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Find Your Work-Life Balance

This tightrope walk is how I feel most days. I’m trying to keep my career, my home life, my family life, my writing life in balance. 299 more words

Writerly Life

Breaking all the rules (nah, just one)

You know what, I’m not even going to lie about it: I’m writing this blog for me, not for you. That’s kind of the #1 biggest mistake you can make, blogposts-about-writing-blogposts tell me, because it’s not going to draw in an audience. 191 more words

Writers Life

Writing Wednesday: Prompt

Here’s today’s Writing Wednesday Prompt:

You weren’t sure where the footprints would lead…

If you write something from this prompt, by all means let me know! 10 more words


I learnt of someones passing today

(Taken from my many notes this past year)

I learnt of someone’s passing today.
Although I am not sure of the circumstances, it seems to have been suicide. 197 more words


Little Poet

There is a little poet
Buried behind my chest
He sings to me in colors,
My little guest

His voice rises
Carries a soft tune… 95 more words


The Flow Of Life

Life is just like a flowing river. We get on this river at birth, and ride it until we get off at death. Most people never come to terms with this. 1,363 more words