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Another recipe For Health Care Disaster-Colorado

This is an excerpt from a Politico piece on Colorado’s planned vote on a partial single-payer health plan.

If it sounds familiar, it should because people will be asked to vote for more for less which of course is always appealing, but what else would you expect from a state where you can hop on your motorcycle without a helmut after getting high on marijuana and go buy a gun without a permit?   308 more words


Feedback, opinions and ideas

We need your feedback. The value in a blog is stimulating discussion and ideas. To that end, regardless of your point of view, agreement or disagreement with what is written here, please comment on posts. 15 more words

Observations On Life

Roger Cohen sums it up best-defeating ISIS

Writing in the New York Times, Roger Cohen sums up his column (November 19, 2015) on defeating ISIS this way:

“The West has lost its spine, a spine called America.”

Observations On Life

the politics of stupid fear

History will remember those who bullied and those who had the political courage to open our doors.

No, it won’t. Sorry.

The Modesto Bee published…

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Current Events

A pictorial of government and liberal naïveté in health care

This would be funny if it weren’t so serious. It really has little to do with Obamacare and more to do with incompetence and misinformation and an expression of the naive liberal view of the real world. 67 more words


Another Unintended Consequence Of High Deductible Health Plans

It’s pretty clear that the fast moving trend to high deductible health plans is hurting the average patient. There are few plans through Obamacare that do not carry a high deductible and employers are aggressively embracing the HDHP, partly as defensive move against the 40% penalty tax come 2018. 409 more words