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Fellow Authors are Friends, Not Food/Enemies: A Healthy Perspective on Author Networking (Realm Makers blog)

(This week I’m featured on the Realm Makers blog! Check out the excerpt below!)

No man (or woman) is an island.

This is doubly true in the world of marketing. 221 more words

How to KNOW You're Writing What You SHOULD Be Writing

Writing and publishing is a tough game these days. The good thing is that there are a ton of resources out there in internet-land, all ready to give you advice, feedback, and instruction on The Right Way and The Wrong Way to do things. 920 more words

Revise It! Banish the Boring Parts of Your Story Using Genre Conventions

“Don’t be boring.” It’s one of the critical parts of writing a book. Authors want to create a story so irresistible that readers will stay up way past their bedtime reading or completely ignore a pivotal football game moment in the marching band section because they were caught in a pivotal story passage. 745 more words

Author Marketing: Your Worldview and Your Audience

Whether or not you openly subscribe to a particular belief system or philosophy, your worldview will seep into your story. Identifying that worldview in your stories helps you create deeper, more authentic themes (even in light fiction) as well as connect with a tribe that resonates with what you’re saying. 544 more words

5 Ways to Improve a Sentence - Fiction Edition

So you get your manuscript back from beta readers, and they pick out sentences that don’t sound right, but they aren’t sure why. Or you’re self-editing, and you want to tackle some of the sentence corrections yourself before sending your work out for a line edit. 456 more words

Revise It! Seven Checks to Make Sure Your Plot Works

Great plots aren’t borne of breathtakingly-perfect first drafts. Great plots are borne of polishing that first draft through revisions and editing. We’ve discussed beta reader feedback… 785 more words

Author Marketing: Yes, Your Passion Does Matter!

Are you writing from your passion? Or are you hoping that hitting trends and the latest marketing tactics will be enough? I did. I’m an infojunkie who likes to self-educate whenever possible. 890 more words