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Poetry Prompt #18

Are you feeling creative? Are the words already chasing each other around in your head? I hope so because I can’t wait to see what you come up with in response to this one. 80 more words

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Poetry Prompt #9

I’ve gone for something simple this week…it will be interesting to see what you make of these two circles. I’ve been receiving some wonderful submissions in response to the weekly poetry prompts. 62 more words

Poetry Prompt #7

Pens poised? On your marks…get set…write! See what you can come up with in response to this week’s word+picture. Don’t forget, if you’ve missed one of our Monday prompts, you can catch up at any time. 30 more words

Poetry Prompt #6

Does this start you thinking?

I hope so! I’ll be interested in seeing what you come up with. Thanks to everyone who has been enthusiastically taking part in our 2016 creative challenge.

54 more words
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Poetry Prompt #5

Oops! Monday’s Poetry Prompt went missing! Here it is, just a tad behind time. I hope you have as much fun playing with rhyming patterns as I do. 95 more words

Poems For Children

Words+Pictures #5

Are you up for a creative challenge? Can you create a poem for children inspired by this word+picture prompt? Email poems to me at traffa-m(at)bigpond.net.au and I’ll post a selection on the site.


Write A Poem

Inspiration Raven - art and words

Ravens crop up as symbolic creatures in almost all cultures.  He plays a starring role in many epic poems, mythologies and ancient stories.

A  trickster god who lives outside of time, he makes us think about the things we often forget. 272 more words