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We Really Are Living in the Future

There are some days that I wake up and pinch myself, wondering if I’m dreaming, or if I’m living as a character in a science fiction novel set in the year 2525. 1,289 more words


Archaic  language - same-sex partners, should they be forced to marry to obtain health benefits⁉️

Following is language found in employer health benefit plans. It is typical of what many employers (between 60%-77% of large employers) did before same-sex marriage was wide-spread or legal in many states. 475 more words


AOW Chat!: Update.

AOW Chat is now a thing Ladies and Gents! If you look at the screen grab below or on the second widget from the bottom on the right sidebar (if you’re currently reading this on my blog), you will see that I’ve added the… 227 more words


What's your stake in your home worth? How important is home equity to retirement?

Following is some interesting information on retirement from the Motley Fool via USA Today. As usual, the lack of preparedness for retirement is scary stuff. 504 more words

Observations On Life

Ex-Prison Guard Not Charged In Shocking Chase, Killing In New York Subway [Video]

Where is the line separating self-defense from vigilantism?

New York is not a “stand your ground” state, meaning that a person has a duty to retreat from a threat… 870 more words



Bitter cold breeze biting my fingertips,

As I hold you in the Winter air,

My darling, if only I may truly express how I feel, 96 more words


Marriage Equality.

It is so beautiful to see that the United States of America have legalised same-sex marriage; not to mention that June is internationally recognised as LGBT+ Pride Month. 487 more words