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it hurts

Trying toMake sense

Of things.

But nothing

Makes sense.



But mostly it goes

And things are


Simple things

Are hard.

Things that… 68 more words

In Motion and In Stillness

So I moved out of my parents house — only to move back in with them¬†after a little over a month.

Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely nice to be back home – living rent free and not having to worry about groceries. 650 more words

To Be Real

They just wanted her to be his fantasy

Intangible, ideal

And she fought hard to become real

The scars left are real as well

And their shape are a reminder… 49 more words


The Beginning of the Final Ending: Oct 30, 2015

“I would be willing to marry you, if that was something you needed for this relationship to work.”

“Excuse me? WHAT?”

We were on a date. 1,874 more words


Cracking Facade

I watch the breaks spread with interest

Tracing like lightning around his face

I’m not even hearing what he has to say

Enamored by the damage to his mask… 10 more words


The Pressure Steamer

He was chopping vegetables

While she prepped a roast

She thanked him for his time

He really wasn’t doing anything

Drop it in the pot with some seasoning… 30 more words


Cry it out. 

For the most part I’m good under stress. I know how to keep myself together and I learned how to stay focused and keep my shit together. 242 more words