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Overwatch Review

Overwatch is the latest release from Blizzard Entertainment which adds a new flavor to the emerging “hero-shooter genre”. Actually, this game offers 21 flavors with each “hero” providing unique gameplay for the player driving them and an evolving challenge for the opponent. 622 more words

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I AM LIGHT! [Part 5]

It is the last Thursday in the month of May; how time flies…
Time really does wait for no man. Why wait till tomorrow, when you can get it done right away? 248 more words


Scratch by Tobi Toun

How can a bird fly in a cage?
How can we expect to go places when we keep ourselves in one place?
How can we want to succeed in life when we’re afraid to try… 130 more words

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Touching lives

I recently received a package from someone who I interviewed earlier this year. She gave me the right gift at the right time. I have been getting sick on and off lately. 197 more words


If You Just Let Me Walk Away

You never said that you love me, you never admitted anything, you didn’t label ‘us’ but how can I be this sure that you did? Why do I think that you were just scared to admit it but you do? 732 more words

God, the magic word!

For so long, many eminent personalities have been trying and still are, to tie the knot, to bring science and God under one roof. Now we see many fb posts with logical reasons and  scientific explanations for many of our archived religious practices. 678 more words


Letter to ma

Dear Ma,
I really hope you’re more than just fine. I was good before the reality struck me and that’s the main reason you’re reading this piece of my writing. 1,044 more words