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Writing: A Hermit's Journey

If my life in books counted off the page, I could boast quite a social life. My diverse bibliodiet of fiction and fact includes Pulitzers I study, tracing the contours of the words for clues to their savoir-faire. 334 more words


MIND: Restless

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

// Susan Sontag


Cookin it

Makin music and cookin chicken sounds a good life if only I had some reason to do it other than survival. Gotta ditch the smokes before I get sick and start drinking tea, I guess I am glad if just one person thinks of me. 36 more words




Alarms signal the start of the day.

In my drowsy state

I miss the steam

and jump into a shower

far too hot.

News anchors feed fear… 59 more words


Give Me More Seasons or Give Me Death

Hi, again everyone. So wild that we keep running into each other in this weird world made of 1s and 0s. Life is just super crazy to think about sometimes, innit? 1,163 more words


Far from shore

It’s difficult to change people’s minds about you and what you’re capable of when you’ve spent so long seemingly negligent towards change.  I feel the biggest hurdle I face is letting the expectations of others hinder me from explaining my rationality now that I’m actively making an effort to fix things I’ve been putting off for so long… 244 more words