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One Little Choice*

In many stories, there’s a point of decision. And that decision has consequences that drive the rest of the plot. It may not seem like a momentous decision at the time the character takes it, but it often turns out to make all the difference in the story. 859 more words

Agatha Christie

Wednesday's Word/Fiction: Powder on Arch Mountain

The fire was steadily burning, a comfort to see even from a distance. As Virginia Li Taft, better known as Gin-Li, took her place in the half-circle about it, she found the group smaller than expected. 2,909 more words

Unknown Enemy*

There are a number of ways to build tension and suspense in a crime novel. And that suspense is an important part of keeping the novel engaging for readers. 963 more words


Kepler Loves Bulldogs

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Woof! Woof!
This is Kepler, Master’s Jack Russell terrier, writing another article for Master’s Bible-Science Guy Blog.

Master and I are big fans of the… 1,834 more words


I Knew I Needed Representation*

When you think of famous film stars, athletes, authors, and so on, you probably don’t think of their agents. But the fact is, an agent can be a very powerful person. 1,086 more words

Agatha Christie

In The Spotlight: Donna Morrissey's The Fortunate Brother

Hello, All,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. A death in the family – especially an unexpected death – can wreak havoc on those left behind. 993 more words


Just Walk Beside Me, Hand in Hand, to my Mediterranean Land*

Whether you’re eager for a summer holiday or an escape from winter, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a Mediterranean trip. World-class food and drink, beautiful scenery, and a delightful climate make the Mediterranean region a tourist mecca. 1,117 more words

Agatha Christie