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                                                                                                                                      Elders Taught Me.
By Cheri Jacobs

We love our Elders.  In my experience I am elevated in their company. I don’t always understand the oddities and eccentricities of age and retirement. 207 more words



Don’t come easy for me

In fact, sometimes

They don’t come at all

It seems as though

Some unseen force

Paralyzes me

Just as my heart wants to spill out… 89 more words

Cynthia Wolf

I, Too, Want to See You be Brave

Sara Bareilles’ radio hit, Brave, is more than just a fun song (and a great video) – it’s a helpful piece of advice.

Remember all of you (not just writers) that you have to be your own biggest fan and supporter throughout all of your work and life. 229 more words

We Didn't All Start Out Brilliant Geniuses

Wouldn’t that be lovely if we all started out as geniuses? Probably not, but it is a delightful thought.

I have started so many blogs ( I’ve lost count) with the good intention of consistently posting posts full of brilliant wit and pithiness like so many other bloggers/writers around me. 437 more words


Quote of the Day-- Douglas Adams

The other day my husband, who writes children’s books, was wondering out loud how I could manage to finish three novels. He (supposedly) can’t even imagine doing something that extensive–planning a story and getting something out from beginning to end. 222 more words


My Transition from Journals to Blogs

In my nineteen years of life, I have owned about 15 journals — possibly more. 3 have been filled completely, 7 I have started and never finished, and 5 remain empty, waiting for my thoughts to be poured into them. 768 more words


Finish It! #8

Here is another intro to hopefully some great stories. I thought maybe we can take it up a notch? So how about you invite some of your followers to join in after you’ve written your story? 73 more words