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Wages for masturbation? Burning questions of our movement

Owen Jones, ageless boy wonder of the British Left, has apparently upset some of his more matronly fans. Seems he wasn’t sufficiently scandalized by revelations that Labour MP Simon Danczuk from Rochdale beats off at work. 910 more words


Sydney: My Home and Away

Do you ever get that feeling when you feel that you’re supposed to be doing something else, than how your day normally goes? That unsettling feeling when you feel you’re not supposed to be where you are, and you’re missing half of your life because you’re not where you’re supposed to be. 627 more words


The Bible 

“The Bible is not a motivational book. It is the Word of The Living God.” #BlessingShares

So, this quote came to me sometime last week and I pretty much needed a deeper insight before putting it out there. 194 more words



Red is not just another colour but a conveyor of your emotions too.

Feelings of love, danger, anger, jealousy and pain are all portrayed through this one colour. 142 more words

Write Ups

No scabs

In the history of modern class struggle, those who cross picket lines to fill jobs temporarily vacated by workers on strike are known as “scabs.” Scabs are thus low-cost replacement workers, whose willingness to work for less allows employers to starve out the more organized regular workforce. 439 more words


ANY WAY IS A WAY.........Pt 1


The Quest for money, wealth and fame among youths today is alarming. Everyone wants to get rich overnight not minding the consequences that follow these actions. 326 more words


Rains and All That Jazz 2.0

No rains. It’s a humid April night and I need to write.

I have to admit, like most writers I fear a blank Microsoft Word page. 490 more words