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Struggling authors, please read.

By Kyle Perkins.

So lately I have heard from a few people that they feel like they should just give up on writing because for whatever reason, they are feeling like it just isn’t worth it anymore. 892 more words

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Fav Post Quote: " If you can connect with one person a day, even one person a week as an author, you are doing fantastic. Being an author isn’t a race, and if you treat it like one, you’re setting yourself up for failure, because we don’t all run at the same speeds. Instead, take it slow, build real connections with real people, and they will love you as an author and be your fan for life. Hollow Facebook “likes” mean nothing over a true fan that admires you and your work, trust me." That's what matters to me frfr. If I've reached ONE of you, I've done my job. Cheers. I'll toast to that.

a letter to miss Doe By Erin Taylor

a letter to miss Doe

so here we find ourselves measuring the bruises
on our thighs together four five six inches of purple
green yellow fingerprints pulling open the entrance… 363 more words

Literary Magazine

20 Commonly Confused Words

It has been a long time since I’ve written a commonly confused words post, so I figured it was time for another one.
None of us are immune to being tripped up now and again, even those of us who consider ourselves good at spelling. 520 more words

 Lang Leav has Super Powers!

Lang Leav is one among my sea of favorite writers.

I discovered her through Facebook and I’ve been Awe-stricken since then.🙌🙌

I know a lot of international writers but, 25 more words