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Moody could be first to face music in cobalt hearings

Moody will meet his legal team next week and decide if they will proceed with their original intention of challenging the “science’’ of cobalt in fighting charges of administration and presentation to Lidari during last year’s spring carnival. 139 more words

Colleen Petch

Scully Speaks on Lifeway Kefir

Tasty Tuesday is here! Yum!

I recently received a new product from Influenster complimentary for testing purposes.

(For those of you who are big on WordPress’ TOS don’t worry, Influenster doesn’t require me to do anything but try it and fill out a survey.   363 more words

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Scully Speaks has been given the Liebster Award

Yipee!! I’ve been awarded the Liebster Award!

The Liebster Award is a pretty neat little award given to bloggers with somewhere between 200-3,000 followers who are on the right track/ who are up and coming… 1,442 more words


"I love chores!"-said no child EVER

If you’re a parent it’s no surprise to you that children recoil at the mere mention of chores.  Some days calling chores a battle would be an understatement.   943 more words


Homemade Checca and (No-one-will-know-it's-imitation) Focaccia Bread

As a teenager, one of my favorite places to eat was California Pizza Kitchen.  Founded in 1985, they’ve grown to over 260 restaurants.

Unfortunately, the closest store is… 456 more words

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Referral Links Violate Wordpress TOS

Monday has made me it’s slave today!

My dog, Deuce didn’t chew up this Nerf ball…my toddler did!  Don’t worry, he didn’t swallow any pieces… 327 more words

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The Right (and wrong) way to wash your hair!

“Stronger, more beautiful hair in 7 days, guaranteed.”  Ads like this one from Clear’s recent ad campaign try to convince you that if you wash your hair with the right shampoo that all of your hair worries will be over. 712 more words

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