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The hipsters will be jumping all over this one

I’m pretty sure this is a joke but I could totally see every hipster racing to buy one.



Remember I posted about that disgusting bump I had? Well, I was able to get it removed and luckily there was fluid so I didn’t need outpatient surgery. 87 more words


Physical Therapy

LET THE RECORD SHOW: When I am wrong, I will admit it.


Almost 11 Weeks Clean!

I accidentally stabbed myself with my fingernail today on my wrist. Though the pain is minimal, it reminds me of the pain I used to feel after cutting. 94 more words


National Craft Month Book Giveaway!

In honor of National Craft Month, I am giving away two autographed copies of my book, RX for Quilters: Stitcher Friendly Advice for EVERY BODY. I’ll inscribe the books any way the winners want. 345 more words


Hand Wrist Pain

Hand Wrist Pain When osteopathy was developed by Dr. Still in the mid-1800s, traditional allopathic medicine was still in its infancy. There were very few drugs available and relationship with disease germs still not established. 721 more words


Seiko Ladies Gold Tone Watch, Shell Face

Isn’t this a great piece of vintage jewelry?