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Currently 1-19-16


Bioware games. It’s kind of ridiculous how far I’ve fallen unless you know me and my obsessive fangirl tendencies. A lot of my favorite nerds on Tumblr and Twitter shared their love over them, and like any good fandom crasher, I watched and delighted in the art and the inside jokes I didn’t get, and figured I never would. 485 more words

Write Hard

The Weekly Re-Motivator: Die Hard

So the prompt for the week is “movie titles”, and the movie that’s front-of-mind right now is Die Hard. (Actually, who am I kidding; the movie is  498 more words


New year, new places.

*dusts off blog*

I’ve been thinking about what to post. It’s been awhile, and that’s a good and terrible thing. Terrible, because I hate dusty corners, but great, because all my words are going other places. 341 more words

Write Hard

Third Draft Cometh

“We’re never done with the album. The album is done with us”-System of a Down

It could be complacency. It could be a lot of things, really. 572 more words