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Proposed Welsh Revenue Authority

Under their devolved powers the Welsh Assembly is proposing a new Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA). From 2018 it will be responsible for stamp duty land tax and landfill tax. 22 more words

Tax And Accounting News

I actually stayed over at work to write…and I’m just sitting here. I have ideas, stories I want to write specifically for Baelios and Jesariel, even a little for Eiliha, andI just cannot get the words out to save my life. 12 more words

Time-Queryable Multi-Height WRGs

Time-queryable WRGs can be at one or more heights. They are intended to consist of a variable number of special cases defined by time-queries plus one default overall annual average (a standard regular old non-time-queryable WRG). 107 more words


Multi-Height WRGs

This is some of what has been keeping us busy over the summer. For a while, the WRB format has been capable of handling multi-hub-height WRGs but openWind has not supported this kind of compound object. 144 more words

Wind Turbine Performance

Terrain Complexity

Hello, sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. I have been buried in the depths of openWind code, reworking it to allow a whole stack of new modelling functionality which I hope to be able to show you soon. 60 more words


4 augusti 1814 - Nils Nilsson i Wrå drabbas av stenpassion

I Wrå i Asige socken år 1814 bodde bonden Nils Nilsson med hustrun Christina Håkansdotter. Nils var född 1772 och son till Nils Nilsson och Ingierd Bengtsson som också bodde i stugan. 209 more words


Free as a Bird!

Thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC out at Burnaby Lake, the female downy woodpecker is back on home turf. 191 more words

Urban Nature