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How My Reflection Changed My Students

Having seen the value of individual reflection for many years now, I know the power it holds.  Being a reflective teacher has enabled me to become more effective at helping and supporting my students.  1,153 more words


Author's Chair

A writer’s process culminates in publication.  In The Art of Teaching Writing, Lucy Caulkins points at the pedagogical value of publication: “The first way to improve their initial skills is to give students a sense of authorship”.   131 more words

Math & Language

Learning from Yesterday's "Failures"

When I was just a wee young lad, the word “fail” was considered almost as bad as other curse words like the “F word.”  If you failed at something, it meant that you were not good and lacked talent.  1,010 more words


What's the Best Way to Help Students See the Value in Editing and Revising their Work?

As an adult, I love receiving feedback from my colleagues on how I can make my lessons more meaningful, my student comments more effective, and my blog entries more reflective.  1,762 more words


Helping Students Find Enjoyment in Writing

Ever since I was in the sixth grade, I’ve loved to write.  I used to write poetry for fun when I was bored in high school.  1,378 more words


Writer's Workshop

My greatest life goal is to be published.   Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being an author.  I would mimic the writing styles of anyone author I would read.  201 more words


Planning Your Story - 6 Week Course

Starts Thursday 25th January 2018

7pm – 9pm

Alkington Grange Barns, Alkington, Whitchurch, SY13 3NH

Struggling to know where to start? Are your character names and personalities eluding you? 189 more words