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A Study in Sherlock

So, this newest story, part of the Nine Hundred Owls project, draws inspiration from the Sherlock tales of ACD. I’m utterly useless as a mystery writer. 229 more words

Writerly Musings

Lysette (2016)

First published in October of 2014, this was my first official short story of my career. I recently revisited it, tweaked and updated it. For my loyal readers :) Thank you! 987 more words

Writerly Musings

Books and babies

I’ve been measuring time spent writing my current novel manuscript in imaginary unborn babies. Lately, they both seem about the same amount of effort and energy. 158 more words

Writerly Musings

A Year of Mediocre Books

True, the year is still not up, but I have concluded long ago, that the publishing schedule for major houses was a dud. Yes, there were a few good reads, but when I look back at my reading list, I find that many were  545 more words


How long is your response time again?

What do you mean two to three weeks?

I’m a bad waiter. I want things when I want them – a spoonful of ice cream, an answer to my text message, a response from that magazine. 165 more words

Writerly Musings


In my earlier drafts, I thought I could just skip the middle. Who needs a middle? Isn’t that the boring part that no one reads, anyway? 66 more words

Writerly Musings