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You look at the horizon and you could…..hear the drums roar….. feel the rattling of ceremonial saviors….and witness the best of the world’s navies preparing to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Indian Navy in a demonstration of camaraderie and solidarity. 379 more words


'Kai Po Chhe' campaign brings together lakhs of people!

Ahmedabad, 11th Jan 2016

This year’s ‘Kai Po Chhe’ campaign brought together lakhs of people to sing & rejoice the inspirer – ‘Kite’ with Uttarayan Festivity Kai Po Chhe 2016 Song… 296 more words


It’s very hard to let go of things and people. I guess its human nature.

It’s hard to see your people not taking stand for themselves and for their people but let go. 108 more words

Write Ups

New Orion OB1 Subsectors, and Write-Ups

Subsectors E, F, G and H of Mintaka Sector have now been added to the Sector Data section. Also, what had not yet been mentioned in a post is that this site now has a Write-Ups section too, which currently includes three articles (two on sophonts and one on polities). 35 more words

Orion OB1 Association

Life Needs It

I once hope in my life to be a very good man when I grow up. Maybe I will call that “my childhood wish”.

Now the way things are happening to me, the way my life is receiving suffering, the way people lack the ability to show me mercy; I hope to be a very good tyrant man starting even from now. 185 more words


Good nor Bad

Did you know that if you are not righteous, they will say you are not going into the kingdom of God? And that if you are too righteous, you are at risk of dying young? 200 more words


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माननीय रेलमंत्री जी, एम डी इफ़को श्री उदयशंकर अवस्थी और माननीय सदस्य चयन समिति प्रसिद्ध मुरली बाबू और वरिष्ठ कवि अजित कुमार जी, संयोजक दिनेश शुक्ला जी, श्री राकेश कपूर, डा.