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Culinary Karma

Stomach grumbling,

As the food slowly digests.

A sense of dread rises,

Like lava within a volcano.

Bolting like a madwoman,

To the nearest toilet. 28 more words

Desk Notes

Roll the dice

In my bouts of nightdreaming the saying, “the best things happen by chance” randomly crossed my mind— Perhaps by chance too?Chance meetings; taking chances; second chances; nuances in each meaning, representing possibilities, risks or hope. 126 more words

to unknot

In the noon time call
of hands that stretch and pucker
and ring
time from me like rags
I find my fingers shaking
and the hair… 55 more words



I wish I could hang a setting sun.

On the violence, let anger be done.

I hear your pain, we feel it rain.

Your banners with names of the slain. 22 more words


No Change....

Ni Change

You know, I’ve had a lot of people talk to me about how you can never be prepared for everything because well, life’s unpredictable. 674 more words

The Drain Phase...

Sometimes the energy to smile is too much
They ask for my vibrance and flame
But I am snuffed
Too much peopling for me today… 141 more words


Low Moves...

One step at a time
With execution on my mind
I journey to my visions design

Alone in peace
No tagalong, no speech
Aligned in the purpose I started with… 59 more words