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It's a belt.

The market wove itself over and between the crumbling bridges of Cob Link. The low neighborhood lacked the plazas, sturdy columns, and other public promenades the rest of the city did its business in, but the people below the noble’s sunny levels had shopping lists same as the rich prats. 424 more words


Poetry #125 | Roads

Washed roads, my shallow pillow of dreams,

Designed with polyester threads of spring,

I see the rain,gently pouring ,

And leaving me emotional.

– The Librettist


Lunch Hour Characters - Road

Road is traveling. How’s it going? Let’s find out… in haiku form.

Two kids in backseat.

Between them, snacks uneaten.

Hangry passengers.

Dusk approaching fast. 52 more words


SOL: Fruitless

i left my heart at
a bus station, waiting in
vain for salvation.

3AM Thoughts // AKA “Haiku 65.”


Financially Free and Starting Over

June 14, 2019 will go down as a glorious day in my fiscal life! It marks the day I made my last payment on my bankruptcy! 319 more words


Wheres Waldo? Police would like to know

For over twenty years now the man known to police as Waldo the Traveler has stolen some of the worlds greatest treasures from the most secured buildings in the world. 251 more words



How valuable is self reflection in a world full of self- indulgence that we give light and focus to the one that matters, to the one that is vital. 283 more words