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Chinese Lore- Legendary Chinese String Instruments (Guqin) (2)

Continuing from last time, here’s the next snippet and the last one of this series will be posted this Friday/Thursday.

  1. Scorched Tail

Appearance & Characteristics… 524 more words

Writer's Craft

On Self-Publishing . . . with students

This morning I finally got my Writer’s Craft student anthology completed for printing. The Amazon page should be up by the middle of next week, and I can give the link to my students to order their own copies. 630 more words

Life -- The Universe -- And Everything

My First Book!

I am pleased to announce my first book is available for download through Amazon.com. Those of you who have been following my blog have already tasted a sample of this smutty little delight. 61 more words


Chinese Lore- Legendary Chinese String Instruments (Guqin) (1)

Over this and the next post, I will be covering the 10 greatest guqins in ancient China. Guqin literally means ancient string instrument. It is basically a musical instrument of the zither family (multiple strings stretched across a flat body). 705 more words

Writer's Craft


I just finished final edit and publishing of my first Amazon Kindle Book! I will post a link as soon as it’s available.

I feel really accomplished, mostly that I devoted all the time to do the writing and editing—but honestly, after all the reading and re-reading I need some time away from my characters. 53 more words


Excitement + Fear = ?

Oh, the human limbic system. Great little survival tool out in the wild, against tigers and bears. But in the world of writing? This is what happens: the three big F words. 168 more words

Camp Nanowrimo

Writing Writ Large

Words by Tim Sujak

Writing is many things: both a craft and a whim; contradictory and not; for all time and never again. To write is to create atop a philosophical platform and then descend to pure and unadulterated sensory experience: whether sincere or facetious, the act of writing demands the reader and writer submerge themselves within its vast arctic oceans of nothingness. 195 more words