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Sarah E. Stevens - Author Interview

Today with us we have Sarah E. Stevens. Her debut novel, Dark Moon Wolf release later this week. In celebration, Sarah will feature on this here blog in the lead up to her book launch. 1,099 more words


When you see it...

It occurs to me that there is a lot I don’t know about the world. I will freely admit this. I will often ask questions of people who don’t want to form answers, because they know things I don’t. 257 more words


Private Party of One

At lunch with the spouse on Friday, he lamented that instead of spending over a decade writing a grand dystopic opera, why couldn’t I have spent those years writing short stories and selling them. 525 more words


I've grown restless.

An indescribable sensation consumes my days. It’s something like being trapped between duty and desire. The demands of logic and prudence shouting over the pretty whisper of my gypsy heart. 146 more words

Writerly Things

First Post of 2017

I wasn’t going to blog for a while, but today I needed too, just for the sheer heck of writing. My WIP isn’t going to be finished for some time and it’s all editing, I love the story, but sometimes it’s just nice to write for the sake of seeing new words. 185 more words


I Remember what I Wanted to be when I Grow up.

I believe it was in the third grade. My teacher passed out paper and crayons to the whole class and gave us one simple assignment. We were to draw a picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up. 493 more words

Writerly Things

Secrets from the world of Hollyweird

Funfacts of the day:
1) Actors are often paid to wear designer attire to Red Carpet events. They essentially rent the dresses and agree to promote the designers when the press stick microphones in their faces and ask excitedly “Who are you wearing?” The dresses they wear don’t always reflect their ability or willingness to buy them, merely to wear them. 1,785 more words