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Frank Lloyd Wright

El gran arquitecto americano del siglo XX, esperamos que os guste. Aunó la idea de vivienda tradicional americana con el advenimiento de la modernidad, y fue el primero en otorgar legitimidad ¡a una fábrica! Casi nada.

Can I mention any popular name in my film script?

Hello Mr. Wright I hope you enjoy your holiday. Actually i wanted to know, can I mention some popular name in my stories? Like public figures, singers,


Merged faces, Architect Frank Lloyd Wright to the left, and Pablo Picasso to the right. sketch of final piece

Year 13

SCJ Research Tower: Imitation is Flattery

(c) Mark Hertzberg If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery (Charles Caleb Colton, 1820), then Frank Lloyd Wright’s SC Johnson Research Tower has many admirers. 609 more words

Roshane Wright, Former Elmont Student, Excels at York College

Source: Long Island Herald

An Elmont High School graduate and Valley Stream native has plenty of new hardware for his trophy case after an outstanding start to the indoor track season at Jamaica’s York College. 657 more words

Just Overhanging

Cantilevers are one of my favorite design elements. For those of you who are not familiar, cantilevers are beams that are only only supported on one end. 66 more words

Recruiting children or putting pressure on their relatives?

Children in Bradfield were subjected to a lecture from those encouraging their older brothers and fathers to join up.

February 15th 1915

Messrs E J Forster and F Wright, a deputation from the South Berks Recruiting Association were allowed to address the children on the War, for a short time before noon today. 10 more words

Joining Up