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Taxing your what? The "income" you don't have. 20% of Americans pay the bulk of ALL taxes

Progressive rhetoric about taxes is misleading, inflammatory and unfair. “Fair share” is a rallying cry designed only to garner support for a greater bureaucracy, more wealth transfer and greater public dependence on larger government and the politicians who control it. 858 more words


Will your Social Security benefit be taxable?

The chances are growing that a portion of your Social Security benefit will be taxable for federal income tax purposes. Isn’t it ironic that politicians pontificate on the need to expand Social Security benefits but at the same time have done nothing that would help some seniors keep more of their current benefit? 199 more words


HHS is on a mission... enroll in Obamacare; cost is not your problem

The Obama administration is campaigning to increase enrollment via Obamacare, especially among the younger healthier population in an effort to mitigate the adverse selection that is driving higher (than promised) premiums. 189 more words


The solution to retirement income is at hand

Here you go, millennials willing to pay more for a secure retirement. So what’s the problem, just jack up the Social Security payroll tax and the benefits in the future; problem solved.‼️ Of course they aren’t really willing to pay more because if they were, they would be saving more and spending less. 323 more words


Maintaining A Web Presence Despite The Big Windows 10 Update Ambush

The blogging schedule, and life as I knew it went haywire last week after Microsoft (welcome to the totalitarian state of cyberworld) inflicted on us the apparently much vaunted (though I actually didn’t know a thing about it until it happened) anniversary update of Windows 10, so sending thousands of worldwide users into a state of serial rebooting frenzy. 690 more words

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FDA Approves Medtronic’s New Automated Insulin Pump - WSJ

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it has approved an insulin pump by medical device company Medtronic that automatically manages glucose levels within a target range.

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When is government confiscating 65% of ones accumulated life assets fair?

I will never pay an estate tax (unless I hit it big in the lottery which I plan on doing).

You may not care a hoot about this issue, I doubt many Americans do. 343 more words