TEW 16 Running Diary: Intro

Years ago, I booked TNA on a wrestling forum, appropriately titled Wrestling Forum. I had a lot of fun writing the promos and matches and coming up with my own storylines, but then college and real life got in the way. 576 more words


The Miz Cut One Of The Best Promo's Of His Career Last Night On Talking Smack

After last night’s Smackdown broadcast, Daniel Bryan joined Renee Young for ‘Talking Smack’ like he always does. During the final segment, the Miz interrupted Young and Bryan and asked why he and his IC title haven’t been featured more on Smackdown. 207 more words

Finn Balor Relinquishes WWE Universal Championship Title Just Hours After He Won It

In an emotional segment on Raw this Monday, Finn Balor announces that he has to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship due to an extensive shoulder injury. 164 more words

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Summerslam 2016 -Lesnar Blurs The Lines As WWE Doubles Down On The New Era

Last night’s Summerslam was a lengthy, stamina-sapping affair and that was just for the audience. Coming in at over four hours long there was plenty for the crowd to mull over. 564 more words


WWE Summerslam: Did John Cena Just Say Goodbye?

Following an incredible match with AJ Styles at Summerslam 2016, which ended with a loss for John Cena, the 15-time World Champion made a sentimental gesture that made us ask: Was Cena saying goodbye? 392 more words

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Summer Slam 2016: First-Ever WWE Universal Champion Crowned

In a red-hot match at the recently concluded Summerslam 2016, Finn Balor defeats Seth Rollins to become the first-ever WWE Universal Champion in History.

The title was created following to the company’s brand split and draft taking the WWE Heavyweight Championship to Smackdown Live thus creating a need for a Championship for its other brand RAW. 102 more words

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WATCH: Mongolian coaches protest wrestler's loss in bronze medal match

Moments away from his first Olympic medal, Mongolia’s Ganzorig Mandakhnaran missed out on the podium in one of the worst ways imaginable.

With a 7-6 lead over Ikhtiyor Navruzov of Uzbekistan in the final seconds of the 65 kg freestyle wrestling bronze medal match, Mandakhnaran began celebrating his apparent victory. 140 more words

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