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Binge This!

Apparently the cloister-in-place orders that have had people cowering in their homes for months have not made those same people so bored that they have taken up reading blogs. 296 more words


Adulthood – Ready, Not Ready

“Could I get a packet of childhood please?” she asked, like she was asking for a packet of cigarettes. “Mine just got over”. The last few words came out in the most effortless and factual manner from the lady who was supposedly in her thirties. 201 more words


Haiku 1640

Trees shield from the rain
and the leaves begin to sing
a quiet drizzle.


Dream with emotions

I saw someone familiar at the carpark, I went over to have a look. The place was getting crowded with seniors (dance) sessioning/training. I got uncomfortable and decided to walk away and leave. 383 more words

1. Jeng's Casual Life Updates (ALL)

The soul of a place

The more I travel, the more I am quite certain that every place I visit has a soul. You can feel the energy pulsing through the moment you step off the plane. 132 more words

Who Took the Quarters from the Microwave?

Feeling the most comfort from my couch
Lights never go on there’s no turning lights out
Only lock the door ‘cause my dog is home… 69 more words

We Have a Situation Here

You know what’s fun? Podcasts.

There are lots of other things too, but We Have a Situation Here is a new podcast brought into the world by Tommy, Richard, and me! 243 more words