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BQB's Zombie Apocalypse Survivor's Journal - Day 5

October 5, 2015

Books. They’re where I turn to for comfort. I use them to get lost and separate myself from the otherwise drab world, made that much drabber thanks to a zombie infestation. 381 more words


A Strange Experience

I don’t want to call it an out-of-body experience because I didn’t feel like I’d floated out of myself, nor was I looking at myself from a distance. 124 more words



The hyper-literate ambiance and mannered execution of Alain Resnais’s (English language) Providence may be insufferable for many, but if taken in the right spirit, the film can provide a winsome diversion.  465 more words


5 weeks until we celebrate Writers Groups

The Writers Group Convention will be a great place to meet fellow writers and hear successful writers speak. Even though the focus is not marketing, there will be space for you to place your promotional material. 14 more words


I could tell you
about a sibling
or all the friends
I’ve lost
to addiction…
didn’t get me clean.
They are dead.
I’m an addict… 344 more words


Handling Lots

Once all the fruit was in, she let breaths escape, but only for a minute, two maybe.  There was the fermentations and everything in her mind going about all ways which and it wouldn’t stop.  489 more words


Writing Meets Horror: How "Misery" Encapsulates Writers

Stephen King is a master of the macabre. From haunted hotels to telekinetic children to time traveling back to prevent the assassination of JFK, his range of storytelling is far reaching. 637 more words