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music monday: king

My senses have been flooded with sublime reminders of a distant land. A country separated by seas. Quaint, prismatic, humble and steeped with history. A landscape of cobblestone valleys and elevations of limestone and gothic grandeur. 201 more words

Letters To Maria


My abstract idea for Baltimore. Send some (down on violence) rap singers and dancers and turn the crowd  around.


Windows and Mirrors

I see a social media of hanging windows and mirrors. Brief glimpses into the lives of some, reflections of the moment from others. Represented by cookie cut square images, we are how we portray ourselves to the world.  235 more words


our unbroken letter

If I ever were to write our breakup letter, it would sound something like this…

My love, my girl, my rocking-chairs-with-the-grandkids-all-around, my my-my-how-did-fifty-years-pass-when-it-feels-like-just-yesterday-we-first-met,

You have given me the world, the universe, an existence beyond even the vastest dreams I ever dreamt and daydreamed. 345 more words


Regular Saturday Night Bullshit

I’m just trying to blend in

with the crowd.

Smoke the blunt when it comes my way…

(even if I do cough awkwardly afterwards)

Drink the beer provided. 22 more words


He Doesn't Like Poetry

“I don’t read poetry. That shit is full of egotistical assholes that only talk about themselves, love, and what they’re drinking. It’s complete utter BULLSHIT!” 25 more words


90's Monday: Morphine

This band always makes feel like reading Kerouac.