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Memento Bonus Assignment

Hey Gang,

So during the last week of class we started watching the film Memento. We did not finish it because on Thursday and Friday’s classes many of you seemed to have all gotten sick at the very same time and not showed up. 358 more words

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Mining for Heart: "Concept and Connection" by Melissa Stewart

So…what about science based picture books? How do you find the “heart” in STEM topics? Many thanks to┬áMelissa Stewart for sharing her process and all the valuable links. 803 more words

Beth Anderson

January: A Prompt in Itself

Prompt Others; Prompt Myself

I first used the word “prompt” when teaching high school English as an educational tool for students to jumpstart their individualized, brainstorm-like induced stories. 444 more words

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Calendar Until Holiday

Hey Gang,

Just thought it might be helpful for you to know what the plan is from now until the holidays.

5 – Final Prompt – PERIOD E… 84 more words

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Test Review

Things that will be on the test:


  • Ant of the Self by Z.Z. Packer
  • Memento Mori by Jonathan Nolan
  • 2 Stories by B.J.Novak
  • Snow Glass Apples…
  • 33 more words
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Story Prompt #4: Shifting Perspective

Hey Punkyaloids,

Today we did 2 exciting things…

  1. We took up those questions from the other day using the 7-basic plots model
  2. We did our final prompt for this unit…
  3. 182 more words
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Story Prompt #3 - Period E ideas

Hi Gang,

Last class I asked you to generate a list of story writing prompt using a simple WHERE, WHO and WHAT framework. You did a great job.

280 more words
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