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The subjectivity of art

At what point do critiques of a piece of writing cease to matter?  Like all art, poetry and prose are similarly subjective beings.  What’s pleasing to one is not necessarily so to another. 630 more words


Karl Taylor: Creating Characters

Okay, they say everyone has an opinion. Guess what? So do I! For me, it’s the characters that make the story, not the other way around. 857 more words


Our First Writing Celebration!

We have been working on getting our Writers’ Workshop set up, as well as learning about and writing Small Moments.

We used the analogy of a watermelon and its seeds to help kiddos think about a BIG idea and the SMALL parts of that larger story.   150 more words


Omaha Artist Series: Christopher Couse

Quirky, thoughtful, and always reminding Omaha to stay “good-weird”, Pennsylvanian transplant, Christopher Couse is always on the artistic move.

You can find some of his current work at the  148 more words

Don't Forget to Share

“Just as I do my best writing when I’m surrounded by conversation, my students do too. A share session is the perfect time for kids to have writerly conversations with one another as a class, in small groups, and in pairs.” …

445 more words

Discovering Omaha Early, Afternoon, and Tonight

Early Afternoon Tonight is an Omaha based talk show styled podcast interviewing people from various creative scenes throughout the city. As founder Karl puts it, the goal of the podcast is to help “Omaha learn more about Omaha”. 110 more words

Why Talk About Student Writing?

In school, the only way I received feedback on my written work was when the teacher handed it back to me graded, with red marks covering the page like it had been through a serious battle with many casualties.   1,158 more words