WWE Manila 2016 details leaked

Details regarding a WWE live event in Manila in 2016 leaked on the SM Tickets website presumably before its intended official announcement. 106 more words

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[Wrestling] Raw Review 23/04/2016

Almost a month since I’ve managed to review Raw, please accept my apology readers! I have been under the weather, but I am back with this weeks Raw review. 1,877 more words


Extreme Rules 2016 Rollins Returns, Reigns Retains And The Future

Extreme Rules 2016 put on a decent, if tonally confused show. How can you have a decent event with this theme in the PG era? Ambrose and Jericho tried but this event needs to be shelved in general. 381 more words


[Wrestling] Extreme Rules Review 22/05/16

Feels crazy that we have arrived at another pay per view as Payback feels like it was last week! But here we are with Extreme Rules, the night where the whole PG thing is meant to go out of the window. 1,847 more words


J is for Jillian. Way too many picture of Jillian Hall.

Remember her?  WWE Diva that debuted with the big thing on her face?  Then the Boogie Man ate it?  Then she had the terrible singing gimmick but her song actually charted?   56 more words


N is for Nidia.

No lie, Nidia was my favorite WWE Diva for years.  No idea why.  Curly hair, larger nose than usual, but there was something about her that I loved.   38 more words


W is for WWE: The Women of The Marine.

To see Emma’s pictures from The Marine click this link:

To see Summer Rae’s pictures from The Marine click this link:

To see Renee Young’s pictures from The Marine click this link: