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What's a subplot in literature and how do I write one?

A novel is never really just one story. It’s a combination of characters, souls, wants, desires all rolled into one. A subplot is a story within your story — it’s what your characters are doing when they aren’t focused on the big picture. 861 more words


Writer Resources 6: Writing Groups

Welcome to Writer Resources 6, my long overdue post about writing groups and their importance. For many years, when I was first starting out, I harbored a great aversion to writing groups. 396 more words

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A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Since this is my first book review for the Breadfox, I just wanted to take some time to explain my personal book review style. I’ll never reveal spoilers in my reviews. 942 more words

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Writer Resources: Polgarus Studio Formatting

Formatting a book is something that a lot of self-published authors attempt on their own, and not always for the better. It appears that many are well suited for it, or at least are able to do it well enough, while others experience headaches and turn out a book that doesn’t look exactly right, or as professional as one would hope. 352 more words


Best YouTube Music Channels for Writers

I’ve been gone a while. For that, I apologize. But I come bearing gifts! If you’re like me, music is an essential when you write. Every project I have — even ones I haven’t even thought to start writing yet — has a playlist on Spotify and I’m constantly seeing scenes flash like movie clips in my head when I listen to my favorite songs. 567 more words


Breadcrumbs From the Void #18 by Alex Schumacher

Alex has a unique and hilarious way of cutting through the nitty-gritty about querying agents, self-publication, and more. DO NOT MISS! You’ll be so glad you didn’t. 6 more words