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Bad Movies: A Great Way To Learn About Story

I love movies. I’ve loved them for a very long time. As a kid I can remember our first VHS player and watching Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Neverending Story… 633 more words


4 Reasons Deep Reading Betters Your Craft

Ah, reading. We begin learning our language at an early age, followed by the alphabet, words, sentences and so on. We work diligently our whole lives to be able to interpret the symbols inked on paper or lit on screen and the difference between cause and because.   1,199 more words


Progress Tracker on Thread (3)

This week, I ripped into actual writing, with a limit of 300 words per weekday and 500 per weekend day. The broad writing goal for this week was to get scene 1 and 2 finished (there are 7 scenes in total for this chapter and I’ve written the ending scene already way back when it was just going into the epub as a serial short story). 813 more words

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Prompt #3

Today’s prompt is courtesy of a prompt list I found on Buzzfeed.

Prompt 3

This idea is cool but I think the examples are a little uninspired. 16 more words

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Shared post about Patreon

Thought this may be useful information for all writers and bloggers (upon further research, apparently this is only profitable for those with an established following like most Internet based ventures but it will be a good side project for developing an additional relatively stable income stream if you do): … 68 more words

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Similes, Metaphors and Analogies

Today I gave you a handout that explained the difference between metaphor and analogy.

We started by taking the Bouba/Kiki test and then moved onto discussing why we use metaphor and analogy. 31 more words

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Progress Tracker on Thread (2)

Again, I finished my set broad goal for this week ahead by one day! Technically I’m still in planning stage (my pre-writing is just blotting out how events occur in the story on a fine level plus notes to myself about key aspects to watch out for) so it’s to be expected but I’m learning to celebrate all of the small victories where possible. 175 more words

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