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F you, do politicians understand health care in America?

Not a chance😱

These are what I consider the three Fs of health care in America. If our experts can craft a system that meets the unrealistic expectations of Americans, more power to them.


Democratic Socialists - put the fox in charge of the hen  house 🐓

This is what Sen Sanders claims to be.

No wonder he sounds so naive in his views; let the masses control economic decisions. The workers and consumers who can’t handle their own mini economies, can’t handle their own debt or spending or saving? 185 more words


You may be for raising the minimum wage ... but

understand that the rhetoric about living wage and lifting families out of poverty is mostly that; rhetoric and Old Bernie is the best at it. One national minimum at near $15.00 an hour is not appropriate or affordable in all area of the Country. 117 more words


How smart/knowledgeable are you? How short-sighted are you? How susceptible are you to misleading rhetoric and ignoring a problem?

If you have read this blog for any period of time, you know that there are major problems with the cost and sustainability of both Social Security and Medicare. 96 more words


Politics in New Jersey 😤 but at least we have Taylor Pork Roll ... and voters who give up the right to complain about taxes. 🤡

I find political rhetoric and banter facinating even entertaining mainly because some of it is so absurd. Somewhere between politicians, unions and special interests the average taxpayer gets lost in the mix. 587 more words


Facts about Social Security 

Now that Trump and company and Republicans are going to be in charge, the anti-change anything rhetoric will be ratcheting up (if that is possible). A primary target will be Social Security. 352 more words


Diversity, Inclusion and Lots of Trophies ... has America lost its edge and misplaced its goals?

We hear a great deal about diversity, inclusion, the rights of various groups of citizens.

Our Country is based on a very fundamental principle, e Pluribus Unum – out of many, one. 356 more words

Observations On Life