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Bounce Back (Rising After a Fall)

A popular saying goes “you’ve not failed until you’ve stopped trying”. This simply means if you have failed 1million times and you still keep on trying, you haven’t failed. 262 more words

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Instagram New Styles

This week the famous photo snapping app Instagram decided to change their old ways of only letting users upload square pictures (or at least upload a picture of any size but be forced to crop it). 70 more words


"Prepare for Lift Off" as Young NASA takes Flight - Memphis Battle Rapper

This interview was as real as it gets, this young man is a family man before anything and in spite of any obstacles, he rises to the top and comes back stronger than ever before. 1,048 more words

Battle Rap


When the things seem too far and blurry, something inspires. Preaching that not all times are the same. The sky that is clear, is clouded the next moment and soon a ray of light brightens up the sky amidst the clouds. 55 more words

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It is wonderous how things were,
When you think of it,
The olden times were really golden.
The ideas behind all forms of art,
Were pure, 82 more words



Lord, tell me what these hands signify.

When I wave them up side to side,

through the celestial bodies and unto the heavens

Tell me how much joy it brings to you, 153 more words

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I regret having a cappuccino frappe awhile ago which made me still awake up to this moment. I’m thinking of reading KAM, doing FS of my client, reconciliation of costs of my another client, but I’m too lazy to stand up and open my laptop. 834 more words

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