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You Are A Writer

Once you say the words aloud, it’s real.

“I am a writer.”

Say it right now.

If this is your passion, then to your own ears and heart, there is no sentence sweeter. 399 more words


Need a rough draft editor?

I want to read your work. Please submit poetry, essays, blog post, etc.. and I will do a quick edit for you. All services free of charge if you register to iammepoetry.com or if you become a monetary contributor. 89 more words


Being an old soul has its ups and downs.  Up, you identify with an older, more fascinating generation.  Down, you seem to age faster.  Mentally anyways.   165 more words

My Gender Bending Amputee Kitten & My Mother, Snow White

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve seen my mother, who I will refer to as Snow White for all intents and purposes in this post, take in all sorts of animals. 903 more words


Year 1 RNs: Learn about [my] stress

This June, I’ll turn 9 as a nurse. In January of 2007, a full six months before my graduation, I landed my first job in the Medical Intensive Care Unit of the largest hospital in our nation’s capital.  648 more words


Chapter 52: Anna

Anna’s coming to realize just how much control over the universe she can exert by running six consoles at once when the only thing that could pull her away from the experience, a mysterious visitor from another world come with a message that  5,252 more words

Science Fiction

1 Unread Message

He stood by the roadside….Unshaken…. Patient. With hands on hips, he gazed out upon the horizon. One day his message would be read and responded to…. 25 more words