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Tales from the Renge: Birth of a Savior, Chapter Twelve

Niobe spent three days training before leaving for Tyrannos. It would be enough to give the illusion that she was one of the soldiers, not the governess of Yndarr. 982 more words

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New Website

I have a new website where I will be setting up a store over the next few weeks. There, my books and any promo items created to further interest in my books will be sold there. 9 more words

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A small poll

I need some input here. I am thinking about creating some promo items and want to know what you, the reader,  would be most interested in. 140 more words

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New Blog Site

I am starting a new blog strictly to sell books, music, and other promo things. I will still share when books are published here, but all links will be posted on the new site.

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I've Never Read Harry Potter 2: Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter is 19 years old, and as Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them comes closer to the cinemas, I am continuing to read the Harry Potter series (and watch the films) for the first time ever. 422 more words

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Perhaps I can write,

It would be a way of sharing the adventure without having to bore people with endless emails.

On a blog? Yes, I think this would be the best way and then people can read at their leisure. 126 more words

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Tales from the Renge: Birth of the Savior, Chapter Eleven

The road to Tyrannos was fraught with danger. Highwaymen haunted every dark, forested and every remote stretch of road. It had been that way for decades or, at least, since the current emperor took the throne. 926 more words

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