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My New Book Project: A Novel About Virtual Reality

I recently started work on a novel, on the theme of Virtual Reality. I think VR is the most promising consumer technology around right now. Products like the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift, Sony’s Project Morpheus and Samsung’s Gear VR are all early stage (Oculus hasn’t even released a version 1.0 for consumers). 307 more words

Writer's Log


Last night I worked until 10:30, after an intense day of work on the revisions to the TEN MILES proofs — not to mention mounting frustration during what were meant to be my… 320 more words


Ten Miles and Worlds Apart

Months ago I abandoned Ten Miles, bored with the characters, I thought.  Then yesterday I suddenly discovered what the problem was: it wasn’t boredom; I had lost sight of the reasons why I have chosen to make them what they are. 1,121 more words



Peace! The whole world’s hankering after it. Today we have peace conventions, peace rallies, peace slogans, and yet, there is no peace. We are insecure in our own minds, in our own homes, in our own homeland. 707 more words