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What's inside the wrapper's - what matters! Guest blog from Ralph Frank

I often find myself bemused, and/or confused, when I see investment portfolios specified in terms of product wrappers (e.g. unit trusts, exchange traded funds, structured notes etc.) instead of the underlying investments (e.g. 371 more words


[Single] C-More Stacks (@CmoreStacks) - Wrapper

“You have heard Rappers turned Actors, Rappers turned Singers,
now introducing Street Hustler turned Wrapper!!!” C-More Stacks is debuting his new hit song “Wrapper” (prod by DUB MAGIC ROE. 19 more words


silver-"leafing" our bar

I am in the (slow) process of silver-leafing my bar.

Instead of using actual silver leaf,

which I understand to be very delicate

and very expensive (obvs), 52 more words


Textiles at the National Museum of African Art

I ventured into DC the other week as I wanted to check out what textiles they had on display at the National Museum of African Art… 194 more words

African Textiles

How to tie the tulip style of wrapper

A black bra (padded or push up bra preferably)
A black tight
A black Body shaper – cosset, spanx, girdle etc.
A wrapper which comes with ropes at the edge and buba, blouse or a top… 151 more words


Starting with virtual environments virtualenv

## Install virtual environments

sudo pip install virtualenv

## Excecute and append this line to .profile file in your home. If the file does not exist just create it. 54 more words


import java.awt.Color;
import java.util.*;
public class Person {

	private String name;
	private Color colour;
	private int numberOfSteps;
	private int getXCoord;
	private int getYCoord;

	public Person(String nm, Color clr, int numSt, int xPos, int yPos) {
		name = nm;
		colour = clr;
		numberOfSteps = numSt;
		getXCoord = xPos;
		getYCoord = yPos;


	public void moveRandomly() {
		getXCoord = (int) ((Math.random()*590) + numberOfSteps);
		getYCoord = (int) ((Math.random()*395) + numberOfSteps);


	public int getLocationX() {
		return getXCoord;

	public int getLocationY() {
		return getYCoord;

	public Color getColor() {
		return colour;


Object-oriented Programming