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A writer?

I know a man who calls himself a writer, but I’ve only ever seen him sitting on bar stools. Everyday I walk passed the same pub, and he’s always in there, dangling a finger at the young bar maid. 71 more words

Beginning of a Story??

“Where’s your story to go? Little one, why don’t you love? Why don’t you live?”

“Because it’s hard…”, she whispered from lips numbed by sleep. She dreamt  of a hand gently caressing her forehead, feeling neither maternal or paternal in nature. 193 more words

#Prompts Welcome

Inner Banter

The blue-white glow emanating from my laptop screen revealed the empty white computer page staring back at me. “How many words have you written today?”  161 more words

Write On!

so here we are a Saturday early afternoon and my day seems to have the focus of the butt. my butt, butts in general. the like a ability of a butt or people who act like butt holes! 255 more words

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