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Craft: Writing Prompt

Do you want to reach deep inside? Find the areas and themes that make your writing uniquely yours? Try this. Over and over. Random lists of nouns. 257 more words

Sarah Leamy

Craft Essay: Landscape as Character

There is chapter in Tell it Slant which tackles how and why we need to consider the role of place as character within our work. It’s a theme for me, one I want to improve upon. 810 more words


Presentation Order

Hey Gang,

Time’s up. I want a hard copy of all assignment handed-in next Tuesday. I can’t wait to start reading them. The last thing you gotta do is present your big bit of writing business. 47 more words

Writer's Craft

1:ONE - Story Planner | v. 1.0




  • Elle – Random creation of The Void
  • Ava – copy of Elle (the void liked Elle)
  • The Void – omniscient narrator, creator of Elle and Ava.
  • 118 more words

Writer's Craft Summative

Here’s a link to the summative:

Writer’s Craft Summative 2018 Final

Also, I cut and pasted here for easy access:

Writer’s Craft Summative Assignment

Major Writing Piece… 1,392 more words

Writer's Craft

Outside the Window- 3mins

Three minute write.

Writing Prompt: Outside the Window.

Outside the window Fredric could hear the wind blowing although the alarm from the house across the street was ringing as loudly as if it was his own house. 158 more words


Poetry Prompt 4: Slam Poetry

Hi Gang,

Last class we watch a lot of slam poems in an effort to prepare you for today’s prompts. You job today is to crank out a slam poem. 484 more words

Writer's Craft