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Sunday Flirt Vol. 04

Another Sunday passes as the hour of exam judgement falls ever nearer.

On that note…Sundays are for avoiding responsibility! Avoiding responsibility and flirting with fantasy characters! 103 more words

The Goddess

Let me talk to you about the one that takes over my mind.
The one that I see in the little cracks of that big rock in the sky. 162 more words



There once was a girl

whose grey stormy eyes

reflected such inner demise.

Troubled as she was

she always said it was because

he loved another girl.


She sees the way he looks at her
Every subtle blink, every stolen glance
She sees the way he acts around her
The way she reels him in an unspoken dance… 64 more words



We live in a world where maintaining Snapchat streaks is more important to children than their quality of life, truly sad.


Writing Prophecies: How to Outline Your Book (AKA: How to Die Before You Even Start Writing)

It’s been nearly a month since my last Writing Prophecies post and I apologize endlessly about that you guys! I just think these posts are the most critical of me to write because some (if not all) of y’all read these posts to take my advice on writing, which is just like… 1,511 more words