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My Resignation

I have been pretty silent here, and after dealing with some hard things and good times of self-examination I read the following letter to Clackamas Park this last Sunday. 303 more words

Faith Community

The Bind of Blame - The Release of Repentance

Is it just me, or does it seem we have become an even greater culture of blame? A local football coach goes off on a verbal rampage and says his outbreak was not his fault. 761 more words

A 'Worth-It' Journey

There are a lot of journeys in life that are worthwhile and valuable; eating healthy, exercising, developing good character, building relationships, learning, trying new things, exploring and more. 766 more words

Why Me? Why Now?

I’m sitting in my classroom for what might be the last time for awhile.

Whatever is attacking my muscles is not only physically painful, but mentally as well. 425 more words


The Hidden Tragedy of Forgetfulness Yet The Great Joy of Memory

Yes, true, it is a major pain to forget things; where you last placed your keys, your PIN number or password, how to get to that great restaurant, an anniversary, a birthday, a project at work, your day to bring the snacks, your homework, meds, to call your mom, to take out the trash, to set your alarm. 619 more words

In The Blue Corner, Jacob, Son Of Isaac

I’ve never really understood the wrestling match Jacob had with God on his way back to his homeland. He’d sent word to his twin brother, Esau, who he’d run from, that he was returning. 1,165 more words


The Hidden Greatness of Gratitude

I was out the other day running errands and enjoying the fun of people watching and noticed an interesting scene. It went something like this. A young cheerful mom was handing her son an ice cream cone, “Here you go Sweetie. 767 more words