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I am confused and I don't have a title for this one

I want to be free. I want to be in a place where noone knows me, from where I can write about whatever the fuck I want without people judging me.  184 more words



There has been lot of chaos that has been happening recently around the globe. I somehow feel that we are so much better than this, then why are we behaving in such a fashion. 166 more words

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A Literary Salute: Danny Myers

For the second installment of my literary salute series I chose to focus on  somebody I feel is incredibly under appreciated in battle rap.

Danny Myers. 864 more words

Confessions of a free bird

People pity the caged bird. People think that the caged bird has limited options to spend his days. People think that all of his days are the same. 660 more words

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Celebrating AFRICA with AfroBloggers

Out of the blue, my very annoying sweet sister, nutritionist and chef, therapist and friend; Amma (@MsAnarfi) nominated me to hop on the CELEBRATING AFRICA WITH AFROBLOGERS train, well well well, ain’t that deep? 1,005 more words

Monster’s Tale

In the middle of the street,
Standing under the light of the darkness,
Drenched in the rain,
The monster looks into the blackness.

With the dampness pricking into his eyes, 258 more words


The Good in Mystery

She has hidden behind the leaves of revived vows, emplace all of her bits. In a place she took risk of indulging herself anew. A place that swear to her— a sanctuary.

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