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calming the storm

he saw the chaos

in her mind because the

 disarray played out across

her eyes; and he wanted

to calm the storm.


My Writings

Black Sheep

“Many times” she cried,

“Oh many times…once, twice is far too many,

they treat me as if I am worth nothing,

I am the black sheep among them all!”, 181 more words


Unwilling Power

Will it happen?
The swapping of vows
The slapping and rows
One kneed bows on hold
for now.

Will it be me?
The calling of numbers… 141 more words



“Sir? Sir, if you could please stay with the group.”

Liam turned to the tour guide and gave his best impression of a smile. He tapped the rope that barricaded the stairway from the tour and then folded his hands behind him. 195 more words


Our Little Secret

We are the anonymous faces

Stiffly seated in the back of black taxis

No one knows to where we are going

Only us. It is our little secret… 87 more words


Quotes - You Are Capable.

If you believe one thing that you’ve read today, believe this: you’re capable. You. Are. Capable. Believe it, work with it, set that thought free, and see where it takes you. 6 more words

Chronicles of a Borderline Germaphobe

Calling myself a full-blown germaphobe is a stretch, but I’m definitely borderline. I’m that person who can’t touch anything in public restrooms. I mean, why the hell would someone use the restroom, wash their hands, and… 447 more words