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Muse Tuesday - The Eternal Frontier | Ant-Man

When he woke, Hank found himself wedged into the wood grain. Wide-eyed, he checked the time and found he’d only been asleep for a few hours, as planned. 650 more words

On Writing

Love at the Gas Station (I will write you a story)

There is a poetic juxtaposition found in everyday life; a yin for every yang, a push for every pull, a love for every hate. I can spend my entire day assisting with a murder case, astounded at the sheer brutality which occasionally seeps into the human soul, and then that evening I can rediscover the inexplicable beauty found in a chance encounter between two destined beings. 858 more words


Keep your millions

Keep your

Coupled with

Keep counting
Your minions

Empty you


Anonymous in person

Nothing to hide
Lots to reveal

Things I choose
To share or not

in person

Real me
Another galaxy



You feel like
the warm tingles of a relationship that has gone by
with liquorice hints of something that once
was altogether beautiful and captivating; 41 more words

You don't have to

You crowned
Me your king

Not feeling
Too honored

Even said
I love you

You don’t
Have to


What is success like?

Saw you
And knew

What is
Failure like?

Venturing out
To know

What is
Success like?