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A Sunday

कहानियां कैसे शुरू होनी चाहिए ? एक राजा था एक रानी थी ! ऐसे या फिर कहानियों को किसी और तरह से शुरू करने के लिए थोड़ी शराब पीनी चाहिए और फिर जैसे समझ आये वैसे लिख देना चाहिए. 2,376 more words


Down the river, Up the sky

Going down

Going down

Down the river

Down the stream.

Flying up

Flying up

Up to the clouds

Facing the winds.

Moving in parallel

Parallel with time… 20 more words

Poems/Proses By Me

Short Stories of Deltaport

The town hall meeting was growing louder. Citizens yelled over one another, council members yelled back.

The mayor sat back and let emotions fly for as long as necessary before intervening. 406 more words


August 24, 1954

The sound of weeping drove me outside.

I first heard it when I awoke this morning. A soft, subtle sound which seemed to come from somewhere close by. 221 more words


Poetry #206 | Angels On The Street

I saw three archangels walking on the street,
With eyes of vigilante and wings of tombstone white,
Before my eyes,
Like three friends of mine, 10 more words


Thank you for the poem Mr. A

Just know Mr. A at the end of the day, I see you as my mirror too.

-Sasha 366 more words


Where to Start?

This is my first of hopefully many blog post about my journey as a writer/author. I will be posting updates about my current work in progress (WIP) as well as anything writing related. 356 more words