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Todays Writing Prompts #writing #education #globaled

Today our writing prompts are the following. We will be exploring descriptive writing, these two pictures are extremely descriptive. I feel excited to see what you can do.

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Writing - Can you tell the story #writing #teachers #education #creativity #fun

This week 3/4J we are going to explore different writing prompts. You must place yourself in the picture. Remember to add descriptive language, do not write a story that is boring. 51 more words

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It's Not Just About the Notebook

I started this summer with  this confession to all of you about my less than steady notebook habit. And after I let you in on my little secret, I dusted off my notebook, located my pens, and selected a few pencils. 752 more words

Writer's Notebook

Notebooks: Starting with What Matters Most

Before summer began, we at Two Writing Teachers planned this blog series, and I blithely volunteered to write a post about the value of notebooks in writing workshop. 1,002 more words

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Writing: Revisiting What Is Snapshot Writing #writing #education #classrooms

Snapshot Writing

Snapshot Writing is a great way to get students to write about a specific moment in time. Today we will look at a planner alongside a visual prompt such as a photo or video. 44 more words

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What Students Say--Part 2: "Mindful Mondays" and "Museday Tuesdays"

In this series of posts, I’m sharing what students have to say about the supplemental activities I have been integrating in my classroom. I will share the good, the bad, the sad, and the ugly. 3,629 more words

A Writer's Notebook

I have been reading the book on the left all day today. It is a really easy and quick read and even better, it gives great ideas. 334 more words