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The Devil, Chapter Eighteen

“And he don’t have the answer

And if he did he’d lie

The devil is a joker

And he don’t want you alive.”

Things got out of control for an instance, at the gate, when  Abaddona and his henchmen were brought to those guarding the gate. 1,129 more words

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Before We Begin ( a word from our sponsors)

Before I get back to the story, I feel I need to let all know a few things. While I know that some of you have already discovered my poetry blog (all poetry, all the time), I fell I need to give all the link…so here it is: https://jayspoetryjournal.wordpress.com/. 310 more words

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Duke Nuke 'Em's Atomic Blues (Slight Return)

(blues guitar solo intro)

Nothin’ can make me feel

Any worse than I do now (oh, no)

I’ve lost my woman

I lost my job… 221 more words


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To the serious writer

Any serious writer avoids Wikipedia unless they have no other recourse. If they are collegiate writers (students as well as freelance writers/bloggers), they are told that Wikipedia is unacceptable as a source of information for any serious research paper. 274 more words

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OK, so I gave you two chapters for the price of one. I’m no longer sure how to correctly classify this story either. I, personally, can’t continue to think of it as a horror story because I don’t find it scary. 173 more words

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The Devil, Chapter Seventeen

“He’d treat you like a dog now

He’d like to treat you worse”

Thaniel and his helpers appeared near Abaddona’s last known position to find the demon and his minions gone. 1,014 more words

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The Devil, Chapter Sixteen

“The devil deals in dyin’

And he travels in a hearse…”

All this dying. And for what? A twisted concept? convictions?

Uriel frowned. The devil had outdone himself. 1,066 more words

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