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Illustrating Expectations

Whether you call it coloring or illustrating, we all want our young learner to do it well.

Over the years I have created numerous charts and tried a variety of strategies for teaching my expectations for completing work.   467 more words


Teams with Poor Coaching Don't Win the Big Game- in learning, every day is the Big Game

Some people work better on their own; I am not one of those people. I like being part of a team. I like everything that being on a team means… building a plan together, stretching together, practicing together, playing together, succeeding together, failing together, reflecting together, and improving together. 466 more words

Creative Essays: Topic Ideas

Daily Prompt #11: Rereading and Highlighting

Take some time to pore over your notebook (you’ve got 10 entries now, plus extra writing you may have added).

135 more words
Writer's Workshop

Writer's Workshop

I got an alert on Friday telling me that by Sunday (yesterday) I should be finishing the first draft of Part 1 of my secret writing project (hitherto referred to as ‘That Thing I’m Writing’ until it has enough being to be given a name of its own). 462 more words


Travel Article 2

Part 1: Introduction

What is the goal of the introduction?                            http://goo.gl/QJmVUU

How do I start?


Tiny Notebooks: Notebook Day is HERE!

If you haven’t read the first part of this story, check it out here.

In order to know when the next step after Tiny Notebooks was coming, kids had to do some thinking.  412 more words


Nudge, Nudge

I love it when thinking is nudged.  I love it when someone asks as question that makes you think in a COMPLETELY different way than you were headed, and you are COMPLETELY surprised when it happened.  980 more words