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Story Structure as a Baseball Diamond

What does baseball have to do with the way stories are told? How will the image of home plate and the diamond of bases help you pace the “big moments” that propel your story forward and keep readers hooked? 1,268 more words

The Writer's Craft

I have spent a good many years working on my writing, which is a lifetime endeavor that is undertaken with the knowledge that being a writer is actually a way of life. 578 more words

Art Life

[book talk]: Good Bones

Are you there Margaret? It’s me, Eric.

Do you remember a couple weeks ago when I confessed to you that, despite calling myself a high school English teacher, and having studied Canadian Literature until my ears bled two solitudes and hay imagery, I had yet to read one of your books? 581 more words


Magic Magnets

Writing a book is like building a puzzle made out of magnets.

My last post, about how a character’s wishes can kick-start a story, made me think about similar moments in the actual process of writing. 196 more words


Moonlake's Writing Updates (2)

Okay so I’m back but only to say that I want to extend my leave to end of September. I’ve gone through a couple of false starts but I’ve started on the short story for the epub project that I talked about in the last post and have just passed the 1000 words mark. 266 more words


Laptop or Pen? Choose Your Weapon.....

Writers are strange creatures. Each approaches the act of plying their trade differently and each have their own tools/resources to navigate their way through the minefield of obstacles and challenges that is the physical and psychological battle of getting their manuscript published. 788 more words

Writer's Craft

On writing simultaneous novels: Part 1

It is not without reason that I have been absent from this forum since October. I have resumed a project that had stymied me a few years ago. 539 more words

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