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Astro Projection

Sun rays splashed my skin

As my soul swam through the skies.

My soul projected into the clouds tonight

Just to get a taste

Of what birds naturally experience. 62 more words


A Writer of Whatever

For two years I have been trying to write my third novel.  In between work, my son’s college career, my house, my yard and my ageing parents I’ve been trying to write.   295 more words


Not this cold again!

My babies were sick this week. It’s just a little cold, some sniffles and fevers, but I’m, like every parent out there, powerless to make it go away. 108 more words

Taking a Fika and Giving a Thank You…

Every day, usually sometime between 3 to 4 pm I like to take a coffee break – Fika as they say/do in Sweden. It is a moment to relax, enjoy a nice cup of coffee usually accompanied by a pastry or some sort of snack. 219 more words

There's a GoFundMe Campaign to Buy New Glasses for the Reporter Who Got Body-Slammed

 This article originally appeared on Fortune.

The reporter who was allegedly “body-slammed” by the Republican candidate in Montana’s special congressional election can take comfort: His supporters have raised enough money to buy a new pair of glasses to replace the ones that broke in the altercation. 185 more words


The one I love(episode 1)

What do you think will happen? Can she tell Patrick that she is in love with him?
Get ready for the next episode…