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Always More

I see werewolves in my sleep
Creatures that change with the moon
Just like me.
A howling force to be reckoned with.
Do you hear the pulsing tide? 41 more words



A close examination

of the scene

left no clues

that could be gleaned.

She has disappeared

without trace

like she had been

abducted into space. 49 more words


rand0m th0ught #115

when I laugh out loud

while reading,

it’s always reassuring

and makes me smile

even harder



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Sacred reminders

i see from far one tree blooming with a flower on her every leaf. feather like petals of the red blooms flying in the summer air falling on the ground very gently, so quietly i feel time has vanished. 69 more words

A Hurting Heart, Turned Inside Out

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When We Meet

I’ve been thinking about you

but I’ve never met you.

Are you out there?

Looking for me,

waiting as I am,

for the other to come along. 47 more words