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I Ended up a Vegan

Last night I had a fantastic adventure on my sofa.

Picture a low-lit evening light. I was wafting in the soft comfort of leather as I lay there, having an amply wonderful conversation with my husband while we waited for Netflix to load our latest find. 548 more words


What is Hope, Anyway?

Dear Friend,

Hope doesn’t always mean happiness. I started this blog, hoping to be a cheery voice to greet you and make your day a little brighter. 840 more words

Hope Note

Articulating Agony: The Writer as Antihero

“In literature, only trouble is interesting.” –Janet Burroway

Among writing professionals there are certain “truths” about the writing life that are—more often than not—agreed upon. Fo… Visit LeeAnn Adams’ blog in the link below. 9 more words

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Going Up

A little thing inspired by a prompt on J. A. Allen’s blog.

The elevator door opened. Matt surveyed the space inside. A metal box with walls painted to look like wood grain, a stainless steel hand rail wrapped around three sides at hip height, dirty red linoleum on the floor. 571 more words

Kristen Lamb on writing her first novel

The long game is fiction

As my readers know, I am also writing fiction. I have followed Kristin Lambs’ blog for several years. Looking back at 2002 when she began the marathon of mastering novel writing she shared her early enthusiasm and disbelief. 264 more words

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Finally I took the plunge again for my blog name to become a domain name again.
It’s been a while;
but i’m back.
alesbianwriter.com is coming soon again; 12 more words

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How to Create a Successful Blog

Hello everyone!

While preparing for the 2017 NJ SCBWI Conference, I thought back to September 2015 when I became serious about getting published. I researched how to make a living as a children’s author (FYI – The answer is to publish a lot of books or get insanely lucky.). 272 more words

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