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Shakespearean Sonnet | "truly, madly, deeply"

truly, you are a sun
the light on my darkest days
someone who’d make me want to run
if love was a race

madly, i want to make you mine… 59 more words


The Deception

The Deception.

As far as I can remember,
I had come to life that very morning
A beautiful tiny girl put me in soil that September. 262 more words


Should I risk our friendship to love you?

Dear crush,
It’s been a while that i found myself lost into your dimples.

It’s been a while that i found college more interesting… And the classes, beautiful. 116 more words

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No.. I'm not in the age of commitment

Yeah i was as well.
Hearing something like this from your partner breaks you completely doesn’t it?

Relationship does not demand many things but breakups demand even less. 169 more words

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SO... Please behave the same way you're online..

It’s not just about supporting each other emotionally. Sometimes talking to you face to face makes me feel calm.

Sometimes, I don’t want you to text me asking if I’m alright. 179 more words

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On this day, I will only drop the quote here and allow it speak individually to each great mind reading.

This is it, people :) 58 more words


Yeah, I dated many people..

Did you judge anybody based on the numbers of relationships he/she has been in.
I know you might have. Right?

It’s always better to know about a person before judging what were the reasons for a particular action that was taken. 184 more words

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