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Poetry #238 | Hold Onto My Light

Hold onto me,
Like I hold onto this light,
Hold onto my waist,
Like you had to be addicted to something,
Let that something be me, 42 more words


Haiku 1480

Sleep well, sleep well, friend —

don’t let the ghosts bite your feet

let warmness shield you.


Day 5: New leads

Actually got some writing done today!! WOOHOO made my entire week!

I feel so creative and infused with ideas on where to take my main story, Psychopathic. 71 more words

"Strangers on a Bus"

Whispered conversation lingers on chapped lips,
bringing a cozy comfort in being unknown.
A meeting of pure fate,
with lives entangled for moments
and moments less. 35 more words



The more I think
The less I write
The less I think
The more I write


I remember I wrote him a poem
Without him knowing
Once I shared my blog
I proceeded to ask him which one was his favorite… 38 more words