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Lurking in the Foreshadows

Ah, it’s that fated time of the month when I write about something vaguely inspirational and important, boil it down to around 841 words, and amuse you with my cutesy little cartoons and Paint.net Photoshop-esque opening images. 820 more words


New Game

First of all, Happy Birthday to the Blog Boy Who Lived! Yer a wizard, Harry!

This is actually the reason why I’m pushing myself to do this post today, so that my blog’s… 107 more words


Moving Out.

“Goodnight family.”

“Goodnight, see you in the morning.”

I turn on the ball of my foot and walk down the hall, passing the nook on top of the art cabinet where the cats eat and the two bookcases topped with outdated picture day portraits, as I make my way to my room. 735 more words


POETRY: Single Digits

Mmh. I wrote this poem two years ago, and it’s still one of my favorites. Don’t settle for single digits, folks.



Facebook Gives Me Horrible Anxiety

The title says it all. Yes Facebook gives me major anxiety and no I’m not alone so before you think I’m overreacting, try to Google Facebook and anxiety together and you’ll know I’m right. 948 more words


Soul Searching

The last couple of days have reminded me of why I love psychology enough to spend the next ten years studying it. Being able to see just how resilient and powerful the mind is in ways we can’t always see is inspiring. 335 more words


July 31, 2015

Do you ever feel like a fraud?

Today I do, just a little bit.

When God told me to quit my job as a teacher and write, I didn’t realize the magnitude of identity shift this would cause.   89 more words