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3 Reasons to Connect with Other Writers

Connecting with other writers is one of the hardest, most important things any aspiring author can do. There are so many reasons to do it, here are just a few: 457 more words

Writers Must be Marketers

Look, I know that you’re a writer, and that almost inevitable makes you an introvert. But that  doesn’t give you an excuse to hide from the world and not engage with people. 381 more words

3 Ways to Make Time to Write

Time, it’s the one resource we waste the most of, but can never get back. Ever second that ticks by is one that will be gone forever. 549 more words

Destroy The Block

After conversing with many fellow aspiring authors over the years I’ve come across a common issue.

You would think that the issue was getting started.  Actually the real problem its getting passed that block that rears its’ ugly head a quarter into the process. 213 more words


Critique Partners and Why They are Important

Critique partners! They are your single greatest tool, next to your hands and brain. So what are they? How do you get one? And are they really worth it? 525 more words


Three Things Times Three by Veronica Scott

I’m excited to announce a new guest post by Veronica Scott. Thanks, Veronica for sharing your insight in this wonderful article!


I’m honored to be one of your first science fiction romance guest authors! 1,700 more words


Outlines Are Wonderful

“Well hi there! So your probably reading this because you are a curious new author or an aspiring author. Your here because you want to widen your mind on tips for writing from other authors who have been down your path.” 329 more words