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The Fine Art of Brady O'Connell

What more could she say? It was how things were, wasn’t that right? Some had opportunity and with it, money, and some did not. Some had love and others had less than what they’d dreamed and hoped for, schemed over. 2,661 more words

In The Spotlight: Kate Grenville's The Secret River

Hello, All,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, plenty of novels don’t fit squarely into only one genre category. 1,057 more words


Garden of Eden days

I woke up to the news a few days ago that Florence Henderson had died.

The first thought my neuronal connections delivered from my Florence Henderson Memory Bank was how excited I got watching her back in the Garden of Eden days of my youthful innocence. 1,072 more words


Copenhagen, I've Never Felt Your Grip so Tight*

On the surface of it, Copenhagen is a peaceful, lovely place. When you think of Copenhagen, you may think of Hans Christian Andersen, or perhaps the beautiful Tivoli Gardens.   923 more words


Ancient Minds, Ancient Lives*

As this is posted, it’s the 94th anniversary of Howard Carter’s discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. That find taught us much about what life must have been like during Tutankhamen’s time, and that’s such an important aspect of archaeology. 1,166 more words

Agatha Christie

His Garden of Earthly Delight.

Because I felt like mixing things up. Because I can. Because I had a small window of time. Because, while shitty first drafts are definitely best kept private, shitty second drafts might benefit from being shared with friends. 6,222 more words


Interview, Who's Interviewing Who?*

Being mixed up in a major crime, especially murder, can be harrowing enough. For many people, it’s only made worse when members of the press want interviews and access. 1,210 more words

Agatha Christie