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How to Write a Novel, Part 4: Opening Lines and First Chapters

Years ago, I read a fantasy novel my sister recommended. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the genre, I thought it would be fun for us to follow a series together, so I tackled the dense paperback. 1,217 more words

Writer's Notebook

Poetic Forms: the Sonnet

Daily Prompt

WN #35: Laughter

Freewrite for five minutes about what makes you laugh.

Today, you’re going to try your hand at writing a sonnet, arguably the most popular form of poetry in the world.  

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Daily Prompt #34: Terza Rima

Terza Rima is a poetic rhyme structure used by the famous poet, Dante Alighieri.  Terza stands for “three” which means every stanza is comprised of three lines. 

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Poetic Forms: the Villanelle

DP #33:Holiday

Freewrite for five minutes about what you think about when you hear the word, spring.

Hi folks! Let’s start class by doing a little group and class share of your limericks.

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A Writer's Confession

My last post here announced that I would be attending the Festival of Faith and Writing. In 2014. 2 years ago.

I write this post after attending the Festival of Faith and Writing. 550 more words

Writer's Notebook

My writer's notebook

A few months ago I started keeping a writer’s notebook of itms that could help me in my own writing. The notebook is divided into various sections, including “First Lines of Novels,” “Agents, Editors, etc.,” “Blog Post Ideas,” “Notes from Author Interviews I Saw or Read,” and “Lines I Like.” I’m doing my first writer’s notebook. 369 more words

Limericks and a Crash Course in rhythm, meter, and rhyme

DP #32: Fear

Freewrite for five minutes about what you fear. This can make great fodder for poetry!

This week’s focus in on highly structured poetry.  

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