Walk Like A Panther - Movie Review

Who remembers World Of Sport? Saturday afternoons, ITV, British Wrestling at it’s finest. Who remembers the big characters? Who remembers the bad guys?

Yeah…me neither! 395 more words


Pride wrestling prepares for major postseason tournaments

Jack Margaros
Staff Writer

Wrestling season at Springfield College is slowly coming to a close, with the Pride set to participate in three major tournaments over the next couple of weeks. 392 more words


WWE Drama: Announcer Booker T and Corey Graves Have Heat

Rarely is this true, but it wasn’t fun to write this story.

Usually when an opportunity to write about professional wrestling is presented, it’s something to get excited about for me, but addressing this backstage heat between… 880 more words


Ronda Rousey is with WWE for the Next Few Years

After several months of speculation – the former MMA champion and the WWE revealed today what we have been suspecting all long. 238 more words


It's Confirmed - Roman Reigns is a Father to Twins

A lot of WWE fans were intrigued when a photo of Roman Reigns carrying twins appeared in several wrestling groups on Facebook last week. Roman is a proud family man which is evident in the fact his wife Galina Becker and daughter Jojo were part of several WWE promotional videos and WWE Network exclusives in the past. 122 more words


Wrestler injured in East Campus sledding accident

Shawn McFarland

Springfield College freshman Griffin Reid suffered a serious head injury while sledding at East Campus on Jan. 4.

Reid, a wrestler, was participating in a scheduled, common team-building activity at East Campus in the late afternoon. 465 more words


History Article Ideas

I noticed that it’s been a very long time since I wrote an article about New York history. I need to rectify that.

I have a few ideas: 34 more words