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Helping Kids and Parents Understand Writing Notebook Rubrics

I recently wrote about wanting to encourage a playful spirit in the writer’s notebook, but also about my expectation that my 6th graders write words. Lots of words. 196 more words

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Can We Play in a Writer's Notebook?

I’m back from a year off of posting. Long story.

Why are some kids tortured by writers’ notebooks?

I got an email from a parent the other day, at her wits’ end because she said that getting her son to write entries in his notebook was like pulling teeth. 533 more words

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Halfway Writer's Notebook Check (1Q)

It‘s coming soon! To reward the people who are keeping up with their Writer’s Notebook, the halfway check could happen at any time. Bring your WNB to class every day and by 10/5 you’d want to have approximately 25 pages in the front section and 25 words properly formatted in the Vocabulary Section. 22 more words

What Are You Doing to Encourage Ownership?

This past week I had the privilege and opportunity to work alongside teachers and students at Parma Elementary, listening to the amazing Linda Urban. She led us in a writing exercise that opened my mind and threw words out of my pen. 457 more words

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My Paper Notebook

My life is almost completely paperless.  I knew I was shifting towards a more digital life when I showed up at the NCTE Annual Conference last year without a pen.   687 more words

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It's Not A Race, or, You Can't Rush Art

When it comes to creating my art, be it a poem, a short story, or a novel, I am not a speed demon. I never gave that much thought until this last week, when I read several pieces about writers who pump out four books or more a year, and whether they can possibly be any good when written so quickly. 604 more words


Lightning Writing

Lightning writing is when the students are given a writing prompt, we then brainstorm some words we might use and what type of writing we could create. 96 more words