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June 21: Flash Fiction Challenge

It’s winter, and we’re hiking across snow to the falls. Boots tramp over a trail hardpacked by daily visits. Bare limbs reveal the hillside, bereft of the cover leaves afford the trail in summer. 1,825 more words


Such Moments

I have been thinking about it,

I have been thinking about you,

I have been thinking about tonight,

I had been waiting for this day for quite some time. 187 more words


'There is a gentlemen, rather the worse for wear...'

In life, there are countless moments of varying significance that, for whatever reason, manage to get themselves forever lost to ol’ father time. For me personally, the absent memory of how that mysterious dalmatian ended up on top of me the night drinking Yahtzee was invented is the first thing that springs to my mind (or rather DOESN’T spring to mind! 606 more words

Classic Literature


Swooning is for others, so is playing hard to get, since it’s is an old game, and no longer applicable! ;) Thank you for being here with us, dear friends from the US, India, the UK, Canada, Philippines, and Morocco ;)  109 more words



Your word for the day…


Write a new post in response. Have fun. See where it leads.

Feel free to inquire about its various means through the use of your favorite dictionary. 52 more words

Daily Addictions

"The Sun Also Rises" on Hemingway's 2nd String

You are all a lost generation.

In literature, the “Lost Generation” refers to the post-World War I mentality of people (more specifically, writers) who lost their sense of purpose and contentedness in the aftermath of the conflict’s horrors.

393 more words

SOOT By Rebecca Kokitus


in summer—
the mosquitos hide among the fireflies
as night hides among the stars.
sins washed away with holy hard water;
there’s coal dust in the soil, 139 more words