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I Couldn't Sleep At All Last Night

Without metaphor, yesterday sucked. I depended on people to do the things they said they’d do. Guess what?

Let’s just say, delegating is for Type Bs. 252 more words

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Ties That Bind

'RT @MichaelSpecks: Never cut what you can untie.
What does it mean? Agree/disagree?

#amwriting http://t.co/hTDYC0OLEC

Elisabeth Crisp (@crisplyspoken) April 06, 2015

Some days I look for a story to fill the page, and I don’t find it. 

92 more words
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Happy Easter!

I hope your holiday was as happy as mine. Our Easter traditions are so different from the traditions of my childhood. I grew up in a crowd of egg hunters. 222 more words

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Prompt: write about the coldest you've ever been...

One could take this to mean cold to someone. As a Canadian I am going to take it as freaking cold, as we often are. 313 more words


Prose for 4/4/2015

Here’s a scene from a story I’m working on. For a short description of the novel, read the post here.

Gideon looked down at Kemper’s breakfast, an omelette covered in red chili. 391 more words

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How can one of the best series I have ever read leave me heartbroken and happy at the same time?

From the beginning of this blog, I promised I wouldn’t leave a review on here that was one of the authors of the “BIG FIVE”. I will still keep that promise. 467 more words