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How the West Was Zombed - A Note on Chapter 30

Hello 3.5 Readers.

Chapter 29 had a note and Chapter 30 has a note too.

As I’ve said before, I’m not an outliner, I’m a pantser.   140 more words


A Love Letter To Some of the Black Women Writers Who Liberated Me

Mildred D. Taylor

Just so you know, I fell for you first. Maybe it’s because that Logan boy and I shared the same name I was birthed with. 918 more words



It slipped through my fingers,

a unicorn’s tears

glowing with rainbows

and dreams

too good to be true.

It slipped through my hands,

the hug of a ghost… 65 more words

6 Tips for Writers in the Business World

Every writer has a dream and no writer’s dream is exactly the same as any other writer. Some writers aspire to write novels. Others want to write for magazines; and still others wish to write online or for newspapers or other publications as freelancers. 1,386 more words


Filosofa on Writing ...

A writer decides what he or she will write.  A writer may write for his own personal satisfaction without regard to the opinions of others.  Others may go to the opposite extreme and write, not from the heart, but what they believe will earn them the most money.  901 more words


50 Things To Know About Social Media For Bloggers - Review

I get this e-book so I can make an honest review about it and, there is a lot of tips, I know that in the internet are a lot of info about social media, bloggers, etc, but is cool to have everything in one place ( my thought). 169 more words