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I think I found the right words.

It was storming outside when our summer love came to an end. I remember that he didn’t knew how to feel, anger and sadness we’re mixed like the coffee and cream in my cappuccino. 585 more words


Thursday morning encounter

Its a Thursday morning.
People are hurrying
like ants.
All in motion,
trying to get somewhere.
Probably their non-desirable nine to fives.
Heads buried in flimsy screens, 99 more words


Cities Around the World Show Solidarity with London Following Terror Attack

Cities around the world illuminated landmark buildings Wednesday evening to show solidarity with London after authorities confirmed five people were killed and 40 injured after a… 508 more words


day at the beach (20170322)

we all crawled from the sea
not to be better
but to get away
from that insatiable maw
consume consume consume
it s waves wail… 21 more words


Where do they belong?

You can tell a lot about a writer’s position from the location of their “ironic quotes.”

What's your perspective? Writing Pitfalls #3

Settle into a comfy chair, and let me tell you a little story. Three years ago, I wrote a steampunk novella. It was awful. I’m not fishing for comments saying “Oh, I’m sure it wasn’t  1,261 more words