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My Own PWP

There is a feature on the “Wrestling with Words” website titled “Pro Wrestling Punditry” where a wrestling fan of some regard and esteem is asked 10 questions about his (or her) wrestling fandom. 2,594 more words

Mustafa Samiullah

Fundamental Belief #2

Fundamental Belief#2: Whatever Works

I am a big believer in if something is effective in terms of getting crowd reaction, drawing ratings or drawing money-then it’s good. 695 more words

Mustafa Samiullah

New MOC Gear Out Now - Wrestling Fan

Are you a wrestling fan and sick and tired of hearing others opinion on that matter?

Well let you clothes do the talking for you with MOC’s newest shirt: 40 more words

MindOfCarnage Editorials

Fundamental Beliefs About Wrestling-Separating People From Their Money

When Daniel Bryan retired, he said that he was worried about wanting to do so much that he ends up doing nothing. That is how I feel about this blog. 814 more words

Mustafa Samiullah

Business or Pleasure

I wanted to discuss my approach to analyzing wrestling in terms of whether I approach something like this blog in terms of my personal enjoyment or in terms of what is best for a company’s business. 396 more words

Mustafa Samiullah