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Prompt #2 and Character Analysis Assignment

Today we did two important type things. We did a prompt and then you got a character analysis assignment. The analysis assignment is due NEXT THURSDAY (not next class). 217 more words

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Fun with Language: Portmanteau or Word Blends

One way you can have fun with language is through the use of portmanteau or word blending. Word blending is just an extension of compound words. 328 more words

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Expanding Descriptors

Hey Gang,

Today we continued on with practice character descriptions.

First we looked over a selection of personality adjectives. While not a restrictive list, I have found this one very useful in my own writing. 151 more words

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2 Lessons I learnt from “Fast Food” Reading

So before I go into the 2 lessons, let me first provide the context for this post: the ‘fast food’ reading in the title referred to the serial fictions written in my mother tongue of Chinese that I had been reading on the Internet in my period of ‘unemployment’ after I broke away from PhD. 227 more words

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Well, THAT Didn't go as Planned...Again!

Well, THAT didn’t quite go as planned…again!

The Hanged Man was a difficult story to write.  Partly because the plot painted me into a corner (I blame the plot, not myself), and partly because, although it was started and set in July, the sequence of events I’m living as I get near retiring from the Navy in just 15 days has driven me crazy. 589 more words


A Brief for the Lowly Dialogue Tag

Today I want to devote a few minutes’ attention to the lowly and often maligned dialogue tag.

I generally agree with what I believe to be the consensus: Dialogue tags (e.g., he said, she asked) should function almost as invisibly as punctuation and should usually be limited to the more “invisible” varieties like “said” and “asked,” that is, tags that don’t call attention to themselves and take over the page. 904 more words


First Writing Prompt and Character Descriptions

Hi Gang,

Today was a busy day with 2 distinct activities.

  1. Our first official promt

Today you did you first of many writing prompts. I saw a couple of nice looking prompt books and a lot of people writing on loose leaf paper. 150 more words

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