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This is the worst design ever for a condom wrapper

It seems like a great idea. Custom made condom wrappers that promote consent. But here s the thing, when it comes to things like consent and sexual assault, it s probably best to avoid being clever and just get the message out there or, if you absolutely have to make a joke, make sure what you re saying [ ]

Working with Limitations

The Limitations

  • No policy-driven deployment method at the time.
  • Management wants to keep it simple, “We ARE NOT a development shop.”
  • Do NOT use programming language so unskilled administrators can update code, use a scripting language only.
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Creating a wrapper to make immutable properties for a class instance using KeyPath in Swift 4

// Try this code in Playground

import UIKit

class GenericClass {

  var property: Int

  init(withValue property: Int) {

    self.property = property



let object1 = GenericClass(withValue: 1) 47 more words


Process Flow

I would like to begin with the fact that technology is always changing rapidly and I may not always be up to the latest with acronyms and the latest buzzwords in the industry. 249 more words


Project: Recycled Paper Bag Wrapper

Hello, it’s Friday! A few more hours and we’re done for the week. Yay!

Today, Vito will be attending a birthday party in his play school. 221 more words


Dumpling Empire

Hello beautiful people! It’s our favorite day of the week: Friday!! Got any plans for tonight or for this weekend? I’m preparing to go back to school which starts in less than two weeks. 461 more words