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Interview with Seth Godin | Self Publishing

In an interview posted on IndieReader.com, marketing maverick Seth Godin declares that “Self-publishing is the responsibility of choosing oneself.” Why Seth Godin self published – BookBaby blog.


Master List: Medieval Names from England

For my new project, I had to do a little research on names in late medieval England, so I felt inspired to make a master list. 728 more words

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SAVE THE CAT Beat Sheet for a 75K Novel

Save the Cat is a book about screenplay writing that many people love to hate. I like it. In an exhortative style with a lot of self-aggrandizing flourishes, it gives straightforward, solid advice about titles, loglines, plotting, and more that you can easily apply to novels. 596 more words

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100 Likeable Names for Your Contemporary Heroine!

Your female protagonist. You know her. You love her. You want everyone else to love her, too. What are you going to call her?

One of my most popular posts is my… 893 more words

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A comprehensive list of precisely what agents and editors are looking for

In my last post, I mentioned Hashtagify’s trail of breadcrumbs leading me to the Twitter hashtag “#MSWL” and all the goodies contained therein. MSWL (Manuscript Wishlist) is a hashtag used by agents and editors to broadcast to the Twitterverse exactly what kinds of books they’re looking for. 378 more words


Cornering Your Passion to Boost Your Growth

by Carrie Charley Brown

As soon as you walk into my house, you get a glimpse of my office. It is not neat. It is not tidy. 323 more words

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500 Great Words for Writing Love Scenes

Last week, I wrote a post on synonyms for the most intimate parts of the body, which can be helpful when writing a sex scene (or just writing about a character who’s thinking about being in one.) I felt like it would be helpful to have those separated out. 651 more words

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