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Invention that made our lives Esay

Here are some simple everyday items that inventors made even better after decades. We collected and make a list that they really change our lives. 263 more words


First Manned Balloon Flight - Forgotten Breakthrough

A man dreamed about flying probably since the very first time he turned his eyes up to the sky. We can imagine prehistoric people watching majestic birds who were the only beings able to share the sky with gods. 659 more words

Science...you benefit with the first?

Being a science student, I have developed the concept to accept a theory only if it can be experimentally replicated. Theories if age old, then a plethora of research and documentation appears supplementing or dejecting the same over the scientific development years. 737 more words


Two Fine Books Telling the Story of the Earliest Days of Aviation

Birdman: The Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss and the Battle to Control the Skies

by Lawrence Goldstone

This fantastic best seller is one that will satisfy any serious fan of aviation history. 910 more words

Aviation History

Just 120 feet . . . and history was made

One hundred and twenty feet, that’s all. Insignificant? Hardly, yet it’s less than half the length of a Boeing 747-800.

It was however the distance of the first ever powered flight, in an aircraft designed, engineered, and built by… 743 more words

On My Mind . . .

One-Minute Book Reviews - vol. 13

I had been on a roll, posting one of these a month for eleven straight months, until this past November.  Dangit.  But that means I read about 60 books last year.   1,987 more words

Book Review

Advances in Technology:electric power, transportation, and communication

The 1800s  were primarily by water, steam and coal but as the 19th century progressed scientists and inventors began to develop new technologies and inventions that powered industries and completely changed the way ordinary people around the world worked and lived. 87 more words

Industrial Revolution