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No, it’s not about how well behaved or how chivalrous you are.

Not even the remarkable books you’ve read

and the perplexing places you’ve travelled to. 89 more words


2018 London Book Fair report from Joanna Penn


Trust, Visibility, Mobile Storytelling And Blockchain For Books #LBF2018 (London Book Fair)

Did you learn anything from the 2018 London Book Fair? Tell us in the comments! 26 more words


Lit Power

Literary agent; friend or foe.

As I come to the pointy end of my first novel and contemplate how best to publish the beast, Ive begun thinking of all the options available to the burgeoning writer. 93 more words


Kirk Sandblaster: Space Adventurer (Part 8)

(Welcome to the ongoing serialisation of Kirk Sandblaster: Space Adventurer, the first in the Kirk Sandblaster series of sci-fi comedy books. In these tales, we follow cock-sure Kirk Sandblaster as he travel the Universe looking for adventure with his alien side-kick, Xlaar. 1,822 more words


Not today

Senseless tragedy hit Toronto yesterday when a 25-year old man plowed a rented van into innocent people for no reason — 10 people have lost their lives and 15 are injured. 32 more words


Verglas - A Short Story

I glance outside for a second, and it serves as a humbling reminder of the crucial responsibilities recently thrust upon me. Against my will, I might add. 349 more words


Do you know the difference in a prologue and epilogue?


How do you know when a story needs one or both?

My current work in progress (WIP) has a short introduction (prologue.) So, I thought doing a little research on the subject might be in order. 379 more words