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Donald Trump Faces 2 Articles of Impeachment in Ukraine Scandal

Setting up a history-making vote sometime in the near future, Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives on Tuesday announced two articles of impeachment against President… 656 more words


Toy Person

You can ramble so much,

forget the people who care,

make them hate you

and that’s not fair,

feeling child like,

refusing to share,

a broken toy

beyond repair.



Is it any wonder they call this land of Saints in Punjab the Jewel of India?
This evening, Baba Ji told us a story about the rainbird* to illustrate a point he was trying to make. 241 more words

Malia Obama Helped Drop Sister Sasha Off at College — Where She'll Have Roommates!

A few days after first opening up to PEOPLE about the “emotional” process of sending youngest daughter Sasha Obama to college this year, former First Lady… 453 more words



I’m the idiot.


Allowed you to turn my heart to stone

Then take flight.

Leaving me alone. Lost and confused on what my next move should be. 107 more words


POEM: Why I Gotta Choose?

It’s time
to make a decision
And I’m stuck yet again
Wondering how I’m gonna choose

Maybe if I really think hard
Weigh all my options… 100 more words


The Astronaut

I received a phone call from NASA informing me that I had been accepted into
their astronaut-training program. Very surprised, I said that I had never applied. 147 more words