Classic Wrestling Listings.

A little while ago I came into possession of many old newspapers.  One of the more interesting things were the old television listings.  Including this classic wrestling programming. 46 more words


U.S. women's wrestlers discuss Zika at Olympic test event in Rio (video)

U.S. Olympic hopefuls are competing in Rio de Janeiro while the Zika virus is being closely monitored, six months ahead of the first Olympics in South America. 158 more words


The Giant and The Goat

A warning: This is another one of my pro wrestling posts. It’s not about wrestling per se, but rather the brilliant performers that sacrifice their health to entertain us. 664 more words


Like Father Like Son: The First Mongolian Medalist Sires the Most Successful Sumo Wrestler

For the first time, Mongolia joined the Olympic community as it paraded through the National Stadium during the Opening Ceremonies of the 1964 Tokyo Games. Joining 19 other nations like Niger, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Nepal, Mali and Cambodia, Mongolia sent 21 athletes to the Summer Games. 326 more words

Tokyo 1964

Daniel Bryan Retires - A Movement Wasted

When Daniel Bryan announced his retirement on Monday 8th February 2016, there was for want of a better term a great disturbance in the force. People from all circles of wrestling came out to say how sorry they were that this small unassuming pro wrestler had been forced to retire at the age of 34. 1,031 more words


Who Keeps Your Flame: Some Thoughts on the Retirement of Daniel Bryan

Sorry I didn’t get a post out last week. I have a good excuse though: I got laid off, so I ran away to Nashville for a couple of days. 794 more words