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Flash Fiction: The Wolfengard

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Every month I plan to do a flash fiction piece around 500 words or so, and this is the first of what I hope to be many! 598 more words

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To those reading, or having read, my last chapters….I will be re-titling them according to the original lineup of chapter titles. I wanted to give y’all fair warning before I did so, so that you wouldn’t think I was rewriting my story. 7 more words

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I’m not meant to be here. From the bones in my fingers, to my aching knees, I can no longer stand on my two feet. I’ve lost all sense of feeling, I’ve lost a sense of direction, just to find that I’ve been misleading myself all these years. 70 more words

Welcome to the (First) Draft: The Revelation of Editing

I’m going to tell you a story. Shocking for a writer, I know. It’s about a young boy with a vivid imagination, a sarcastic sense of humor and a yearning to share his visions with someone else. 393 more words

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So Much To Do, So Little Time...

Been having a bit of trouble with my computer. Almost thought I wouldn’t be able to get back on wordpress, but decided to pull one more trick before giving up. 58 more words

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Angel Of Death: The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down, Chapter Five: Tens

The shape shifters appear around us. Almost as if they have teleported themselves from over a mile away. I am going to have to learn that trick too. 998 more words

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I have so many thoughts, ones that keep me awake at night while your breathing echoes through the phone. I search for every letter as I look up at my ceiling. 77 more words