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Cover Reveal: HIDDEN SCARS

It’s heeeeere! The cover for Hidden Scars!

Sometimes the past won’t stay where it belongs.

Sara’s number one rule of dating: closed off, secretive men need not apply. 206 more words

Amanda K Byrne

On Avoiding Burnout

I had a moment last Friday where I just stared at the amount of work I had left to complete and wanted to crawl into the closet and wait for September to pass. 690 more words

Amanda K Byrne

First Monday: August 2015

Anyone else ready for summer to be over? No? Just me? Honestly, I’m not ready to let the warm weather go, but it’d be nice if we could have a rainy day or two. 838 more words

Amanda K Byrne

First Monday: July 2015

I spent my Fourth of July weekend baking my first gluten-free pie (it tasted like a pie should, thank god), watching True Lies for the first time, and generally laying low and out of the heat. 804 more words

Amanda K Byrne

Confessions of a Former Romance Snubber

Every so often, some author or journalist or academic will get it into her head that the world needs to be educated about romance and why it’s demeaning to women/not literature/insert other negative thing here. 942 more words

Amanda K Byrne

First Monday: June 2015

May was awful. I expected it to be, but sometimes even when you’re prepared, you’re not actually prepared. See, May is one of the worst months of the year at my day job (the other being November), and it’s not uncommon for stress levels to rise. 563 more words

Amanda K Byrne

Release Day: RUN

I know, another new story? Didn’t Fracture release only a month ago? Pfft. Whatever. New stories are awesome! Without further ado, here is my absolutely gorgeous cover for… 129 more words

Amanda K Byrne