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The Hidden Greatness of Gratitude

I was out the other day running errands and enjoying the fun of people watching and noticed an interesting scene. It went something like this. A young cheerful mom was handing her son an ice cream cone, “Here you go Sweetie. 767 more words

Wrestling With God

I pulled out my laptop ready to type something inspirational about something amazing that God had done for me. But before my fingers hit the keys, a memory stopped me. 1,548 more words

My Journey

The Power of Pause

A pause is a rest from a work, a break from an activity, a hiatus from a routine, a recess from labor, a breather from exercise, a gap from a constant flow. 832 more words

believing God

I think I’m stuck being permanently behind.

This post is the assignment for Day 9. Days 10-12 are sitting in my inbox, and Day 13 (is there a 13?) will probably be coming soon. 460 more words

Blogging 101

A Simple Guide to Picking Your Passion

This is a pretty good guide to give someone a framework for discovering your passion.  Most people have at least an idea of what their passion is, what it is that drives them, the question is:  Does my passion line up with GOD’s will and how do I use it to honor GOD?   1,268 more words


The Value of Being Honest with God

I was talking with an older couple that had been happily married for many years, asking them their secret to long and fulfilling marriage and they shared with me this story. 782 more words

Can we change God's mind with prayer?

Last post of the night, I promise.  This goes with my topic on prayer tonight from my previous post, and in a way segues into my next conversation with Peter.   739 more words