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II. Love, Not.

But why can’t dating be valid?
It’s as much a term as a Kardashian or a Trump.
Dating should be re-introduced like a 2000 rupee note because it can be purple. 296 more words


Sherlock- A Review

OMG! OMG! OMG! Yes, that is my personal palette of adjective-like sounds I employ when I run out of superlatives. I don’t think that I have, so far, reviewed a show which, having released just 12 episodes, and a couple of specials, has become a global phenomenon for which people wait years for a new season which adds all of three installments to the series. 1,541 more words


Two Paths

Life is so simple, though complex.

Everything seems to be in shambles at so many instances of life that you just don’t know what is right or what is wrong anymore. 295 more words

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Grey's Anatomy- A Review

You know how they say life is a compilation of ups and downs, loads of happiness and sadness and then it all works out eventually? Well, Grey’s Anatomy makes you feel like you’re sitting on a ceaselessly running massage chair where ups last for all of 2 minutes and the downs stretch on for years, and that weird massage-y thing in the back keeps scrubbing into your back until you get all itchy. 851 more words


Plaything Brings Back Childhood Memories You Never Quite Forgot

We closed out last year mad excited about the future of African animation thanks to Plaything, an engaging and delightful animated short made with a lot of passion, love and childhood memories. 102 more words

Write Ups

We are all vessels

We are all created to fulfill purpose

For you have created all things and for your pleasure they are and were created Rev 4:11

The purpose of God is written down already, long before we all came along. 835 more words