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The Enlightenments Effect of Religion - Good or Bad?

They agreed that anyone who refused to seek the  Lord, the God of Israel, would be put to death—whether young or old male or female — 2 Chron 15:13…

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Wrestling With Worldviews

Become a Muslim Like Jeff?

Jeffrey Lang grew up in an abusive home, his nominal Catholic faith provided him no solace for the suffering he endured. By his mid teen age years he had become a convinced atheist. 854 more words


Why Religion Cannot Save You.

I believe that the beautiful gems in this world have known suffering and loss, and have found their way from the depths. In our moments of brokenness, we wrestle with everything we’ve ever known, and only then can we find a peace that surpasses all understanding. 1,217 more words

Who's steps to follow?

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In light of Jacob’s heritage starting with Abram ’til he received the name Israel. (Genesis 11-32)

I hope none of us today would follow the example of a man living in the flesh who was misleading, deceitful, selfish, showing favoritism, and a thief. 502 more words


Funkytown, USA



Definition of FUNK

1a :  a state of paralyzing fear
b :  a depressed state of mind

2:  one that funks… 1,056 more words


Christ or Truth?

For it seemed to me certain, and I still think so today, that one can never wrestle enough with God if one does so out of pure regard for the truth. 41 more words


How Goes the Struggle?

I have to confess that I’ve been putting this post off for a while. While I could easily claim a full calendar and many things that seek to claim my time, this particular post has been on my heart for quite some time. 756 more words