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#Write Photo - Fields of Thought

Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent


In fields we roam
with weariness in our soul
as a painted picture
resembling our forefathers.

Centuries pass and time seems faint
life still continues and dies
we live in spirit
and the past...re-lives in memories. 95 more words

It’s A Thin Line, My Dear ~ Michelle Navajas #writephoto

how mighty
it is my dear
that I dream of you
in my deepest
sleep at night

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Sanctuary ~ earth sky air #writephoto

I topple recklessly down the stairs, hands flailing, no thought of falling in my panic to flee. I sprint to the door, both arms in front of me, only to find it locked. 43 more words


Dream ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

I walk down the lavender path
Under rose petal skies
Scents of lilac and cinnamon
Permeate the clear ether
Each step in the heather
And the heath… 37 more words


What do you see # 37 – 6 July 2020

This is written for Sadje’s What do you see? : https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2020/07/06/what-do-you-see-37-6-july-2020/
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Pure love

Veva watched from high above  
the sweetness of the hummingbird.   170 more words


To Walk Through a Dream #writephoto

It’s a dream.

I know it’s a dream, but I’m unable to halt my footsteps as they carry me onwards down the path. The route I traverse is one of those tell-tale signs that I am, in fact, within a dream. 289 more words

Flash Fiction

The purple dreamland

The field stretched far and wide
As far as my eye could see
And much beyond, too
I trod the path carefully
The narrow path that lay… 348 more words