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Women's wrestling makes history once again

Tonight marked the first ever WWE Women’s Elimination Chamber match. I’ve been dreaming of this since I was 8 years old, so for 10 years now. 88 more words


Pro Wrestling is My Best Friend (Example 1)

I moved to Lynchburg from New York this Spring for financial reasons. I moved in with my cousin. A week into the move, I realized that it was not going to work out. 81 more words

Being a female sports fan.

I love being a sports fan. I’ve been connected to sports since I was 8 mainly pro wrestling and most recently NFL, MLB & NBA. 467 more words


Love at 4th sight...

Tonight I went to my 4th WWE event. My 2nd Monday Night Raw. The first time I went to RAW was 2 years ago. Tonight was more special because I got to finally see my favourite wrestler, Seth Rollins live after waiting 5 years. 255 more words


How to Fix 50/50 booking...if they insist

50/50 booking is going to be a constant theme of this blog because it may be the biggest problem that WWE has in terms of getting people over. 520 more words

Merchandise and the Calculated Risk

Is merchandise the best way to tell who is a draw in wrestling now? One thing that I will say is that I do believe it gets underrated by people who think Wrestler X should turn heel just because they are stale in those people’s opinions or  because “Wrestler X would make a great heel.” 705 more words