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Photo Prompt #2

What does this picture inspire you to write about?


When you get done writing and publishing a blog post, come back here and share the link to that post in the comments for a chance to be featured next month. 23 more words

Creative Writing

Who Looks Back At Me?

Step out of the shower and gaze into the mirror.  What see you?  Beauty?  Desirability? 

Stare closely at the face which dost return thine gaze, and what see you?  337 more words


I was going to write that

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In the course of being an author and constantly coming up with new ideas for books, there tends to be a misconception that what I’m writing is original and no one has ever thought of it before. 504 more words


Write For Us!

Mom Facts and Food is currently searching for writers to contribute to out weekly articles!

Write about anything in the mom life that interests you. 38 more words

A happy note.

I want to write about how happy I am and how good life is going right now, but for some reason it’s really hard for me to do that. 170 more words

August 31st

Sidewalk cracks don’t scare me anymore
I never much cared for my mother
Something happens to a person
When it takes 2 new families
and 12 years to get a hug. 32 more words


Urban Ascetic

Urban Ascetic

A soul close to heartbreak.

Vice pandering on the MLK.  (Martin Luther King Expressway)

Economic Reasons.

40 oz to the heathens.

Sun beats down as he paces. 82 more words