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A Tale of Three Women

“Canna ashoo a queshoon?” I looked round to see a short, stubby woman lurching drunkenly towards me in the dingy, fishermen’s taverna near the river. “If you’rr marr’d, ah’m no’ intrresset.” Against the background of subdued Portuguese murmuring, the broad Glasgwegian accent was unmistakable, its rolling ‘r’s laced with spit. 200 more words


Sometimes I Don't Speak Right*

Interviews with witnesses and suspects are critical to any investigation. Certainly those people can lie or be wrong; still, what they say and don’t say often provides important information about a case. 1,131 more words

Agatha Christie

The Elephant

At some point in my interior world (within which I live most of the time), I adopted a theory about how people cope with harsh realities. 480 more words

Spiritual Formation


Since my book came out, everybody I know says, “How exciting!”

This, of course, is a very typical American reaction. You tell somebody that you’re going for a bike ride on the weekend, and they say, “How exciting!”  Or you ask someone how they feel about starting a new job, and they tell you, “I’m excited!” 983 more words

Creative Writing

Drink Drive Bloody Idiot. And us mad birdos.

29 Jan – 6 Feb 2015. Rutherglen was the first stop on our journey from Canberra to the famed Great Ocean Road along Victoria’s south coast. 911 more words


Current EVEntS - Ohio Substitute H. S. Teacher, Sheila Kearns, Convicted of Showing 100 Students Movie with Graphic Violence and Explicit Sex

I can’t believe, how seemingly normal women, have become so depraved! How average women, who have lost their Christian faith, have also lost their ability to determine what’s right, from what’s wrong. 1,628 more words