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Once I was asked if what
was it that I saw in myself
when thoughts of you were flooding,
I smiled with greatness and pictured…

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The girl who writes;

She wasn’t just beautiful for the way she looked or the gleam in her eyes she was beautiful for the way she would write. Her gift of putting words together that roll perfectly off of your tongue or even the power behind her words. 192 more words

The Avid Author's Guide to a Better Write: I Can't Finish Anything!

Hello everyone! Having trouble finishing one project? Do you have too many good ideas and you don’t know which to work on? Here’s a list of typical issues and ways to conquer them. 363 more words


Lemon Laws-Episode 1: One Bad Apple-Part 2

ForewordPart 1

Sheriff Lemon and Mango arrived at the scene of the latest crime. Lemon’s pulp twisted.

“Well, there’s what’s left of ’em,” said Lemon. 332 more words


5 Words-5/25/2016

Today’s words are:

  • Seventh
  • Promise
  • Bottle
  • Citrus
  • Tilt

The goal is to exercise your brain and split writer’s block. You can write anything! A story, a poem, a paragraph, a sentence, anything! 24 more words


Grief Has No Rules

I can remember when I was going through a difficult time, it was definitely a period of grief, one day I received a message from a well-meaning friend. 623 more words