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Weekend Writing Prompts For 7/25/2012 - 7/26/2015

Secrets, secrets, secrets, secrets.

Secrets are afoot. It’s that time.

This Weekend’s Writing Prompts Theme is: Otherworldly Secrets

Prompt #1 – Scenario Prompt: A strange cloaked entity appears before the main protagonist that offers to give the protagonist(s) the life he/she/they always wanted…in exchange for the protagonist(s) becoming the new guardians of the secrets the cloaked entity has been protecting for centuries. 48 more words


Aldermarsh: Spaces

In the darkness of the night at Aldermarsh, with my window open wide, I hear a coyote howl.  It reminds me of the loneliness I felt before this place, the longing, not understanding why. 384 more words

Becoming Self

Wednesday Writing Tip

Stumbled upon this via Pinterest – what a fabulous writing prompt/story plot!

Thanks, Writers Write, love this one.

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Weekend Writing Prompts – 7/18/2015 – 7/19/2015

Sometimes, something so incredibly profound occurs in the life of a writer that inspires him or her or them to write something utterly magnificent. It influences them to write something so utterly fantastic that is remembered until the end of time. 152 more words


30 Ultimately Effective Social Media Tools For Writers

Great advice by Kelly Marone from the good people at Writers Write

If you don’t implement proper social media tools in your daily routine, your efforts as a writer can remain unnoticed. 85 more words


It's Not My Story, but it is The Way it Was: Midnight and Mud

 As I walk through the mud, I wonder if I’ll even make it to the other side. I wonder, how did it get to this point? 1,019 more words


Writers Write, Right?

Well, I was reading some quotes recently and the thing that kept coming up was how a writer can’t not write. It just doesn’t happen. 430 more words