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Higher health insurance premiums do not matter ...🤑

Insurers, Pushing for Higher Rates, Challenge Key Component of Health Law


But administration officials say the “sticker price” does not matter for consumers because most people in the public insurance exchanges receive subsidies to help pay premiums, and they can also shop for less expensive insurance.

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A different point of view on fairness

While there is a growing cry for expanded Social Security benefits funded by higher taxes on anyone earning more than $118,000, there are those Americans who paid their fair share all their lives. 227 more words

Observations On Life

Free college is actually f r e e e e e e🤑

Eighty-two percent (82%) of all adults recognize, too, that when politicians promise to make college tuition free, it means taxpayers will be paying that tuition. Just seven percent (7%) think it means college will really be free.

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Pokémon Go: Good VS Bad.

Pokémon Go, the most recent game to come onto the phone gaming scene has taken its popularity by force. The Augmented Reality piece of genius took the Pokémon generations of kids at heart have come to know and love after 20 years as the mega franchise has dominated the gaming and handheld gaming worlds. 779 more words


An example of how politics and Social Security work

Ann Nelson The ONLY reason there is any kind of problem with SS is because you nasty Republicans stole funds from it which you have never returned to it.

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The current state of affairs in a paragraph 

Look at the news: Politics has become frustratingly small-minded and shortsighted. We aren’t any better at recognizing threats and opportunities that we see emerging beyond the horizon of the next election.

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Disappointed in America

I don’t think at any point in my 73 years have I been more concerned about the future of America. It has little to do with economics, inequality or even global terrorism. 194 more words