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Writing Course: Week 10

This week in the Writing Course was the first time I deliberately put off an assignment, I just didn’t want to do it. so I put it off for about a week (because I did start it early in the first place) and then I knocked it off in about two days and stopped caring what the mark might turn out to be. 103 more words


Writing Course: Week 9

There’s only two weeks left to go for my writing course, and this week was the easiest one so far. There wasn’t an assignment so there was only a quiz and a chapter to read. 223 more words


Writers, Drop Got

Got is Just Not Good English

By Annette Rey

Let’s find some words to substitute for the word got. 101 more words


Comedy Groups Period e



  • Anna
  • Val
  • Chloe
  • Davis


  • Sophie
  • Lake
  • Alima
  • Stephie


  • Molly
  • Sarah
  • Ashley
  • Max
  • Holly


Writer's Craft

For the Love of Words

Love Them, They Will in Turn be Good to You

By Annette Rey

I have been called a “word nazi” many times in my life. This stems from my obvious love of words and the respect I have for the English language. 642 more words


WC: Week 8

Out of all the assignments I’ve had to do so far, this was probably the longest. Time and Thoughts were the topics for this week, and actually trying to intentionally write about time and thoughts proved quite difficult. 376 more words