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An "Ah-ha!" Moment...At the Worst Possible Time

Last week I told you a little about the difficulties I’ve been having with Broken Down. I wish I could tell you the block is gone, but it’s not. 1,068 more words

Amanda K Byrne

To Series or Not to Series?

I had possibly the worst case of writers’ block I’d ever experienced last week. I started the first draft of Broken Down, the book that’ll be released next spring. 1,183 more words

Amanda K Byrne

Equal Opportunity Objectification

One of my friends is really into Korean and Japanese culture. She likes to joke she’s going to marry an Asian pretty-boy and have a trophy husband. 1,134 more words

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Housekeeping bits 'n pieces

Just a couple quick things:

1) The first chapter of Fracture is up on Wattpad! Why did I post it after the piracy debacle… 215 more words

Amanda K Byrne

I am Radiodemon, or; Please Don't Steal My Stories

Every author feels the threat of piracy. It exists. We know it could happen, and at some point you have to make a choice about how to feel about it – do you spend every waking minute scouring the web for pirate sites to see if your books are there, or do you just say fuck it and if someone alerts you, great, otherwise, I got a life to live? 1,561 more words

Amanda K Byrne

The Indie Files, Part Eight: Sell Yourself

We’re almost to the end, my friend, the beautiful end…

‘Scuse me, I’m feeling a bit punchy. Literally. I spent most of the previous evening trying to get the formatting to work for… 1,752 more words

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A Huge THANK YOU and...a Sign Up!

Wow. Just…wow. Wow. The cover reveal for Fracture went off beautifully, and I actually netted pre-sales. People are buying the book before it’s out… 72 more words

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