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Mario Bros vs Wright Bros


Wright Bros – Rhett and Link
Mario Bros – Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD

We’re the Wright Brothers and there can be no other
We don’t wanna cause trouble, are you looking for your lover? 288 more words

Epic Rap Battles Of History


On April 3, 1912 , Cal Rogers was flying his aeroplane over Long Beach , CA . Crowds on the beach were watching . Cal flew right into a flock of birds and , as a result , crashed into the ocean and died . 818 more words


Notes on an Anniversary

This weekend marked one year since M and I made our relationship official, and so of course we had made big plans to celebrate. I wasn’t planning on really documenting the occasion on this blog because I didn’t want my camera to be the third wheel & I’m not one for public gushiness, but we had such a good time I couldn’t resist a quick post. 498 more words

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WHO WAS the first person to fly? Do balloonists count? What about piloting a glider? Was it Icarus? Orville or Wilber Wright? And what about New Zealander Richard Pearse? 583 more words

Vintage Aero

BioMimicry, Red Kites & 101 Club


BioMimicry is the study by biologists, scientists and engineers of the mechanisms and strategies of the living world, with the aim to apply them to human machines. 414 more words

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A SHOW of hands, please, of all who have ever wanted to learn how to fly.

I thought so. And, like me, maybe, what with one thing and another, you’ve never satisfied this urge—except, again like me, with the virtual version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. 515 more words

Vintage Aero