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Working Backwards

This next fundamental belief is something that is more for analysts than it is for promoters because the latter should know what they are doing, but they should still adjust to this belief. 434 more words

Mustafa Samiullah

My Own PWP

There is a feature on the “Wrestling with Words” website titled “Pro Wrestling Punditry” where a wrestling fan of some regard and esteem is asked 10 questions about his (or her) wrestling fandom. 2,594 more words

Mustafa Samiullah

Fundamental Belief #2

Fundamental Belief#2: Whatever Works

I am a big believer in if something is effective in terms of getting crowd reaction, drawing ratings or drawing money-then it’s good. 695 more words

Mustafa Samiullah

New MOC Gear Out Now - Wrestling Fan

Are you a wrestling fan and sick and tired of hearing others opinion on that matter?

Well let you clothes do the talking for you with MOC’s newest shirt: 40 more words

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Fundamental Beliefs About Wrestling-Separating People From Their Money

When Daniel Bryan retired, he said that he was worried about wanting to do so much that he ends up doing nothing. That is how I feel about this blog. 814 more words

Mustafa Samiullah

Business or Pleasure

I wanted to discuss my approach to analyzing wrestling in terms of whether I approach something like this blog in terms of my personal enjoyment or in terms of what is best for a company’s business. 396 more words

Mustafa Samiullah