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How to write in the in-between

Weird, I know.

But how many times do we get bogged down in the muck of too many details? A small scene involving backstory or an effort to flesh out a character quickly turns to an info dump. 282 more words


The Busy Mom's Guide to Writing

From time to time, I like to share information about resources, services, products, and/or experiences I find valuable. My hope is others might benefit, and I think it’s important to recognize good work when we can. 842 more words

Everyday Life

Articles on Editing

Every time I go to edit a manuscript, there are certain articles I always bring up. One of them is this, from over at Write it Sideways: 52 more words


Introduction to my blog! :)

I decided to make an introduction video for my vlog. I have been hearing from a lot of writers that it’s a good thing to be on Youtube as well, so I am going to try my hand at Vlogging as well! 102 more words


Afraid of NaNo??

Are You Afraid?

Earlier today I had to answer the question “What do you fear most with NaNoWrimo…”. My answer about then was something like “I am afraid I will never finish my novel.” and “Oh, that people wouldn’t enjoy it.” Or even “That my characters won’t be interesting enough!” Do you ever have answers like this floating around in your mind? 344 more words


Writing 4,000 words today... Uffda... & you could still win the journal!!

Hello Everyone,
I have been really busy lately with writing full-time. It’s been crazy since I’ve been getting about 2,ooo to 3,000 some words written everyday. 391 more words

A Writer's Real World Issues

Working Past Wordiness For Fresher Writing | Write It Sideways

Wordiness is not only about word count. It’s saying more than what is necessary. Sarah Baughman offers tips to recognize the signs of wordiness and how to stop it before it starts.  37 more words