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When I Work 12 Hours.

My tired eyes, yawning

The symptoms withdrawing,

Of labour lost, unholy,

Whilst running my legs betray me,

The shins, bleeding out led,

But oh ode to the bumbling, 6 more words


Focus. The answer to get your writing done.

Karalee’s Post #117

I know how to organize myself. I make wonderful lists. I keep up my schedule in my calendar. I also purposely keep a few things solely in my head to challenge my intellect in the hopes that somehow I’m preventing Alzheimer’s by challenging my brain. 418 more words


One Hundred Ways to Say "Good" (Infographic)

There is nothing worse than repeating the same word over and over, when you could have so many different words to spice up your writing and make your intentions more clear. 7 more words

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Editing: What Are Filter Words?

What Are Filter Words?

Filter words are words generally relating to the character’s own thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. They remove the reader from the action or visual that you are trying to relay by fluffing up your sentences rather than showing what you’re trying to get across. 357 more words

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Ohio: Chapter Nine

Two days later, he sat in a booth with Rain and Star at Cal’s Diner. Shasta had promised to meet him. She wanted to see him. 1,162 more words

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Ohio: Chapter Eight

Evening found them around the dinner table. Matt was still rather weighed down by the emotions of the day. Tom and Susie sat watching him agonizing over whatever was on his mind. 902 more words

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Ohio: Chapter Seven

It had only been half a day since the rescue. Still, Matt was having trouble focusing on work. Tom entered the engineering booth to find a very frustrated Matt. 1,143 more words

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