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Tip: Developing Setting

Hello, friends!

Setting is an important quality in writing. It’s the background of the story. Without it, the characters would just stand against a white canvas or a greenscreen. 586 more words

"...find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head."

Fact: I feel like 26 is closer to “death by old age” than what it really is, which is….still flipping young.

I stress myself out too much, you know? 447 more words

Lighten up.

I’ve actually been allowing myself to be human. To find a gentleness for myself, to encourage my own curiosity, to find forgiveness in labeling myself “flawed” all these years. 299 more words

food for creative thought: how I incorporate writing into daily life


It’s the adult voice in my child-oriented world.

It’s the ear that always listens when a human ear isn’t available.

It’s the transmission of mind to paper when a surge of artistic intention burns through. 331 more words


Amateur Promotion

Over the past two years, I have posted 7 pieces on Ficton Press, yet the most views I have on one piece of writing is 33.   444 more words


Poem from my upcoming book- The Long Believe

Sweet Mabel
Sing your ode
And Bring some comfort if you are able
To this harried man of late…
As I glide my hand across your hair… 65 more words

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