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Why Journal as a Spiritual Practice?

Why would anyone keep a journal?

I use mine to whine, to rail, to complain… to call in change.
I use mine to chronicle, sort through, dig deep… to call in change. 731 more words

Writer's Achievement Diary- 28 May 2017

Mon 22/05/2017

  1. Scene 1, chap 46 done
  2. Scene 2, chap 46 outlined very roughly

Tue 23/05/2017

  1. Scene 1, chap 47 partially outlined

Wed 24/05/2017

  1. Scene 1, chap 47 changed completely…
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Writer's Craft

In The Writer's Zone

There are dangers in being a writer. The jaws of the Muse’s trap can take form in the laptop by my chair, waiting for me and the Muse to connect. 935 more words

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 21 May 17

Mon 15/05/2017

1. Finished off scene 2 of Chap 27
2. Figured out main gist of scene 2, chap 28
3. Made decision to relocate another side-plot section…

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Writer’s Achievement Diary- 14 May 17

Mon 8/05/2017

1. Fleshed out the empathy scene b/w Sin Sin and Lok for potential future incorporation
2. Identified key decision points for the outline as a separate doc…

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Writing Lesson Section 5 by David Kummer

Welcome to this lesson of David Kummer’s writing course. That’s me, by the way. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, success stories, or just something fun to say, email me at… 650 more words

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Lost for Words

Now that the Makkarios series has been made available on the iBooks platform, I have turned my attention to the same for the Last Book of the Kings series. 296 more words