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In Pictures and In Words - 3 great reasons to read this book!

Katie Wood Ray states that writing is about communicating meaning.  Further, that the elements of good writing can be demonstrated through illustrations.  She provides research based data and explains how to do this. 281 more words

It's Almost Heeeeeeeere

That’s right, the deadline for the Spring edition is right around the corner!

Submitting things can be scary, whether it’s the first or four hundredth time you do it. 94 more words

Blogging Unit: Digital Citizenship

Daily Prompt #7: Senses Exploration

Practice utilizing all the five senses in your writing: see, hear, feel, taste, smell.  Write for five minutes describing this classroom and all the five senses you’re experiencing at this exact moment.

130 more words

Writers, Alamo City Comic Con Wants You!

As a booklover and former teacher of tween and teen readers, Alamo City Comic Con’s addition of the Young Adventurers Workshop makes me incredibly excited. Now the title of the workshop may make someone think at first that the workshop has something to do with adventure games. 324 more words


Excerpt 2 from The Hoarder

This is a character background excerpt from the main story.  It is from the POV of Naria, one of the two main characters.  Naria is a young woman who has had a pretty serious eating disorder since her teenage years, and who also has had a lot of bad experiences with men, which direct most of her actions in the story.   7,238 more words


Excerpt 1 from The Hoarder

This is the prologue from the horror novel I’m working on.  It’s set about 100 years before the main events of the novel.  Apologies for the poor formatting (as a result of copy-paste, some paragraphs are indented, and some aren’t).   6,819 more words


I am a writer...and so are my students

Start with one topic sentence, add in one claim statement, whip in three reasons (with evidence), sprinkle in transitions throughout, plus a concluding sentence equals… 874 more words