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Dissonance (Part Three)

Vikos glanced up as Naleth left the courtroom, and his eyebrows arched in surprise.
“Is it time already? Very well then, the court will take a short recess. 2,464 more words

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You are not the reason why they left

Hey boo, say no more! You are not the reason why they left. You are beautifully and wonderfully made and trust me Jesus loves you more, so save those tears for your blessings, because you will shed tears of joy and happiness. 14 more words

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5 Questions for Authors: K.T. McQueen

K.T. McQueen  is another from the KGHH stable of writers, who also specialises in taking me out of my comfort zone and scaring the living daylights out of me. 528 more words


Fire in His Bones - Book review

While I was going through the book of Luke, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the scripture pointing out Lazarus and the rich man. He made me to understand that when a righteous man dies, he is carried, but when an unrighteous person dies, he is buried. 615 more words

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Dissonance (Part Two)

It was dark. Pitch black. Mennosha opened his eyes wide, searching the void for a glimmer of light. He stretched out his other senses and found a voice. 2,670 more words

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In three more weeks, I will return to writing. I can’t wait for Math and Biology to be done and over with. Both classes have taken so much out of me. 166 more words

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Wednesday Morning

Hello lovelies! 

Today I am knee-deep in editing for my current manuscript as well as preparing lesson plans for my dance classes later tonight. It’s going to be a warm afternoon outside and with a pot of tea I feel like listening to some favorite tunes.  55 more words