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Who is in charge?

Take a few minutes and stare at this Associated Press photo.

Now ask youself, who has the upper hand, who has all the cards, who is in charge, who respects who? Ā  27 more words


Social Security/ same sex couples/ marriage/ more money/ total confusionšŸ˜•

Remember my theory that everything is connected? Well here is a good example and also a good example of the complexity of claiming Social Security benefits. 273 more words


Dancing Real Good For Free.

Good Evening:

At first, I thought she had fallen in the middle of a group of UC Berkeley students at the Downtown Berkeley BART station as she thrashed on one bench. 149 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

Social Security and naive Americans

I saw this gem I thought I would pass along. Read the comments and then reflect on the facts below. You might also want to read many of the comments on this blog in the Social Security category. 359 more words


What Obamacare Really Means For Far More Americans Than It Helps

I just received this text message from my daughter. Tens of millions more Americans are in the same boat. This is because of the added costs from Obamacare, the fact health care has not been made “affordable” and employers are playing defense against the coming 40% Cadillac tax. 68 more words


Playing games with Medicare premiums and deductibles

The following is from an October 2014 press release by the Secretary of HHS.Ā 

Remember it when you see what happens to your Medicare premium and deductibles in 2016 and 2017. Ā  295 more words


Workers beware - open enrollment for you health benefits is on the way - watch your pocketbookšŸ˜·

Based on a survey by the National Business Group on Health, large employers are, as usual, in a cost shifting mood. Despite all the political back slapping, health care costs have not been lowered, have not been controlled and are still increasing at several times general inflation. 374 more words