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Chinese lore- Pan Hu

I love lore and myths in general and so I figured that I will start a new series of posts on Chinese lore that I’ve collated and manually translated across to English. 600 more words

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You Know You May Be a Writer If . . .

You know may be a writer if . . .

  • you have an uncontrollable fetish with journals and writing utensils.
  • a trip to the library is a highlight of your week.
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The Thinking Behind The Crying Camper

When I first started thinking about The Crying Camper, I wanted to write a story that exposed the evils of child exploitation. When I started researching the topic, however, I found that the topic was not as straightforward as I expected. 564 more words

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the numbers killeth

Last month I hit the jackpot.

I was assigned to teach a night school section of senior-level Writer’s Craft. It’s the sort of course most English teachers drool over: an opportunity to guide mature and willing young adults through an intense syllabus designed to help us become clear, creative writers. 357 more words


Tricks for overcoming Writer’s Block

I haven’t found much time to write today so today’s post will have to be a shortie. I’ve decided to share some of the tricks I use to overcome the Writer’s Block or being stuck in more general terms. 254 more words


Inspiration and World Building: Creating an Inspired Setting

When I think back at all the wonderful books I have read which fuelled my love of the science fiction and fantasy genres one of the first images that come to mind is not the characters which fought, loved, lived and died across the pages, not the fantastic plots filled with adventure, daring, sorrow and loss but the fabulous worlds – the humid deadly jungles, searing hot deserts, neon urban metropolis, or the mysterious islands where treasure lay buried in ancient ruins or maybe a lighthouse lured ships to their doom. 673 more words

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Writer’s Tool: Palm Cards

I am sure that a lot of writers use palm cards as an organisation tool and different people use it in different ways. In this way I’m just discussing my particular usage of them. 546 more words