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See Something Where There is Nothing: A Poetry Lesson

April is National Poetry Month. Even though I tend to find crevices of time throughout the year to teach poetry and weave it within units of study I still love April. 912 more words

Writing Workshop

Poetic Forms: the Sonnet

DP #39: Laughter

Free write for five minutes about what makes you laugh.

Today, you’re going to try your hand at writing a sonnet, arguably the most popular form of poetry in the world.  

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'The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives.' Robert John Meehan

My friend and colleague of many years Angela Stockman is now going to be working with teachers and communities to start their own Writing Studios. I’ve been learning from Angela for a long time and watched and read with great interest the work she has been doing with young writers. 183 more words

Poetic Forms: Terza Rima and Cinquains

Daily Prompt #38: Terza Rima

Terza Rima is a poetic rhyme structure used by the famous poet, Dante Alighieri.  Terza stands for “three” which means every stanza is comprised of three lines. 

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Poetic Forms: the Villanelle

DP #37: Fear

What are you afraid of? Write for five minutes. This can be great fodder for poetry!

Hi folks!

Today, you’re going to try one of my favorite types of structured poems: the villanelle.

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Learn to Cut Words Before You Write Them

Editing Exercises

By Annette Rey

Participating in writing exercises will help break writer’s block as well as improve your writing. Simple, short challenges work just as well. 448 more words

Writing Exercises

Limericks and a Crash Course in rhythm, meter, and rhyme

DP #36: Catharsis

You’ve just had a three-day weekend. Take five minutes to write about how you spent it!  :)

This week’s focus in on highly structured poetry.  

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