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Class Chain Story

Daily Prompt #41: Create-a-scenario (given setting)

Create a scenario which takes place in the following setting:

  • Present day, interior of Target, Black Friday, 4am

Take ten minutes.

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Exploring Different Interpretations

Daily Prompt #40: Create-a-scenario (given characters)

Take the following characters and write a scenario in which they interact. Feel free to incorporate dialogue.

  • A deranged dog…
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Fall, Freelancing, and Fixes: update on "The Darksider"

I can’t believe November is almost over! Is everyone frantically pounding the keys for the final week of NaNoWriMo? I thought about signing up this year, but I wanted to dedicate myself to  320 more words

Writer's Notebook

Fiction writing: Peer-editing

Daily Prompt #39: Writing from a Word


What comes to your mind when you see this word?

Write for seven minutes.

First, you’re going to share your fiction with ONE peer and have them fill out a…

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Fiction: Dialogue

Daily Prompt #37: How many ways can you rewrite a sentence?

Take a sentence from the rough draft of your fiction piece and rewrite it at the top of this entry.

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Fiction and Verb Tense

Daily Prompt #35: Verb Tense

Take one of your six-word stories from last week and rewrite it the following ways:

*present tense

*past tense…

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Fiction and Point of View

Daily Prompt #34: Considering the craft of writing

Respond to this quote. Write for five minutes.

Today, we’re going to consider point of view when writing our stories.

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