog was a memoir. I was 150 pages into one about a particular year in my life when Philip died. 1,227 more words


Curiouser and Curiouser, Sir*

I’ll bet you’ve had the experience. You hear a funny noise, or you see an odd piece of paper stuck in a crack in the back of a drawer. 943 more words

Agatha Christie

Burying Thatcher, Burying Thatcherism

(originally published on 09/04/2013)

I am one of the many who want to say something in light of the death of Margaret Thatcher. But it’s not particularly her death, or even her life that I want to talk about. 1,207 more words


A Mosque, Some Mosaics, and a Whole Lot of Raw Meat: the streets of Istanbul

22-29 September 2015. Somewhere in Istanbul. We are far from the usual tourist haunts, walking down a narrow cobbled street. There is a group of men in the street ahead of us. 1,695 more words


It's Only Surreal*

Most crime fiction fans want their stories to ‘feel’ real – as though the characters in them might exist, and the events happen. It takes a deft hand to introduce elements of the surreal – or at least dreamlike unreality – into a crime novel and make it work. 1,219 more words

Agatha Christie

23 Things You Should Actually Do Before You're 23

Two years ago I read the article 23 things to do instead of getting engaged before 23 and drafted this frustrated response (note: after writing my response the original blog post was picked up by Huffington Post, and I am jealous, I admit it). 2,018 more words