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Artist Date: The Andrew Freedman Home

Gosh, it’s been ages. I’m still doing Artist Dates though and I’ve decided to share my weekly creative adventures here. I’ll be sharing other stuff too. 651 more words


LARPing off the Page

Harry Potter fans are making an actual school of wizardry in an actual gods damned castle. Holy crap, guys! “The Rose of Winter” is coming true!!! 110 more words

Writerly Things

Five Things I'd Rather Spring Forward Into

It’s that time again, folks. Daylight Savings. When we lose an hour of sleep and gain an hour of bleary-eyed resentment. To that end, here are five things I would  44 more words

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Writing Prompt: The Talk

With all of the on-screen and off-screen steamy sex scenes, sexual tension, and shipping fodder in the literary world, it’s probably a good thing to know what your character is attracted to and what their romantic/sexual history is. 593 more words

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At Dawn We Ride. Er, Submit.

Well, I did it. I submitted a book. Not The Book but a book. Well, technically a novella, but, if published, it would be in book format. 336 more words

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How do you judge a character?

I’ve always been a fan of bad-acting characters, all the way back to Eve from Sidney Sheldon’s, Master of the Game.  Part of me really loved Ashton from John Jakes’, … 811 more words

Writerly Things

tumblr finds - tricky English grammar hack




English has alternating stress patterns that indicate whether related words are nouns (first syllable stressed) or verbs (second syllable stressed):

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