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Third Draft Cometh

“We’re never done with the album. The album is done with us”-System of a Down

It could be complacency. It could be a lot of things, really. 572 more words

Stubborn Love: How I Got My Agent

Something really cool happened.

Something I’ve been working toward for some time.

…Your girl got a literary agent. 750 more words

Write Hard

The Writer Who Waited

This is where I hand you a list of what I did with the year and my scribbled, hopeful notes about the next one.

But first I have to be honest about this one. 559 more words

Write Hard

Front Porch Stories: First Drafts, Old Tech and New Doctor(Who)

  1. This week will be the week that I FINISH MY CURRENT WIP’S FIRST DRAFT. Listen. That is cause for celebration. This year has been busy and noisy with doing all the preparing and work for the part that comes after the writing.
  2. 608 more words
Write Hard

Inspiration, Florida

Florida is a mad place. The tacky picture of it can grate like the ringing noise of a cheap carnival. People may live here, but they never seem to be actually… 656 more words

Shoebox Of Pictures

The Writing Process Blog Hop 2014

I was tagged to write about my writing process by the amazing Kristine Wyllys who is my Plus One in all things and has written the fierce NA book… 1,184 more words

Write Hard

kick the jukebox on: Katie Herzig

I actually didn’t hear this one while working on my book, but instead way after someone else read it. Jaye, my mentor and who I’ve now forced my friendship upon, sent it to me earlier this week and I fell into a forever sort of love with it. 65 more words

Write Hard