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The main character in the last book...

A historians daughter. Maybe a historian herself.

She is a shy girl, innocent and pure.

She devoted her life to books and knowledge. And her father, a sole parent, a center of the universe for her. 37 more words


Down a long, dark hallway...

The path seems soft, intangible even. Darkness sticks to my face as I walk down the empty hallway.

The road seems endless, corrosive, barren and dead. 48 more words


The clouds, the snow, the wind, the ice and the silence...

Winter morning is always stark bright. The clouds can never covet the light completely so it is reflected on the pristine white snow.

The silent capes of snow cover the mountains and welcome the wind howling merrily among them. 24 more words


Silent assassin...

She crouches stealthily in silence of rose bushes. She is lurking behind every corner, crane and niche of the vast, ancient manor.

She is sticky with cold sweat, preparing to lurch at you. 43 more words


Protagonist's lucky number...

A. does not believe in luck. Lucky numbers are only lucky if you believe in them.

Luck is relative. The forces of destiny cannot be played by luck.


How everything does not happen for a reason...

Do you know this saying that everything happens for a reason? Well, it’s a little convenient thing isn’t it? I mean you can explain and justify everything with it, can’t you? 148 more words


Fairy Tale therapy...

– I really don’t think I should be here doc. I mean I’m perfectly fine. Sure I can’t build a permanent relationship with a guy my age and I turn to addictions for a bit of peace and happiness. 246 more words