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It's Not Just About the Notebook -- Part of #TWTBlog's Throwback Week

This post written by Lisa Keeler is on my list of favorite posts from the archives of Two Writing Teachers. The first thing I love about Lisa’s post is her honesty. 888 more words

Writer's Notebook

Unpacking A Senses Seed — Iguana Vs Snakes - Earth Planet 2 #education #writing #globaled

3/4J this is a horrible video but it is amazing at the same time. David Attenborough is a famous nature movie maker and he filmed this amazing piece on the Galapagos Islands. 106 more words

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Journals, Everywhere

The writing notebook is a key part of a writing workshop. I begin every class with a short interval for students to freewrite in their journal, and for the first half of the year the goal is to fill half a page in ten minutes. 317 more words

The science behind the sci-fi: a new post series!

I never cared for the distinctions of “hard” or “soft” science fiction. Any good sci-fi story should strive for plausibility, and heavily technical ideas are often best explored through their societal impact. 197 more words

Science Fiction

Researching Countries and Cities For Our Writer's Gift #globaled #writing #education #research

Where has Mrs Joyce been on her travels?

Today I would like you to prepare a profile of a country and a city Mrs Joyce has visited in her travels. 153 more words

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Poverty In Australia - What If This Was You? Do We Have Any Answers? Globaled # Poverty #Education

Mission Australia

On any given night, over 17,000 Australian children under 12 are homeless (ABS, 2012). #Independenceisprecious

Mrs Joyce travels the world and has seen poverty first hand in countries like India and China. 90 more words

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Hands On Way To Teach Similes & Metaphors #Globaledchat #education #writing #aussieED

Students work step by step to prepare a book about themselves to show their understanding of similes and metaphors. This was one of the most inspiring lessons I have taught. 18 more words

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