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Accepting Challenges

There are some days where I dread social situations. Some days I accept and even enjoy them. But all throughout my battle with my anxiety and depression and illness, there is one situation which I hate. 971 more words


NetGalley Book Review: The Party by Robyn Harding (NO SPOILERS)

Basic Info:

Title – The Party           Author – Robyn Harding

Genre – Adult Fiction

Publisher – Gallery/Scout Press          Pub. Date – June 6, 2017

Synopsis: 691 more words

Book Blog


Here I go again
Do I ever fucking learn?
This hyperactive heart of mine
Is a cause for great concern

I wanted a break from all of this… 79 more words


Evince: Memory

We create memories almost every moment of our lives. Because as soon as we’re past that second, it becomes a part of what’s occurred and if worth remembering, becomes a great memory. 19 more words


Saturday Night Gaming: Critiques and Wolfenstein: The New Order

Whenever I begin writing a video critique or review for a game, I spend some time considering how to go about it. This blog post will look at the reasons behind my choices and plan for the (as of yet) unfinished critique; if you enjoy talk about gaming, you might enjoy it, and if you don’t — stay tuned for our regularly scheduled programming! 427 more words

Writing's Love

You may love it,

But it does not care.

If you were to lose it,

Do whatever it takes to get it back.

It can be generous when it wants to, 19 more words

Desk Notes


Fuck it, I just want to express myselfThis is not a work of poetry

For show of depth or posterity

So, no need for empathy, word play and oxymoron… 291 more words