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Republicans don't understand health insurance😑

When you hear politicians or supposed experts talking about paying for only the health insurance you need, minimal coverage plans or the unfairness of asking low healthcare users to subsidize high users, you can be sure they don’t know what they are talking about. 60 more words


Soaring global obesity rates come with hefty price tag - CBS News

The next time you hear a quote about other countries having better health outcomes. The next time you hear about rising health care costs, consider the following. 174 more words


Understanding health insurance premiums

Read the following. Do you think this is a gotcha for the insurance company? Not really. They used an assumption that was challenged, but only time will tell who was right and if the insurer was correct, the following years premiums must make up the loss. 162 more words


No, it's not price shopping for health care ... surprised?

Hey, what happened to consumerism in health care?

As deductibles have climbed, the typical excuse was that having patients with more skin in the game would drive them to more price shopping for health care. 57 more words


I think I deserve a Nobel prize

Standard economic theory assumes people act rationally: Workers, left to their own devices, should save and invest properly to meet their long-term goals.

But Thaler and other adherents of behavioral economics pointed out that workers saving for retirement can be their own worst enemies.

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What's fair is in the eye of the beholder

“Fair share” is an undefined favorite term of the American political left and an obsession of Sen Sanders. The “wealthy,” another flexible term, are accused of grabbing America’s wealth and avoiding their fair share of the tax burden. 377 more words