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The Life Of A Notebook- Bee's Story

I’ve had a particular notebook¬†since I was tiny wee.

It’s got a silk cover and is decorated with beads.
It is, in short, very pretty. 621 more words

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Don't hand out leaflets, Stephen. I'll do it.

My next few months are now defined – crowdfunding my new novel, An Other’s Look, which is going to be published by Unbound. The site has gone live and here… 318 more words

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Yes, it's hard. No, You're Not Failing #writerslife

The highs and lows of writing a novel are pretty intense. I have felt like I reached breaking point more than once.

If I had followed online advice about how I should write every day, or how I should plot every scene, or climb every mountain. 335 more words

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Just Bee (week 2)

This week, ah what a week it was, things happened, and also stuff!

Basically, I’m struggling to remember what I did.

Cool Things I’ve Found… 343 more words

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What Happened? Where Am I? What's My Purpose This Year?

A year of working things out.

My partner and I decided to finally do something with our YouTube channel.

We called it Something Vloggy, and spent the year figuring out what kind of content we wanted to make. 442 more words

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The Writer's Tag

Huge thanks to J.W. Martin for this tag! If you do anything after reading this post it should be checking out his!


What genres, styles, and topics do you write about? 1,101 more words


2017 Year End

2017 has been a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s been difficult and challenging, joyous and prosperous. 2017 encouraged people to reflect on who they are, who their family and friends are, and what they are willing to do to love, protect, and respect themselves and others. 141 more words

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