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5 Tips For When Your Characters Are Stuck In The Mud #amwriting

Are your characters as lifeless and mired in boring as a stick in the mud? Try out these 5 tips for generating more excitement and perhaps learn a thing or two along way. 807 more words


Meet Natacha Guyot- A Galaxy of Possibilities: Representation and Storytelling in Star Wars

Natacha Guyot is a French author, scholar and public speaker. She is passionate about Science Fiction, Transmedia, Gender Studies, Children’s Media and Fan Studies.

She holds two Master’s degrees: Film and Media Studies (Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle) and Digital Culture and Technology (King’s College London). 1,763 more words


Pinterest for Writers: How To Storyboard Your Novel

Have mercy! I love Pinterest! Why you might ask?

As a writer I use it as a storyboarding tool. And ultimately I am a visual learner, so Pinterest is the right tool for me. 734 more words


Housekeeping, Football and Reviews

I have to admit, since the beginning of September – I have been swamped!  In a good way, of course.  With the new NFL season underway, I have had to put on a couple of different ‘hats’.   1,214 more words

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Weekly Musing: Need Not Apply

Something I’ve frequently heard is that writing teaches people to try new things, pushes us out of our comfort zone, and to experience the world. Since I’ve been doing this for a few years now, I must say I don’t think this is true. 718 more words

Weekly Musings

My Writing Life - William Hertling

When did you first discover a love of writing?

When I was in college, I helped coauthor a series of four handbooks on using computers. I loved the process of laying out the books, of writing the articles inside, and seeing people use and be helped by what we created. 862 more words

My Writing Life

Does The Thrill Go Away?

By Maria Schneider

I am often asked if releasing a new book after having published so many is still a thrill. Yes, yes it is. It’s a lot like a first date with someone you really like, but don’t yet know well. 754 more words