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DC Inst - Wrist Pain

You have been evaluated in the Emergency Department today for wrist pain after a fall. Your evaluation, including physical exam and x-ray, has revealed that you have a fracture of your _______ // no evidence of any acute fractures or dislocations. 99 more words


Healing and House Repairs

Two weeks ago today I fell over one of our dogs and broke my right wrist and a finger.  Timing couldn’t have been worse as we are in the middle of repairing our house from a flood – small though it was – that is requiring new flooring, bathroom shower stall, and repairs to damaged walls.  264 more words



So, I’m probably considered a newbie to the tattoo world. Today, I got my second one. It’s a little cat on my wrist, and before the eye rolling starts, it does have a meaning to me. 258 more words



This is becoming crazy. To the extreme. It’s been over a month now that I’ve had to wear my oh-so-unfashionable splint day and night.

I’ve had it off for brief periods, but that is quickly, and obviously, the wrong decision. 108 more words


How to change your Apple Watch orientation

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

The default Apple Watch layout is the Digital Crown on the top right, and this is how many users wear their Apple Watch if they wear it on your left wrist. 374 more words


A Message from the "Officially" Fallen

It’s official:  two fractures, neither of which is especially serious.  More uncomfortable than anything, and inconvenient.  I have a splint for the middle finger, where I have a chip fracture on the joint above the knuckle.  69 more words


The Fallen

Take a dog. Take a turn.  Trip over dog.  Fall forward.  Fall onto your back after hitting the sewing table with your right hand.

Probable broken middle finger on right hand and a broken right wrist, per the local urgent care, but best go see a hand specialist Monday or so, to confirm or deny. 6 more words