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My first therapy session of 2018

How do I start? What should I write about? Why am I doing this? Do people even read it? I’m not funny plus my grammar is shit. 500 more words

[121] Pursuit of Stillness

So focused on where I’m going
I forget where I am
Loneliness masked as solitude
Caught in a corrupt mind’s reverence
The evil masked as aspiration… 80 more words


Dr. Welldon's Speeding Ticket

“Officer, I must apologize I am running very late.
It took some time to realize I was driving 88.
The behavior is far from normal… 202 more words


Are You A Man Or A Boy?

I’m trying real hard here,

To understand you,

To believe you in what you say,

Just like when you said:

“I need to take a step back, … 453 more words


how we choose to
come and go as we please
making everything about me


Ahli Hadits Instan

Seorang teman dengan bangga menunjukkan bagaimana dia mampu “memvonis” status sebuah hadits, shahih atau dhaif hanya dengan software. Kemampuannya itu didapat dari hasil pengajian 2 jam kursus software hadits bersama seorang ustadz. 368 more words


Piece By Piece

Rising above and conquering the defilement, degradation and debasement of abuse, rape and molestation is a monumental task. One feels beaten up and unable to continue on. 586 more words