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Pushing the Town Away*

Many crime fiction fans will tell you that a sense of place is important in a story. Some themes and larger issues may be universal, but most of us want to also see something distinctive in a story that speaks of a particular place or region. 1,207 more words

Agatha Christie

Treat Your Personal Library...Like a Library

Have you ever found yourself at a gathering at which a speaker says something along the lines of “it’s important to read”? Or perhaps you’ve found yourself at a gathering at which multiple speakers echo this sentiment? 1,215 more words



Thank you for joining me for the summer redux series. I will be re-posting stories you may not have read, in the fashion of a summer re-run.

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These Feet, Made for Freedom

My loose plan was to write something light, bordering on witty or–more often my writerly bent, something laced with references to spiritual experiences, the nearness of God everywhere. 2,131 more words

Do You Need Anybody?*

Lots of crime fiction tells stories of people who try to be kind to someone, only to have it end up going very, very badly. And there’s something to that sort of story; it can be a very suspenseful premise for a plot. 1,333 more words

Agatha Christie


Since my book came out, everybody I know says, “How exciting!” This, of course, is a very typical American reaction. You tell somebody that you’re going for a bike ride on the weekend, and they say, “How exciting!” Or you ask someone how they feel about starting a new job, and they tell you, “I’m […]


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