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What Happened with Tate Publishing?

I am not sure. But something happened.

I’ve published five books with Tate Publishing.

Survival after near-death experience.

Really, really believing God.

For My Daughter to like ladybugs. 1,194 more words



She allowed him to see her inner demons… she opened up her soul to him. But she was afraid that he’ll walk out of her life and give up on them. 89 more words


FUCT: a sentence

We’re going to buy snap-backs from stores that specialize in snap-backs and wear them backwards while we drink whisky named after Civil War generals who died from sexually transmitted diseases in the early days of battle and ride down Rt. 516 more words


Welcome to my blog, about stuff. A space for me to write anything and everything and share it with like-minded people.

I’m a graduate who’s yet to fall into the job of my dreams but wishes to pursue a love of writing. 42 more words


Untitled 1

husband praying    shaving with juniper branch

skull pregnant with god    girl without throat
eyes gag like a clogged faucet

shitting Latin song    seeping from ears… 31 more words

One Reason Why

Last night I was super confused and over thinking on a very small thing. The solution to my confusion was right in my head but sometimes over thinking does that to you: you blur out the right things and let your mind run around all the things which you should not pay any heed on. 109 more words

Daily Blogs

January Update: Progress on Two Fronts

I admit the picture does not match the typical battlefield image inspired by the term ‘two fronts’ but it popped up on Pixabay, it portrays a battle, and I thought it was pretty cool.   235 more words