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America doesn't need zombies

There is a lot of confusion about my new book. Many people are telling me that they are bored to death with zombies, that the zombie genre has been done to death, and that there is just no way to breathe new life into the zombie story. 450 more words


Still no Zombies

My new book is out and getting some great feedback. Right now, I really want to just get it out there more. I want to get this book in as many hands as possible. 467 more words


As I waited for the dart two weeks ago I heard the tweeting of a bird, On searching I found this fellow. Easily disguised as his colouring was matching the shrubs that he perched upon. 7 more words

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Street Photography

I met up with a group of Street Photographers today with the theme set to be ‘hands’. with an interesting topic what I had in mind and what I came away with were both very different. 181 more words

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How to use polls to engage your blog readers

Hey blogger!

Have you ever used a poll before? If you’ve not, today’s post is perfect for you. 

Polls are a good way for bloggers to find answers to questions, try out new things or just feel the pulse of the online tribe. 256 more words

The Sparkle Writers Hub

Author's Bio ;

Jae Eun Lee is a fiction writer who has a soft spot for not so soft things, crime and brutal honesty. Aside from endeavoring into both the ups and downs of the basic teenage life, she researches and reads about criminal justice, criminological psychology, and law on a daily basis—to the extent her mother worries about her mental health. 53 more words

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Writing Prompt #27 Philosophical Questions for the Universe

Why are we here? What’s our purpose? Does it matter?

We are currently residing on a space rock that’s hurtling around a giant star at around 67,000 miles per hour. 348 more words

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