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How I Charge For Ghostwriting or Editing

Although I have a single devoted client, one client does not pay the bills. As an author, neither does my current lineup of books. Though this boggles my mind, due to the reviews I have received, perhaps it shouldn’t. 299 more words

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All the Right Ingredients: Living, Writing and Cooking in Texas

After spending the winter in the Lone Star State, spending time with my two daughters and their families, this “Michigander/Michiganian” is ready to take the Texas-sized leap and move back here for good. 393 more words

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Mea Culpa

Just dropping a note to apologize for not continuing with The Morrow Family Saga. I have been so busy lately with getting the house cleaned up for the visit from my future mother-in-law (two more days before the big event),  school, and trying to figure out what has gone wrong with my Word program and Microsoft 365 in general (it will no longer open my files) that I haven’t taken time to write. 64 more words

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Write Club: Do you talk about it?

Fairly often, I’m asked “How’s the writing going?” or “How is the book coming along?” by people who know I write and I always have an internal moment of panic. 812 more words

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Break every chain cover

Yesssssss, finally made a video after a very longggg busy week. I wanted to sing break every chain alone and I thought after that, fill me up will just play, but then it started right at the middle and I was like okay, “how do I escape this?” I just chilled tho and sang but in my heart I was like ohhhhhh mannnn I wasn’t ready for second song loool :) 22 more words

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I Had A Sudden Thought....

If evolution is how things happened, then mankind must be an evolutionary dead end and Mother Nature is just waiting for us to wipe ourselves out before trying a new avenue of higher being. 70 more words

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