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Wrasslin' State of Mined: WWE Clash of Champions Recap (09.26.16)

Too Much of a Good Thing

The Monday Night Raw solo PPV, Clash of Champions has passed, and with it, any gleaming hope that two PPV events per month won’t completely burn out the already weary public. 1,162 more words


Wrasslin' State of Mined: Table is Set For Clash of Champions, Miz Is (Actually) Awesome, More Despondent Cena (09.21.2016)

Reign Falling From The Sky

Man, this week felt a little lean didn’t it? Like, there were clearly things happening, but since a lot of the matches were set a week or more ago, there wasn’t much to do aside from cement them a bit more leading into  1,282 more words


Wrasslin' State of Mined: Cena Wants to be the Man, Rusev Ain't Done With Roman, and CM Punks "Fight"(9.13.2016)

Okay, They May Want Some

It finally happened. The day we all knew would come. John “Hustle, Loyalty, Schmersmect” Cena has returned to claim what’s “his”; the WWE World Championship. 1,383 more words


Wrasslin' State of Mined: WWE Backlash Recap (09.12.2016)

They, In Fact, Didn’t Want None

The first Smackdown Live PPV is in the books, and Backlash did not disappoint. Actually, that’s selling the show short. 1,044 more words


Wrasslin’ State of Mined: Kevin Owens and AJ Styles Just Want to be Taken Seriously (9.6.2016)

Finally, A Chance To Breathe

We have to admit, that the New Era of WWE, as it’s being called, has been just shy of stellar. Yes, there are the normal ebbs and flows of their live shows, but by and large, these last few weeks (post brand split) have exemplified many of the ways the WWE has been stuck in their own past while staring the future in the face. 1,532 more words


Wrasslin' State of Mined: KO Wins the Universal Title, Heath Shows Us His Family Life and Del Rio (Possibly) Leaves WWE

Here We Are, Born To Be Kings

The course correction that feels like it should have been this way all along. By the end of a damn good, four-way elimination match, we had a returning player, a potential double turn between Rollins and Reigns and a new Universal Champion in Kevin Owens. 1,130 more words


Wrasslin' State of Mined: Highest Highs, Lowest Lows, and All The Swerves You Can Handle After SummerSlam (08.24.16)

I Need A Cigarette

I learned a lot about myself over the past four days. Namely, that while nursing an ankle injury, I can watch an ungodly amount of wrasslin’ (with UFC 202 mixed in). 1,407 more words