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Writer's Log #16

Walked Simon today. He was really excited because it had just rained.

We walked past a gas station the city is trying to close, due to it not being safe and way behind on maintenance…. 87 more words


Writer's Log #15

So I took my wife to see David Sedaris for her birthday.

She had mentioned him years ago and asked me to get his autograph since she had to work. 316 more words


Writer's Log #14

Finished two books.

Got new books for the library

And hot chocolate…

To mix with coffee

Actually sat down and wrote some letters today.

No one ever tells you about the part of writing, where you hate it. 67 more words


Writer's Log #13

Bought two new cardigans for a dollar. That’s a really cool sweater. And perfect, since my hot roommate, I mean she’s cool for a friend and all. 302 more words


Writer's Log #12

Adjusting to new work schedules

Which isn’t a bad thing

But I haven’t been writing a lot


I have been reading

They took The X Files off Netflix… 139 more words

Daily Post

Writer's Log #11

New Lit

Several short story ideas.

I really need a coffee pot with a timer. This making it yourself at 4am is for the birds. Sometimes I even do exceptionally well and forget to put the filter in. 108 more words


Writer's Log #10

Still trying to write more. I really suck. I’ve come to an understanding that I crave order. A – if you will – routine…I work better if I know in advance what I should be doing today. 128 more words