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Coming back to life

Sorry for the nearly month long silence. Last term was a bitch. Instead of allowing me to break up the science and math, they (my advisor) decided I needed to get both out of the way. 203 more words

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Frozen Creek

My Father took this picture in Alaska back in the 60’s. I thought it would make a good writing prompt for some Flash Fiction. Leave your  stories in the comments below. 250 words.


When Do You Reach the Point Where You Can Give Writing Tips?

There are so many blogs out there where writers offer valuable and insightful tips on the craft to others who wish to achieve a modicum of success in the field. 1,095 more words

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It's My Party, and I'll Do What I Want To!

This is my “birthday week,” which is thought-provoking on so many different levels. More than anything, though, this occurrence evokes a multitude of childhood memories. I feel lucky to have grown up within a loving family in Tawas City, Michigan, with both sets of grandparents living nearby.  631 more words


When your blog content is pirated, this is what you should do.

Piracy is a problem no content creator prays to encounter. It has a way of making you so angry and almost discouraged because what you spent a considerable amount of time working on, another person will just copy and paste like its theirs. 203 more words

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Episode Three: Wonders (Part One)

Gallia found Keldan pacing in the grove outside King Vantoon’s palace.

“I can’t believe him,” he fumed as she approached. Gallia nodded, and crossed both sets of arms, listening thoughtfully. 2,613 more words

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An OK Start is Better Than Never Starting

This time? I thought it was going to work. After battling through years of empty excuses and studying my “social-media-awkward” ass off, I was going to make it happen. 360 more words