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The love Poem: Stoppard

“They loved, and quarreled, and made up, and loved, and fought, and were true to each other and untrue. She made him the happiest man in the whole world and the most wretched, and after a few years she died, and then, when he was thirty, he died, too. 16 more words


How To Respond To An Increasingly Anti-Christian Culture

Check out this clip of Todd Friel interviewing James White, in particular the answer James gives as to how Christians can and should respond to an increasingly anti-Christian culture (at 4:25). 18 more words

The Tussle

I saw an old wretched woman
Wobbling along the rocky path.
In her wrinkled hand
A sacred abacus circled through
Bid by bid it waited not, 104 more words


That's how I've become

One calculated head count in man made systems agenda…
That how I’ve become
Tears in my eyes
Shackles on my soul
Scars on my heart… 69 more words


Oh Wretched Man!

(This is my second composition, am learning to compose songs)

1. Wretched man that I am! To thee only I come
I want to do good but to evil I succumb… 104 more words


 A Tight Package

I’ve always been so tightly bound

Encased before I was aware

Never knowing why I admired

Women’s underwear

It wasn’t clear that I was obsessed… 138 more words

A form of sound words must be one that exalts God and puts down man

This morning I shall first attempt to tell you what I conceive to be a “form of sound words,” which we are to hold fast. In the second place, I shall endeavor to urge upon you the strong necessity of holding fast that form. 432 more words