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The excellence of the Royal Order of Adjectives

A few years ago, I learned there was a most excellent tool I’d been writing and editing with intuitively for most of my career, but I never knew it had a name: the Royal Order of Adjectives. 376 more words

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Industry wide issues

When I talk about industry I am referring to the publishing industry. This is not a rant about publishers. Okay, maybe a little but not directed towards publishers per se but more towards the authors that they publish. 996 more words

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A must-read resource: Writer's Yearbook 2017

In so many ways, I think now is the best time to be a writer. If you’re hoping to write for publication, there are countless ways to get your  writing out to the public, whether that’s through blogging, simply sharing your writing with others in a group setting, or publishing your articles, short stories, nonfiction books, or novels. 294 more words

Writer Resources

Writer's Resource: Goodreads

We all know that Goodreads is a great place to find books and share them with fellow readers, but did you also know it’s an excellent resource for writers?  153 more words


10 Best Writing Sites to Follow in 2017

As the new year approaches, I’m sure many of you are making resolutions to write more. One of the best ways to become a better writer is by reading up on the craft. 879 more words


Finding content for your social platform

Where do you find content to talk about for your blog and or social media platform? For some people it’s no problem as they talk about their business and the different aspects of it regardless of what their chosen field is. 241 more words


Write Despite, by Chuck Wendig, Terrible Minds

As such, it feels both necessary and also unmercifully glib to offer up writerly resolutions in any form. I want to say, WRITE YOUR REBELLION, and that’s not a bad idea, to put to paper all your fears and your ideas — give voice to your own idea of resistance.

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