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Loss, life and schedule changes

Up until today, I had a schedule if blogging once a week. It’s been great so far.

I have a few posts queued up, but would like more time to review them before posting. 486 more words


20in30 - Day 2 Squat Day

Today was squat day.

Even though the main goal of this program is progressing the bench press, I don’t want to lose strength in the other big lifts (squat and deadlift.) It is usually best to have one main goal; because of that I will only be squatting and deadlifting once a week.  192 more words

Execute It

The Gig Economy

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This is your guide to the gig economy: what it is, how it is revolutionizing work, what its future looks like, and what this can mean for you and your personal financial success. 85 more words

Read Now

Dream a little dream

What if your dreams are closer than you realize? What if you’re finally at the point of getting all your things together? I don’t know if I’m already at that point but I have the feeling that I am getting there. 183 more words


Prompt Sixty-Four

Write a poem about a tomato.

An ode to the tomato
You are gross
I like ketchup and salsa but alone you are nothing to me… 14 more words

The Book

Psychology and Happiness

I am taking a little bit of a break from reading my typical business and personal development books to pursue books that cover other topics that I have would like to learn more about.   766 more words

Glowing Skin

Where are you

Where do you hide

In the weekdays

For the sun is shining

The flowers are blooming

The birds are singing

And the butterflies… 87 more words