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I am Struggling; A Writing Update.

For those who haven’t realised, it’s been a while since I have posted something…

In my Goals for 2018 post I said that this year I would be working on putting quality before quantity, the problem I am having however is that I haven’t really sat down and written enough to work on quality. 319 more words


What you can count on from your retirement savings ... and have no choice about using 🤑

If you are retired, chances are you have heard about the RMD, the required minimum distribution and like it or not; need it or not you must take money from your 401k or IRA. 224 more words


CPI-W continues its march higher - potential 2019 Social Security COLA increasing

The CPI-W for January 2018 was 241.919, for February it was 242.988 and for March it was 243.463

All are a significant increase over the previous months. 22 more words


Carrots and Sticks - HumbleDollar

Delaying saving for retirement is a bad move.

Here is a simple example. Assume you invest $1,000 at age thirty and not a penny more for 35 years You will then have $7,686. 159 more words


How do we get our money back from the Social Security Trust Fund?

Before 2010 Social Security payroll taxes exceeded the amount needed to pay benefits. That surplus (which no longer exists) was invested in special US Treasury Bonds. 214 more words


Why is everything politics? The citizen question issue is questionable 🤥

Is Person 1 of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin?

We can ask the above question but not are you a citizen?

The story being built by Democrats on the issue of census questions is pathetic, disturbing and insulting to legal immigrants; citizens or not.

382 more words

All things financial.

Looking for information on investing and just about anything else financial related?

I’ve got the blog for you.

It’s called humbledollar

Give it a look. I think you will like it.