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Writer Resources: Design for Writers

As I wrap up all my loose ends before I’m ready to publish When the Watcher Shakes, I want to keep featuring some of the great people with whom I’ve had the privilege to work and who helped me get my book all spruced up and ready for the world. 362 more words


Who’s Your Audience

When asked the question of “who do you write for,” many authors respond with writing for themselves. While it’s… almost true, in a way, it doesn’t really work. 369 more words

Writing Tips

How To Write Without Inspiration

We’ve all felt it. That dreaded, slow, sticky sensation when our inspiration and excitement for a project drains away like the tide, leaving us beached on the unforgiving shores of reality. 523 more words

Writing Tips

Plotting a Novel with Sticky Notes

By Alison Potoma

This pantser has gone plotter, and for one particular reason:


My first attempt at a novel took me two years. I wrote it by the seat of my pants, never knowing which way the wind was going to blow. 676 more words

Children's Books

Write on Wednesday #41

Today’s Writing Prompt: Take the title of the last book you read and come up with another story based on that title.

You Can't Eat Exposure

Freelancers, artists, and creatives have this nasty situation where the world thinks we aren’t worth paying because we are “just” artists. I could rant about that for thousands of words, but let’s suffice to say that is utterly and completely absurd. 798 more words


Writer Resources: David Gatewood

The term self-publishing is somewhat misleading. The name on the front of the book is not the only person who had a hand in getting that book to the point where it was ready to be sold. 524 more words