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Books aren't written

Michael Crichton was a pretty cool dude. He said this, which has been my mantra for the past few months:

“Books aren’t written – they’re rewritten. 115 more words

Writerly Musings

writing is insane

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (okay, over the past couple of years) about how insane writing is.

I do pretty much the same thing every day, hoping it will take me somewhere new. 107 more words

Writerly Musings

"Writing at Work"

I guess it’s about the happy medium. That space between melancholy and elation. What are the ingredients for this? Well, therein lies the issue.

(image courtesy of… 517 more words

Writerly Musings

Virginia Woolf on Writing and Success

In junior high, I thought it would be a great idea to read Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. I’m not sure why, because the text went way over my head at the time. 596 more words


Mutiny of the Genres, guest post by Miranda Nading. #mondayblogs #TheExtinctionSeries

Hey fellow #MondayBloggers! The ever wonderful Miranda Nading has given us a post for this week. In her Mutiny of the Genre, she ruminates on what happens when a writer goes genre hopping. 737 more words

Writerly Musings

#MondayBlogs-A Writer's Life for Me

Something I’ve been seeing a lot of lately is the lack of balance in indie authors’ lives. When you’re the one responsible for all creative content, giving direction to the marketing department*, and the chief financial officer, it’s easy to ignore everything else until… 241 more words

Writerly Musings

Emotional Writing

Emotional writing. No I’m not talking about the act of writing, or even reading, scenes that make you want to cry, curse, or laugh out loud. 262 more words

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