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Reading like Writers

Daily Prompt

WN #14: Amazing First Lines

I have placed a stack of books at each of your tables.  Look through them and write down the first line you like the best in your notebook.  

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Writer's Notebook

Entering the World of the Ancient Greeks

WN Entry: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

A famous quote by a famous philosopher, free write in your notebooks what you think he means by this and if you agree with it.

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Fiction and Point of View

Daily Prompt

WN #13: Rereading and Highlighting

You’ve written 12 entries in your notebook now.  It’s time to comb back through it.  Take a highlighter, pen, and/or pencil and begin rereading.  

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On writing exercises and notebooks

It was a writing exercise “Describe your childhood bedroom in 300 words” that provided the inspiration for my previous post, Why these sad tears stream – my first attempt at flash fiction – that and my childhood interest in fairies. 443 more words


Halfway Writer's Notebook Check

It’s coming soon! To reward the people who are keeping up with their Writer’s Notebooks, the halfway check could happen at any time. Bring your WNB to class every day and by 3/2 you’d want to have approximately 25 pages in the front section and 25 words properly formatted in the Vocabulary Section. 22 more words

Reading like Writers

Daily Prompt

WN #11:  Flash Fiction

Read the following piece of flash fiction written by your peer.

You’re a stranger, with MY secrets.     ~Vaughn Valentino…

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Flash Fiction: Day Two

Daily Prompt

WN 10: Two-sentence story.   Similar to six-word stories, the focus is on brevity and diction, but you have little more leeway with these.

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