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Copyediting Resource

For the copyediting course I’m taking at university, we use The Copyeditor’s Handbook by Amy Einsohn.

For the copyeditor, there are chapters that describe the duties of a copyeditor, basic procedures and symbols used, and how to produce style sheets and invoices. 48 more words


6 Tips For Unleashing Your Creative Voice

Every writer has a ‘voice’ (and I don’t mean a physical, words-coming-from-your-mouth type of voice) I mean a creative voice, which is the style, rhythm, pattern, and way in which you articulate information or thoughts. 810 more words

Writing Resources

The Land of the Paperback

One hears a multitude of statistics year to year regarding the health of book sales in every format, and much is said, including the now famous remark by the CEO of Hachette Books, Arnaud Noury, that e-books are a “stupid product”. 583 more words

Book Marketing

A Novel Cycle

While involved in random research I followed a thread to Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces and his A Hero’s Journey, wherein he outlines a path the lead character will take in hero myths and stories from around the world, demonstrating the commonality of these specific stages for all heroes. 834 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Writer Resources: QueryTracker

I’m back into the agent querying game, trying to find representation for my current finished novel manuscript about a boy and his friends trying to protect their small town from a sinister hypnotist and his captive barn owl. 320 more words


Understanding what a Military Technical Advisor can do for an author

Within several genres, there is a need for someone to provide insight into the confusing world of the firearms and military procedures. Specifically, within the apocalyptic and post apocalyptic genre the need is great. 1,783 more words

General Information

Checking Your Grammar, and Getting it Right, by Marvin Terban, AUTHOR RESOURCE

The best-selling grammar guide gets a fresh, new cover design for Fall 2002.

This easy-to-use reference book helps you edit your writing before someone else reads it. 188 more words