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My new year’s resolutions for the up coming year of 2017 are not that much since I plan on accomplishing them. These are the list of resolutions I plan on achieving in the year 2017. 782 more words


A Day Late and 1,668 Words Short

The novel I’m writing has been gestating in my mind for the last three years. It’s a middle grade-ish novel about a girl who pretends to be her own identical cousin in 1965 because she feels so invisible. 728 more words

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Can You Write a 50K Novel in One Month? We Think You Can!

On October 1st, the door was flung open and access was granted to official start the journey to writing a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. On that day, NaNoWriMo.com reset all of the information from last year’s writing adventures and began to prepare for the flood of creativity that 2016 will offer. 528 more words

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Selling Your Books via Social Media

On Saturday, September 24, our meeting topic will be “Selling Your Books via Social Media.” This is a broad, wide-ranging topic. So when an authority like Jane Friedman weighs in, it’s a good idea to pay attention. 297 more words

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Nice people write lousy fiction

I suppose that better fiction comes from people who are messier, who don’t mind wading into a scene where there’s conflict.

Because that’s what messes up my plotting. 377 more words

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