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A frog and a friend

It was another of those third-grade days. We did math, reading, P.E., writing and some laptop spelling and word recognition. Recess was warmer than we would have liked and I observed considerable fidgeting as the end of the day was near. 247 more words

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A Muse returns

Hi friends,

I talked before of being stuck in an accounting job for so long that my brain had finally lost all ability to create and invent (which no ethical accountant should do, haha 😝), only able to add, subtract, debit and credit. 167 more words


Loving and Taking Care of my Future Self.

Sometimes I overthink and dwell on the past, but that is the past and evaluating it will just waste my time. I love myself in the present and I love myself for what I have overcome in my life, but the most integral aspect of self-care and self-love is to empower, encourage, and pave the way for success for our Future Selves.  129 more words


Rejected Files: The Nine Sisters

Once a young woman named Aurora was waiting for a bus. She had to go to a big office building and explain them why they should give her a job. 407 more words

Stars And Smiles.

I’ve been looking for you for so long, my love, and I’m sorry if I can’t see you even if


you stand right in front of me… 433 more words




  1. convergence// 2may

part one: australia

  1. harbour// 5may
  2. wellington// 6may
  3. botanical gardens// 6may
  4. port arthur// 7may
  5. melbourne museum// 9may
  6. forum theatre// 9may
  7. federation square// 10may…
  8. 63 more words
Project Summer Seventeen

Jim the Janitor

Now Jim the Janitor is not the brightest fellow I’ve ever met.  He seems to have some boundary issues, as well as an extreme insecurity with regards to his personal and social relationships. 649 more words