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Is health care affordable⁉️


You can look at the cost of health care from several perspectives.

There is the basic cost of care driven by prices and utilization. There is the premium you pay and there are your out-of-pocket costs. 192 more words

Observations On Life

If you like your Medicare premium not rising in 2016, wait until 2017

The basic Medicare Part B premium today is $104.90. Under normal circumstances it would rise to $120.70 in 2016. I say normal circumstances, but since when is a 15% increase in Medicare premiums normal? 244 more words


Our Screwed Up Priorities In Health Care

Excerpt from Kaiser Health News

An analysis of per capita health care spending in 2013 for people with diabetes found average costs were $14,999, roughly $10,000 higher than the average $4,305 in per capita spending for people without the disease.The study by the Health Care Cost Institute examined the health care claims of nearly 40 million individuals younger than age 65 who had employer-sponsored insurance with one of three large insurers.

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Debt Is Good - The New York Times

Paul Krugman is an interesting character; a political animal applying logic that ignores the political animal. Here is a quote from a recent NYTs opinion piece. 467 more words


When are too many gun deaths too many?

When I first saw this, I didn’t believe it so I checked as many sources as I could find, I added up the war statistics and checked the deaths by gun in the U.S. 47 more words

Observations On Life

it seems some mass shootings aren't mass enough

Sometimes I find myself sitting around and thinking You know, this situation is pretty fucked up. I was thinking that after yesterday’s mass shooting. Which by the most commonly used definition of the term wasn’t actually a mass shooting. 977 more words

Current Events

Hillary on Social Security

“I’m especially focused on the fact that we need to improve how Social Security works for women,” she wrote in the questionnaire, which was seen by Reuters and confirmed by three union sources.

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