Save the Tables!

The New Day is currently one of my favorite heel acts in professional wrestling. In a feud with the Dudley Boyz, who are known for breaking their opponents through tables, the New Day has launched a movement to save these honorable objects. 8 more words


Austin Creed is in Limbo

On the latest episode of “UpUpDownDown,” Austin Creed plays the indie title “Limbo.” Watch as Creed traverses the landscape and faces a big bad spider.


King of Trios kicks off this Friday night.

King of Trios 2015 is this weekend!

Hey CHIKARMY, Leonard F. Chikarason here. The biggest tournament in all of pro-wrestling starts this Friday night! Night 1 is loaded up with an eclectic batch of matches you couldn’t possibly see anywhere else….like: … 263 more words


Austin Creed interviews superstars for WWE 2K16

For those who missed the lack of WWE personalities on “UpUpDownDown,” Gamer Gauntlet, Austin Creed interviews a variety of superstars for the upcoming “WWE 2K16” video games. 62 more words


Gamer Gauntlet with Giant Bomb

There are no WWE superstars in this edition of Gamer Gauntlet but Austin Creed has brought his friends from Giant Bomb to play “Duck Game.” The loser has to drink what can be described as a mix of some of the best and worst stuff on Earth.


Austin Creed and Kalisto on Black Ops 3

On this episode of “UpUpDownDown,” WWE’s Austin Creed and Kalisto play a beta version of Black Ops 3. Fans get to learn about Kalisto’s history in gaming, specifically his favorite Sega Genesis game.


[Off-Topic] I'm a Hugger!

I do have more interests than just gaming.  While I hardly have time to indulge in some of them anymore, I do still try and keep up with other things here and there.  1,173 more words