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November Meal Plan: NaNo With Me!

Confession: I’ve been known to over-complicate things. Give me a molehill, and I can turn it into a volcanic mountain range. Seriously. And meal planning is no different. 603 more words


Drew Barrymore - As the Beatles say..."Paperback Writer" (click post for audi...

All you need to do to get informed about all magazine news right away is to follow our lastoneminute.com site. You can find the details of the post titled Drew Barrymore – As the Beatles say…”Paperback Writer” (click post for audi… in our article… 12 more words

Books Creating Poetry

Books creating poetry is an original feature where I take book titles and make them into poetry.

I have so much fun with this feature, and I encourage you to try it for yourself! 154 more words


October 25, 2016

I want to write about, well, cliché things. Like love, melancholic things, superficial drama, they all seem so attention grabbing. It seems so, so silly for me to want this. 92 more words


Not Restricting Your Website (My First Post)

Yes, the classic “First Post.” A time where new, prospective bloggers crack their massaged knuckles and dribble over their keyboard, eyes awash in the light of a shiny, new blog. 192 more words


Transformation | Writing Style

via Daily Prompt: Transformation

I wrote my first fleshed out story in Kindergarten. It was about dinosaurs and all of the things that they do in day to day life. 208 more words

Eating The Red Berries

Spicy food is an odd thing. It’s an evolutionary attempt by plants to keep us and other animals from eating them. It makes sense, if you eat a pepper once and it hurts your mouth, you’re not likely to try it again right? 960 more words