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Release Day: RUN

I know, another new story? Didn’t Fracture release only a month ago? Pfft. Whatever. New stories are awesome! Without further ado, here is my absolutely gorgeous cover for… 129 more words

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I’ve already established I suck at marketing. To that end, every so often I go searching for new ways to not suck at marketing, or ways to make it easier on someone who has always despised pushy salespeople (if you’re wondering, I kinda sucked at retail sales, too, because my instinct is always to refuse whenever a sales person says, hey, if you do this, you get this, so I had a difficult time pushing whatever the product of the day/week/month was.) For all their complaining about how Big 5 is clueless about marketing, a lot of authors seem to be stuck on trying the same things, over and over again, and a fair number of those tricks focus on building upon an already decent sized readership. 839 more words

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How To Succeed In Publishing Without Really Trying

A couple of weeks ago, someone (not sure who) retweeted this blog post from author Delilah S. Dawson about self-promotion. I read it and, pinky swear, I wanted to break down and cry. 918 more words

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First Monday: May 2015

Ah, May…the most hated month of the year. For me, May means less writing time. The day job picks up (boo!) and the Seattle International Film Festival starts around the middle of the month (yay!). 704 more words

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FRACTURE release day!

IT’S FINALLY HERE! Fracture is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks!

Every nightmare has an end.

There’s no way Nora can ignore the beating. 319 more words

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The Indie Files, Part Nine: What Now?

Have I reached the end? Really? Wow. When I started this series over a year ago, I knew it would be multi-part and it would take a while. 905 more words

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First Monday, April 2015 edition

I’ve decided to change up the First Monday posts, partly because I felt bad giving readers a sneak peek at a story that may never be published (see… 824 more words

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