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Six Word Story

Never thought it’d be this severe.


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Hey 3.5 readers.

I was feeling bummed today.

Back from my nice vacation, time to go back to my regular, hum drum life as the Assistant to the Assistant of the Vice President of Corporate Assistance at Beige Corp, the World’s Premiere Producer of Beige Products and Accessories, feeling a little down in the dumps, i.e. 341 more words


An Ode

I finish things I don’t start, start things I don’t finish,

And every other typical nuance of personality

That many call wasteful but I laugh and call… 82 more words


perspective - seeing beyond your SELF

perspective – seeing beyond your SELF

i’ve never wallowed in my misfortunes,
never questioned my lot,
whatever I have or don’t have,
all the broken things, 119 more words