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To the one who is starting to doubt the promise

God’s promise is loyal. He is One who says He will do a thing and will fulfil all of that word. He is not a God who lies. 293 more words


Morning Musings

Groggily waking,

To the blaring sound of the alarm.

Moaning tiredly,

Wishing to sleep a few minutes more.

Thoughts of randomness,

Begin to fill my foggy mind. 25 more words

Desk Notes

Another Transgender Character?! Why?

This post is a shameless excuse to just pour my mind out there, and especially to share a quick (only 2 hours lol) sketch I did of a character. 318 more words

"When you follow your passion, all illnesses fade"

So, people who do happen to follow my blog (and I thank you all) must be wondering at my sudden burst of activity; well I have a story to tell. 310 more words



  • Six short stories in one year.

After my writing got rejected few times I wanted to quit because I felt that I was going around in circles. 109 more words


Want to be a writer? Have a life first

No, I’m not saying that writers don’t have a life. Actually,
I would love to be a writer. But what I am trying to say is that, in order to… 1,005 more words


Making notes, things to remember

I recently found a scrap of paper with a few sentences scrawled on it. I’d forgotten about this particular moment but as I read my words it all came flooding back. 106 more words