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2018 Social Security COLA

Based on the average CPI-W for the first three months of 2017, the 2018 COLA would be 1%

Remember, the actual COLA calculation is based on the average CPI-W for July, August and September year over year.


A warning from the polls about letting Obamacare "explode" - Axios

President Trump has said the Democrats will take the fall politically if and when Obamacare “explodes.” But new polling shows that the public will hold Trump and the GOP accountable for failing to address problems in the marketplaces, not the Democrats.

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I can't afford my deductible... woof, woof

If you have read this blog before, you may know where I’m going with this. Many surveys reporting the affordability of health care rely on self-reported information. 368 more words


Why Sen Sanders concept of health care reinforces all the wrong behaviorsΒ 

Here are some key highlights from the Sanders Medicare-for-all plan. In short, it covers virtually every type of health care, including long-term care. It costs the typical worker only 2.2% of taxable income [1] and there are no out-of-pocket costs. 222 more words


And you're worried about Social Security Trust?

Have you ever heard of the Federal Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)? It’s the 401k type plan for federal employees and there are 5 million current, retired and former employees of the government with account balances in that plan. 148 more words


Be careful about "obvious" facts about health care

Listen to some of our most radical and outspoken politicians and you would think people die in the street for lack of health insurance or that having health insurance is essential to good health. 308 more words


Who rigged the economy?

Up until around the mid twentieth century, the woman’s place was in the home. Wife, mother, homemaker was the “job” for most women. Those who were not married or had to work were relegated to limited careers, generally lower paying with no growth opportunity. 512 more words

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