Chikara Returns to Virginia in just 6 days.

CHIKARA returns to Virginia!

Virginia is for Luchadores this Sunday Afternoon!

This Sunday Afternoon, March 8th, we make our triumphant return to Virginia! This season, we’re visiting Norfolk for the very first time, as we present… 381 more words


King of Trios 2015 details and the first trio announced!

CHIKARA’s King of Trios Returns!

King of Trios will cast a spell this September!

The magic of King of Trios will return the weekend of… 210 more words


Shawn Michaels on the Jam Hype

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels appears on the Jam Hype Live.

It’s a pretty good interview. If you have 25 minutes, I suggest you give it a listen.


Brief: Alman on winter sports

Spring sports is only a couple of days away but I can’t help but miss winter sports.

Both teams did pretty well this year. Boy’s swimming had a few kids compete in state, including Trevor Babcock who finished seventh in one of his events. 96 more words


[Wrestling] Match of the Day: Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre The Giant (Saturday Night Main Event)

When it comes to those that love pro wrestling, their education is never finished. You can live your whole life as fan of wrestling and still never see everything that their is to see, so much rich history that you weren’t around for or went right under your nose. 227 more words


Farewell Orlando - you've been kind to us

So we leave O town today and set off on our next adventure – when we take on the Southern states in a 19-foot-long Recreational Vehicle! 172 more words


Updated news on CHIKARA's North Carolina card!

See CHIKARA in North Carolina!

Gibsonville, NC Card Takes Shape!

CHIKARA goes Out On A Limb when we visit Gibsonville, NC and The New Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium on March 8th! 344 more words