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"UMVC3 Fchamp vs IHeartJustice"

For those of you who say I never seen a good Captain America well here’s a good one. This team is amazing!


David Wright: For the love of the game

David Wright has been a New York Met since 2001 when he was drafted in the 1st round as the 38th pick. Every Mets fan looked forward to his Major League Debut. 637 more words

Teaching Morality in History

Morality’s role in the work of a historian is a long-debated and messy topic. Scholars have cautioned against the practice of making “moral judgements” in both history writing and teaching. 1,036 more words


John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Table of Contents

History                                                                       Pages 2-4
Family News                                                              Pages 4-5
Research                                                                     Pages 5-6
List of Reporters                                                         Pages 6-7
Editor’s Comments                                                     Pages 7-8
Misc                                                                           Pages 8-9


John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


It is really a privilege to be able to write a few lines in the first edition of our family paper, and to greet all the descendants of Grandfather John Rowley and Grandmother Sarah Wright. 254 more words