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Beware the new push for Medicare to negotiate drug prices ... headlines don't give the full story 

House Democrats have a new proposal to allow HHS to negotiate drug prices which they have discussed with President Trump. Below is a summary.

There is no one way street in health care. 536 more words


If you Understand how Electric Utilities Make Money, you can Understand how single-payer health care works. 

Both must balance the costs against the value achieved.

Public Utility Commissions (PUCs) or their equivalent in each state serve as an replacement for the competitive market.

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As currently structured Social Security and Medicare cannot be sustained

Here’s the deal, contrary to all the rhetoric left, right or (sorry, apparently there is no center), both Social Security and Medicare are in trouble. As currently structured they cannot be sustained. 532 more words


Figuring out Social Security 

Those on a quest for their version of fairness are targeting the structure of Social Security based not on formulas, but on the differences in society and human beings. 281 more words


Competition among health insurers is the key to lower premiums. WRONG‼️

When you hear the “experts” tell you that we need more insurance company competition to lower premiums, ask them how that works.

Following is a breakdown of how health insurance premiums are spent. 43 more words


The Trump promise on health care 😂

Is a joke – J O K E‼️ And I don’t even know the details. “Much better health care at a much lower cost” For who⁉️ 90 more words