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Yes, I Am Back and Here's why

Almost six whole weeks into my self-imposed isolation from writing, here I am typing down something inane, yet again. Much like a child who’s had too much sugar I find myself rather rabidly doing the very thing I know I shouldn’t do and so whatever level of Zen I was supposed to achieve by de-cluttering my life has faded off into the ether. 1,134 more words

Inner Ramblings

Writers Write

I honestly believe the best post I’ve ever written was “Let’s Ask A Doll”. I say this not because……not just because I’m narcissistic but because it allowed me to get in touch with myself as a writer. 435 more words


Five Things I've Learned as a Finalist in the 2016 CBC Short Story Prize

1. Opportunity abounds.

On February 26 of this year, I was working on a short story when an email arrived. I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the opening line, “Congratulations! 1,091 more words

Elaine Stirling

What you need is...

…A Time and a Place

I’ve often heard people talk about something called “writer’s block,” but the ones doing the talking are rarely writers, by which I mean folks who spend a good deal of time, day-to-day, stringing words together with the aim of publication. 567 more words


Michille: Write Your Novel in a Year

Writers Write is one of my favorite writer blogs. They are running a series right now called Write Your Novel in a Year (Anthony Ehlers is the blogger of this series). 515 more words


Is this writer's block?

I don’t hold with the concept of writer’s block. There isn’t a special flu that only writers get which stops us writing. If you’re a writer, you write and (in my view) that’s an end to it. 366 more words

Editing Tip #127 - Foreshadowing as a Tool for Suspense & Tension

Most writers will integrate some level of foreshadowing into their first draft on instinct. Where it really makes its impact though, is in the 2nd draft when you have time to take a good look at where you want to tease your reader, give hints about the future, and lay the groundwork for a big surprise yet to come. 162 more words

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