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Happy Earth Day From The Shropshire Hills, Some Of The World’s Oldest Rock Formations

Not so much Monarch of the Glen as Sheep on the Long Mynd,  a hill so old that it has some Pre-Cambrian geology named after it. 659 more words


What happened to the death panel?

The Affordable Care Act created the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) frequently erroneously and unfairly labeled the death panel. The purpose was to make recommendations to Congress to control out-of-control health care costs, primarily Medicare. 184 more words


Sanders on a new kick with Social Security

Dying young is inequality and unfair. Read this convoluted message from Bernie Sanders. Now he sees living longer as an unfair increase in your Social Security benefits compared with people who don’t live as long. 894 more words

Observations On Life

Saving administrative costs cannot pay for a single-payer health care system

Following is a recent quote from a Massachusetts newspaper. Read the second paragraph and then reread it. It is this kind of naive, uninformed, pie-in-the-sky thinking that gets us into trouble. 192 more words


Medicare Ignored As Much As Social Security

While one presidential candidate wants a complete federal takeover of health care coverage, government or more accurately politicians have not learned how to manage what we have. 539 more words


Self Promotion Required.

I have come to find out that for some reason self promotion seems to be rather taboo in the world of online content creation social media. 409 more words