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Are You Committed to Writing Everyday?

Our guest speaker at the monthly gathering of writers hosted by the Writers Guild of Texas (of which I’m a Board Member),  gave the crowd a number of fabulous ideas geared to helping individuals write every day. 546 more words


#66 Dandelion story!

Poetry month:- Day16

Excerpt from heart:-

Dandelions are so pretty to look at: fragile yet so effortless. They are free just like my spirit within: UNSTOPPABLE. 53 more words


believe more deeply. get your copy now.

believe more deeply. is a collection of my original poetry interspersed with space for the reader to create their own “heart scribblings”, poetry, musings, fantastical stories, lists, love letters or, even, hate mail. 17 more words


#65 Sweet toxics!

Poetry month:- Day16

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Coming Home

Life is a journey

Journeys end. Time comes for a man to find his way back home.

Before I sweep the cobwebs away and dust off my trusty typewriter (laptop) I have a story to tell.

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#64 Decoding memories!

“Memories striving for roots are constantly breaking, simultaneously gathering.” 🍃


Memories cannot be controlled; be it good or bad. Each time we reminiscence there’s this sudden rush of nostalgia or a rush of agony that wants us to go back to the start. 75 more words


#63 P A R T S

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