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Questions To Ponder, Answers To Find...

So I was thinking. I should keep the length of each book uniform. In other words, instead of varying the number of chapters, I should remain consistently even with 24. What do you think?

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Al begyndelse er svær

It is ridiculous how fast one falls back into old patterns when one returns home. When I wanted to take a gap year to take a chill after high school, someone I considered very wise told me that you cannot run from problems. 108 more words

Tandy, Kendrick & Tom

So now we know a little more of the story, which will be told in further detail later. Like several books later in the 1950s series. 176 more words

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Do You Miss Me Darlin'?: Chapter Fifteen

Tandy sat down on the couch in his living room, offering Ken a seat. “I will start at the beginning. I met Tobias French after Natalia broke up with him. 1,149 more words

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Do You Miss Me Darlin'?: Chapter Fourteen

Natalia awoke in Trent’s arms. She was still unsure of what she was going to do. What if Trent no longer wanted her? What if Toby was really still alive? 1,063 more words

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The Defence of Fan Fiction

This might be an unpopular opinion, and I’m not playing devil’s advocate here, and I’m also not an angst-fuelled tween desperately trying to vocalise my confusing sexy feelings, but hear me out when I say someone needs to stand up for fan fiction. 418 more words

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The Last Kiss

I am so sorry for the disppearence. University decided to catch up with me; dissertation hand-in, presentations, exams. But I am free now!

I glance at Jack. 389 more words

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