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The Marginal Squeeze

Feeling a bit like a nearly spent toothpaste tube at the moment. Yesterday, after a tremendous amount of unwieldy wrestling, I was able to squeeze out 250 words from the old head. 151 more words


Delta Farce

I am watching Delta Farce, not force. These three idiots are in the army on the weekends but they get shipped to Iraq. They fall out of the plane, with parachutes. 463 more words

The One About The Wrestle

And so it begins. The wrestle. Every work day I wake up, open my eyes, stare at the clock on the microwave. 5am. Do I ride today? 402 more words


Breaking Your Fist on God's Face

Our will was designed to be hard to break.  It was designed to stare failure right in the face and declare a victory.  It was designed to persist and insist until reality shaped around it like a mold.   657 more words

Spiritual Growth

How to Wrestle an Alligator

I said I would post things like this, so here you go, but read the warning and don’t be “that guy”, you know the one who has to prove he has balls cause he’s not really sure. 1,537 more words


this day when we wait

It still feels more like a time between tragedy and beauty.  It’s a stretch to hold them together in my mind, which likely means it’s something for me to ponder (and wrestle with) more. 15 more words


First Wrestlemania experience

Okay I’ll be honest… I wasn’t expecting much at all from this! I used to love wrestling as a kid (what kid doesn’t?) but I haven’t been the slightest bit interested for many many years. 321 more words