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The First Fall

The style of this personal piece is a screenplay. The target audience are for young adults who may be experiencing their first love, or for adults who enjoy reminiscing. 345 more words

Writer's Craft

The Little Lam's Life Advice: Read a Bad Book

The prompt for the following post is to refer to a special book from my childhood, and recount its influence on my life.

Since I was around three years of age, my love for reading had already begun. 346 more words

Writer's Craft

It's Not Stealing if it's an Accident (Batch 1 - Post #4)

Form of Writing: Short Story

Target Audience: Supernatural/Adventure for Young Adults


In the backseat, Erin opened her luggage, “This isn’t my bag!” she whined, eyeing the cargo with disdain. 339 more words

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BA-DA-BING Sentence Revamping & Benchmark Testing

This week in 7th grade, following benchmark testing, we discussed a few grammar concepts as well as… drum roll please… BA-DA-BING sentences! These sentences are a way of making a boring sentence exciting for the reader, while giving them more detail about what you were experiencing! 94 more words

7th Grade

6 Ways To Cultivate Your Writer's Voice

Voice: so important for writers, yet so damn difficult to define. Agents and editors frequently say things like “I’m looking for a distinctive voice”, but they tend not to elaborate on what they mean, exactly. 1,158 more words


Of Course I’m ‘Hysterical’. This is my life. (Batch 1 - Post #3)

Prompt: Write about your views on a current issue and why you want to share them

Trigger Warning: Mentions of rape.

Boys will be boys. 351 more words

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Where The Wild Thinks Are

A couple of years ago I spent the day at a High School, talking to English classes of students aged 15-17 about writing. It was a fun day, the kids were smart, engaged and I like to perform. 1,729 more words