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Facebook Memes that undermine our ability to actually fix problems like Social Security. 

Look at the following meme from Facebook. See how it implies Social Security is a piggy bank for Congress. The implication being that if Congress didn’t use the Social Security money everything would be ok. 158 more words


Raising the Social Security normal retirement age may not be the easy answer. Life Expectancy Study: It's Not Just What You Make, It's Where You Live

Applying averages and actuarial data to the human beings who use Social Security may not be as easy at it appears. Simply raising the retirement age to help with Social Security solvency may seem like a simple idea, but it may not be all that fair. 427 more words


Federal laws prevent federal money from paying for abortions; that depends

I don’t want to get involved in the pro-life, pro-choice debate, but the Republican’s misguided attacks on Planned Parenthood are going to make paying for abortions a major issue unnecessarily. 188 more words


Fixing inequality once and for all.  The new Congressional plan that doesn't affect you🤑

Did you ever wonder how the politicians who profess to be opposed to a rigged system, or the crooks on Wall Street or banks made their millions? 410 more words

Observations On Life

UNCRPD in Ireland - begging for change

The last few months, I’ve read and watched more political news than I could stomach. As a result, shortcut rambling, and buzzwords on Twitter like ‘“tremendous,” “ban,” “wall” and “crooked” now linger in my own vocabulary when I sit down to write. 846 more words


The debate over health benefits, Medicare and Medicaid can be summed up in two words

For most employer health plans, Part B of Medicare and Medicaid spending open-ended. There is no cap on their rate of growth or a cap on total costs. 237 more words

Observations On Life

Here's the Average American's Annual Medicare Bill 

Is over $15,000 on average affordable health care for an American couple age 65 plus? A couple turning 65 today no purchasing supplemental coverage no Part D coverage could daily have premiums alone costing $8,976 per year. 122 more words