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Where are taxes going? Are you planning ahead?

Looking at the national debt, the ongoing deficit and the trillions in future liabilities that have been created (at the federal and state level) and not being paid for, if you think taxes are going anywhere but up, I think you are dreaming. 31 more words


So, aren’t we saying the real cause of poverty is the lack of integrity of politicians?

I found this statement quite amazing.

When wasn’t political access concentrated at the top? What this says is that Americans elect individuals who could care less about them. 210 more words


YouTuber Shane Dawson accused of pedophilia.

The last week and a half has been one for YouTube controversy as more and more news of wrong doings done by popular YouTube stars comes to light. 655 more words


Where does wealth come from?

Well, a little more than half of the wealthy persons income is earned income and the balance from investment. As far as assets go slightly less than 25% is inherited, the bulk is earned. 14 more words


A disastrous mistake in retirement

Your 401k or IRA has one purpose only (or should); to generate income in retirement. Income is the key word. It is not a savings account. 202 more words


Could narrow networks be the next big cost cutter?Β 

In recent years you say?

Not sure how the writer of this defines β€œrecent years,” but employers have been trying these and other strategies at least back to the early 1980s … thirty-seven years and counting. 325 more words