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Employers Want To Do More To Help You Save For Retirement - Too Lateโ€ผ๏ธ

Worried about your retirement? Youโ€™re not alone. So, increasingly, is your employer. A new survey says Americaโ€™s bosses are growing more concerned over their workersโ€™ financial well-being and preparations for retirement.

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Sun And Shadows On The Linden Walk And Olympic Games Connections

The Olympic Games begin in Rio today โ€“ cue views of Copacabana Beach and Corcovado Mountain with its astonishing statue of Christ the Redeemer. Now switch scenes to a small town in rural England, to a meadow in Much Wenlock, and turn back the clock to 1850, for this is where it began โ€“ the… 709 more words

Tish Farrell Writer

"Financial support given to people in need" - I just learned about the forgotten man (or woman)

The above is the definition of “welfare.” I always thought the key words were “in need.”

In America today we seem to be expanding the definition of welfare although most people don’t recognize that fact. 694 more words


The fun you can have dealing with Medicare. Have you ever filed a claim?

There is a movement to add a public option to the ACA, in fact that proposal is included in the Democratic 2016 platform. The idea is that somehow government is more efficient than the private sector and that profit is the driver of health insurance premiums. 872 more words


How much do you value your doctor?

Is your doctor worth in value delivered more than the guy scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins or salting fries at McDonalds? Okay, how much more; five, ten, twenty times? 250 more words


Aetnaโ€™s Obamacare Reversal Is Latest Blow to U.S. Health Law. The push for a public option.ย 

Aetna Inc., facing more than $300 million in losses from Affordable Care Act health plans this year, may exit Obamacare markets in some states as challenges to the health-care overhaul pile up.

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Are out-of-pocket health care costs a burden for most people?ย 

Politicians and pundits like to pontificate about the burden of health care costs and especially out-of-pocket costs. But is it a wide-spread problem? Not as much as you may think. 239 more words