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Craig Wright promises “extraordinary proof” that he is Satoshi, coming soon

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On Monday, Craig Wright published “proof” that he is Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, but experts debunked the claim within hours.

That led to Wright publishing a… 435 more words


First Impression: Ace Attorney episode 1

Rookie defense attorney Phoenix Wright faces his first trial, in which he must defend his childhood friend, Larry Butz, who has been accused of the murder of Cindy Stone, his ex-girlfriend. 316 more words


Sports editor focuses on accuracy in fast-paced industry

Cody Nagel
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The Denver Post deputy sports editor, David Wright, credits hard work and hours of devotion to his success in the journalism industry. 497 more words


Bitcoin claim ripples through virtual currency world

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The world of virtual currencies was stunned on Monday when Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright claimed to be the creator of the Bitcoin. 599 more words

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Amid the character chatter, Murali pitches a co-op

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IN SPITE of a rally-less day in Bukit Batok SMC, campaigning between took a clear divide yesterday: while the PAP party leadership have engaged SDP’s Dr Chee Soon Juan… 422 more words

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Craig Wright loudly claims “I am Satoshi Nakamoto,” but few believe his “proof”

(Source: arstechnica.com)

An Australian man named Craig Wright told the world today he is ”Satoshi Nakamoto,” the man who created Bitcoin. Yet despite Wright’s stunning declaration and the fact it’s backed by some of the most famous names in Bitcoin, others continue to cry foul. 739 more words