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Writing "SAND"

It is true the sand of the Mojave Desert hides treasures. There are storied treasure hoards, such as a ship laden with pearls, an underground river bed of black sand laced with gold, a shaft of gold ore behind an iron door, lost and never relocated. 554 more words

Thoughts On Writing

How many ideas do you have to write about?

Do you ever take a break from writing or is it with you constantly? I ask for one simple reason. My friend Adrianne said that I am always looking at objects, people and so on for possible story ideas. 237 more words


Noob Writers Unite

I had a conversation about writing with my cousin, as we often do. Afterwards, I kept thinking how great it would have been if I’d known which mistakes to avoid when I just started writing. 1,610 more words


Writer's Resources

The past couple of years I’ve studied to understand how writers write, and why readers read.
We live in an amazing time for those of  us who seek knowledge. 183 more words

#AtoZChallenge Reflection

Because of my book launch for Twenty-four Days, I never did get the reflection piece published on the A to Z Challenge. The short version: I loved it. 565 more words

Writers Resources

Getting In: Writing the Perfect Residency Application

It’s residency application season!

Well, it’s always application season. Spring applications for fall residencies, fall for spring, summer whenever, and that really prestigious place we apply to a year in advance and just figure we’ll cancel everything else in our lives if we get in. 901 more words

Business Of Writing

Changes In The Publishing Industry And Launching Non-Fiction Books With Dan Blank


Changes In The Publishing Industry And Launching Non-Fiction Books With Dan Blank

What changes have you seen in the publishing industry? Tell me in the comments! 23 more words