The Moments That Made Wrestlemania 33 Matter

Say what you will about Wrestlemania 33 but whether you loved it or you hated it, it definitely had its moments. 1,124 more words


Brandi Rhodes - New Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion

It’s almost been a year since Brandi Rhodes or Eden Stiles shared these tweets announcing her release from WWE.

(1/2) What I've been teasing for weeks: I've been offered a new opportunity outside of WWE!!

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WWE Women's Tournament Rumored Participant: Kavita Dalal

During the recently concluded Wrestlemania Week in Florida, WWE announced that 32 of the top female competitors from around the world will participate in a tournament this summer which will be exclusively aired on the WWE Network.  274 more words

Professional Strongman Michael Gill Felt It Was Necessary To Explain Why Braun Strowman Couldn't REALLY Flip A 14,000 Pound Ambulance

With experience flipping cars, Gill made comments on the WWE’s video saying, “There is no way a human could flip an ambulance. The amount of force necessary could be calculated by a physicist, but it would be crazy.”

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Glenn Jacobs (Bah Gawd It's Kane) Is Officially Running For Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Glenn Jacobs (Kane in the WWE) possibly running for Mayor of Knox County, TN. Well, he’s no longer ‘possibly’ running for Mayor, he’s full on ‘light people on fire & bury them alive’ running for Mayor. 110 more words


Finn Balor Suffered A Concussion After Jinder Mahal Decided To Forearm Him In The Head As Hard As Possible #RAW

Fast forward to 1:09 in the above video if you want to see Jinder Mahal, who is 6 inches taller and outweighs Finn Balor by 55 pounds, forearm Finn in the face as hard as he possibly can. 87 more words


Who Went Where? WWE Superstar Shake-Up Aftermath

This week the ominous WWE Superstar Shake-up has taken effect over the rosters of Raw and Smackdown Live. This follows after just one week after its announcement by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon on the Raw after Wrestlemania 33. 437 more words