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Not A Lot

I pretend

to understand

the majority

of what I’m told

not because I’m stupid

but because

living blissfully unaware

is far greater

than living with… 6 more words

Katie Doherty's Tea Picks

Blogger, tea drinker, bibliophile, writer, poet and creative enthusiast. Katie is a published poet, writer and editor. She owns The Obscurum Society where she gets to put her bohemian creativity to use in the form of a blog. 233 more words


A state of love

I think I fell in love once
And then twice
And then again
  -and again 
With no one really
-Save ghosts 
       And wishes
        And people never to be  41 more words


Too young to fall too deep in love. 

I’m too young to fall to fall too deep in love.

I want to explore.

I want to travel.

I want to make memories in every country of the world. 459 more words


Haiku #678

You liked watching grass, 
said you loved the slow nature
of the growing green. 


"Imprint" (Artist: Unknown / Photographer: @Estorninos1)

“Make sure you leave an imprint everywhere it is you go.

There’s countless people you could touch when positivity is thrown.”

– @Daniel.Steez

Great artwork captured by #GullySteez contributor @estorninos1. 22 more words


People love to read about themselves

My time as a sports journalist taught me one thing: The only people really reading the entire article are the people in the article, and they will always love the article; doesn’t matter how poorly it is written. 437 more words

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