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Q & A with Bonnie Daly, Taken from the Book Launch of Surviving Gretchen on 12/03/2016

Tell us a little about yourself and your book?

Well, I live in New London, Connecticut with my husband Tim and our son Cameron where we have a menagerie of very, very spoiled pets including a couple of collies, two birds, a bunny, a cat, and an aquarium full of fish which the cat thinks is The Fish Channel. 2,626 more words

A Recipe for Success

Julia Maurus highlights the food crimes and accidental recipes in Jeremy Dixon’s series of healthy cookbooks.

Jeremy Dixon opened Revive Café in Auckland in 2005 with the aim of serving nourishing meals to local residents and inner-city workers. 998 more words

Writer Interviews

A Biographic Jigsaw Puzzle

Biographer Colleen Ryan Clur tells Julia Maurus how she nursed herself through the process of writing about one of Australia’s most important nurses.

Colleen Ryan Clur was looking for a writing project (aside from her day-to-day public relations work, ‘which is not creatively satisfying’) when she met Isobel Mary ‘Pixie’ Annat MBE OAM at St Andrew’s Memorial Hospital in Brisbane. 1,306 more words

Writer Interviews

Every Drop Counts

Amy Vickers takes Julia Maurus through the journey that led her to write the United States’ water efficiency bible.

‘I always felt a strong affinity for water,’ Amy Vickers says of her decision to build a career in water planning. 1,291 more words

Writer Interviews

Indie Author Day

“Writers aren’t exactly a person a whole bunch of people trying to be one person.” Scott Fitzgerald

I believe Fitzgerald’s quote to be especially true for indie published writers. 156 more words

Charting A Path

A Tale of Two Talks

I recently attended two events featuring local writers.   Both intended to illuminate the journey of community movers and shakers in hopes of inspiring others.  While both events were well-attended only one was a success, the other a disappointment. 385 more words

Charting A Path

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows

Academic and animal protection activist Melanie Joy (Ph.D., Ed.M.) took time out of her busy speaking tour schedule to chat to Julia Maurus about writing, ideology and the controversy of eating horse meat. 1,255 more words

Writer Interviews