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Wrapping up the year

Our heartfelt thanks to all who attended this year’s BWA Fall Festival. Our speaker, Angela Foster, was just awarded a 2017 Artist Initiative project grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board to complete her memoir “Falling Away.” Events will include a public reading, as well as a memoir writing workshop in Pine City. 98 more words


The Fine Line: Description

Many writers struggle with description. I recently had a manuscript that, in the same chapter, suffered from over-description and under-description. The author told the reader every inch of the main character’s morning routine in intimate detail and then didn’t describe the setting whatsoever. 516 more words

Writing Tips

Breadcrumbs from the Void #23: The Pressure Cooker | Alex Schumacher | Five 2 One Magazine 

The only thing I can guarantee you is that if you love what you do and bleed on the page, you will find an enjoyment. In this uncertain time and an uncertain world you will find one motherfucking sliver of happiness.

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Writer Resources 7: Jason Stephenson & #Meditation

As writers we often times have several story ideas floating around in our heads. In addition, we carry all those little character and world building thoughts, leading to a pretty cramped space. 299 more words

Creative Writing

Expert Author Interview with Connie Cockrell by Kim Bailey Deal

1. Please tell our readers who are you as a writer, and did you always want to be a writer, or did your passion for writing evolve over time? 1,058 more words


Breadcrumbs from the Void #22 A Foot(Slammed) in the Door | Alex Schumacher | Five 2 One Magazine 

This is why I love the hell out of Alex Schumacher, my cohort and co-conspirator in breaking down the walls of silence and take-no-shit authorship. 55 more words


Gender Guessers Are Handy for Writing

A big part of writing believable stories is shaping believable characters, and when you’re trying to write a believable man or woman, questions of gender come up. 865 more words

Characterization, Plot, & Setting