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The free market health care farce

What is this thing called free markets in health care? Depending on who you ask, it can mean more competing health insurance companies and allowing individuals to select from both trimmed down and robust health plans or it can also mean patients acting like consumers, including buying health care services directly without the aid of insurance except for catastrophic expenses (to be defined). 486 more words


Political PACs and fake news are helping to delay fixing Social Security‼️

Could it be that Russia was able to plant fake information to influence Americans? You betcha, just like many other groups do all the time. Once the seed of misinformation is planted, it grows like crabgrass and people want their initial belief reinforced, facts be damned (or simply ignpored). 120 more words


How to Reduce Medicare Spending Without Cutting Benefits | Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget --- another policy joke😜

Here is the crux of the matter; do you and do you believe other people spend more on health care simply because their out-of-pocket costs are minimal or none? 278 more words


You can't handle the "truth" about health care

The Economist reports that fraudulent healthcare claims consume $272 billion each year and the Institute of Medicine estimates that 30% of all healthcare spending is unnecessary in its 2013 “Best Care at Lower Cost” report.

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A new twist on (financial) wellness 🤑

Many employers offer various benefit programs, comply with legally required communication and then forget about everything except costs. That is shortsighted and counterproductive.

Why spend big bucks on something and then not maximize its appreciation? 148 more words

Observations On Life

High deductible health plans boon or bust

Back in 1961 I ran a health plan with a $100 deductible per person. As you can see below, today we call a plan high deductible if it reaches $1,300 and yet if you apply health care inflation to that $100 it is equal to $2,024.34 in 2016. 463 more words


"No, The Government Should Not Provide Health Insurance For All Americans" ... but then what?

A free market solution to health care is no solution at all. I have highlighted the assumptions in the following article that perfectly illustrate why the Republican concept of health care reform will not work and why Republicans and many physicians do not understand people and their perceptions of health care and paying for it. 466 more words