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Kay must have wanted to get my attention, she crossed her legs and gave me a look at her shapely thigh that darted out of her designer culottes. 590 more words


The last few months my wife was alive, I had two recurring dreams…well, make that three. The first was of a house that was haunted by some unknown horror. 747 more words

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Taking that Break....or not.

Taking that break…

or not.

So, you finished Nanowrimo. Worked out 50,000 words or so and are now looking into jumping into the editing phase of that writing process. 487 more words

What's Missed

It’s amazing what you begin to miss when you lose the one you love. For instance, I miss going to bed with my wife and being able to cuddle. 64 more words

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December Goals.

A few things that I’ve accomplished in November…..

Not a heck of a lot to be honest. I’ve got a small card that I have written my goals down on and it’s pinned to my planner so that I have to stare at it on the daily and I’m trying my hardest to finish this list. 191 more words

Crawling From The Wreckage

Sorry I have not been on for the last couple of weeks. This past Monday marked one week since my wife died. Since then, I have sort of been without a rudder and haven’t really had much ambition. 442 more words

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50 Writing Blog Post Ideas

Maintaining a consistent writing blog can be tricky, especially when you’ve had one for a while and have to keep coming up with ideas for posts. 586 more words