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The New Yorker Techfest

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Introducing The New Yorker TechFest, a fresh take on what a tech conference should be, held in New York City on Friday, October 7, 2016. 43 more words


The Freewrite is the ultimate distraction-free writing tool @TechCrunch @hirimalibe

Writing on a computer is awful. Without discipline – in my case, at least – an effort to get out 1,000 words of non-fiction usually ends up consisting of thirty minutes of web browsing before writing, intermittent Facebook trips while tapping out a few hundred words, and a nice jaunt through Hacker News at the…

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An Author's Guide to Rating Reviewers

Come on. You know it’s true…we’re just saying it for you.

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Burnt Sympathy

Even your hottest hell, won’t burn
I won’t be fooled by
your burnt sympathy
I won’t be fooled by
your rotten love



smoking what she rolled-

i could taste the perfume

budded of her tips-

givin me- a chemical reaction…


Fate Vs. Hardwork

Isn’t it sickening when you continuously fail despite putting so much efforts?

Frustration, anger and emotional imbalance. This is what happens to me when no matter how hard I try I still fail and the worst thing is there isn’t one thing I’m failing at, there are many which I’ve been trying to do since a long time, maybe more than an year yet I fail. 318 more words