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Sleeping by the Tracks by Tamara Madison (Where I Live Poetry & Photography Series)

Sleeping by the Tracks
Carpinteria, California
by Tamara Madison

The sea casts its song
To the eucalyptus
Tree shadows move
In the night window
A frog chorus sings… 164 more words


Children's Poems

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Think about your childhood, were you always very interested in reading? What types of writing interested you when you were young? Write a poem that you think you would have loved as a child. 89 more words

The Boy In The Heart Shades

LAWS #13 - Second Chances- is this Sunday in Echo Park

This week we will salon around the theme of Second Chances.

let’s talk about it



5:30-8:30 1836 W Sunset Blvd. LA 90026… 34 more words


- J. K. Rowling

I would like to be remembered as someone who did the best she could with the talent she had.


It's All Coming Back On Me Now!

The consequences of doing what I wanted to do and leaving so many questions unanswered that serve as the worst sleeping pill in the world. Discipline is the only thing left I have to reach for, everything else seems just out of reach. 114 more words

How Do You Outline Your Story?

Or do you just pants it?

I follow a What? Why? And? And? So? And? So? But? And? But? Model.

What does your outlining look like?