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We spend too much money on the elderly and not enough on children.

Politicians seeking votes constantly pander to seniors like calling for higher social security benefits and various other tax breaks. Seniors vote; kids don’t get to vote. 86 more words


State Policies to Address Prescription Drug Prices - Center for American Progress

With a service like health care where it must be rendered regardless of circumstance, any effort to contain costs must be implemented on a uniform system-wide basis or costs are simply shifted elsewhere. 174 more words


Americans don’t read, Americans have a poor understanding of how our government works and how it was formed.

The general lack of knowledge about our government, our history (and world history) and why and how our Country was formed and shaped is the greatest threat we face. 179 more words


Skulduggery Pleasant Book Review: Books 1-11

Warning: The following review may contain minor spoilers. Although NO endings will be discussed in this review, it WILL contain details about the books. If you wish to stay completely spoiler free before reading the series, Click away now. 919 more words


Are you convinced yet that both Social Security and Medicare are in trouble or do you still believe the naive dreamers who say there is plenty of money (surplus) to add additional benefit?

The Social Security and Medicare Trustees released their annual reports today detailing the financial state of the programs, and the picture is increasingly grim.

The following is a statement by the Co-Chairs of the Campaign to Fix the Debt Governor Ed Rendell and Senator Judd Gregg: 238 more words


Making Social Security solvent is not a big deal ...if we could get politicians out of the way.

Raise the taxable wage to $200,000 (use for benefit calculation as well) and implement the following and the problem is solved. Why is it so hard to start talking? Why?