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Trotro Diaries #3

I happened to get to the station late so ended up missing out on sitting at the front seat as I always do. Fortunately and unfortunately for me, I ended up cramped in the middle of two guys: one with a smelly and sweaty fragrance (if that’s even possible) and the other with a sweaty and kind of nice fragrance. 856 more words

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The Samjhauta Express.

Born in a congested room of Aruna Asif Ali Hospital, Delhi was my home since birth. I loved this city and it loved me back. 2,108 more words

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I’ve seen the days
And I’ve seen the dark days
And I’ve been brittle since
Since I’ve been absconding
From the light
That shines a lifeline…

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The Scars Faded In Dark

It was threaded to be this way,

A story that sang of their sins,

A lore that brought light to the scars,

A truth, trembling under the umbrella of her stars. 136 more words

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We’re all fuckin scared
You know what? You need to crawl out from behind your faggotty little rainbow
And chase the ghost in that wildfire…

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It is widely known that the auspicious date of August Fifteen embarks the creation of the world’s largest democracy and fetches back the memories of India’s freedom struggle. 364 more words