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The Most Interesting Wrestling Promo In Years Happened Last Night

(Source: tmi.kotaku.com)

Pro wrestling is an act, as many a helpful Internet commenter will point out below any article about this stuff. It’s staged. It’s scripted. 2,437 more words



Polar bears from all over western Manitoba bide their time in October and November on the western shore of Hudson Bay, just waiting for the bay to freeze over, at which time they disappear out onto the pack ice to feed on seals. 22 more words


Fighting the "easy way"

Sugar is a drug, and so is caffeine. I am well acquainted with both of these, and struggle to live without them for just a day. 508 more words


There was no penalty for me..

I have been reading the story of Jacob and how he wrestled with God.  Got me to thinking about my past wrestles with God and how sometimes we need to have these “encounters” with God to grow stronger as well as to understand more fully his will for our lives. 466 more words

Letters of life

Life is like a game of Scrabble, or the faster version – Bananagrams. We are given people and tasks and jobs to fit into our lives each day like letters to a board. 258 more words



I have. I really have. Been there. And done it. I have looked in the face of joy. I have looked in the face of misery. 168 more words