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What fate awaits a runt born in a land where strong and powerful dogs are necessary for survival? 365 more words

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Tales of the Alpha Triad: The Project Genesis Files, Episode 1: The Project Begins


From the desk of Matthew L. Spartan, Barr.


As the lawyer within the delegation, I , Matthew L. Spartan, along with Thomas D. Spartan, Luke C. 5,298 more words

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Tales from the Alpha Triad, Episode 2: And It Begins…

Episode 2: And It Begins…

Entry 1

Before I left on my trip to Europe, the lab gave me an experimental medical armor made expressly for me to test. 7,705 more words

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Tales From The Alpha Triad

Episode 1: “Where It All Began”

By Jaysen True Blood


It has been seven months since my wife died. In that time, I have struggled to find my way. 5,117 more words

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The Scoop

I know that I am dropping off in the early stages of a story (Ages), but I have a more complex story I want to begin. 257 more words

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For those in glass houses

Over the past few days I’ve once again heard some individuals tell their tales of how “their ancestors/grandparents/great grandparents” came to this country the “right way.” None of us really knows that for sure unless you yourself actually did the paperwork. 117 more words

Hello again, here you go, take your favourite chair and let’s enjoy coffee and a chat *sips coffee*

I have a thought for you to mull over. 763 more words

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